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Daily Search Forum Recap: April 7, 2022



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

For the past couple days now, it seems many but not all, are having issues with Google Analytics real times reports being lagged. Did you know that Google Search Console removal cancellations take only a few hours? Microsoft Bing is testing a new side bar explore images feature. Google has new automative search comparison features. Google AdSense user based ads controls now work for authorized buyers.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Removal Cancelations Take Hours To Process & That’s Fast

    Google redid their removal tool in Google Search Console in 2020 but the tool has generally always been quick. John Mueller of Google said in the past that it takes less than a day and that it is very quick. So one person tested it and said it took only two hours!

  • Real Time Google Analytics Latency Issues Complaints

    Over the past day or so, there have been numerous complaints about Google Analytics real time analytics having serious latency issues. Some are saying the charts will show little to know traffic and then all of a sudden spike to show a tremendous amount of traffic.
  • Google Expands Automotive Search Comparisons?

    Google may have expanded the search capabilities of the automotive and car search features. We covered last year a bunch of search tools for finding cars on Google Search. Now Google seems to be tweaking those to show more comparison views and features in search.
  • Google AdSense Makes User-based Ads Control Available To Authorized Buyers

    Google AdSense made a small change to the user-based ads controls within Google AdSense. Now instead of it just being applied to Google Ads and Display & Video 360 ads, it is now also for Authorized Buyers.
  • Bing Tests Explore Images Sidebar Menu

    Microsoft has been busy testing variations of explore features in Bing Search. Here is one showing a side bar menu that expands and when clicked on, takes you into Bing Image Search.

  • Day In A Life As An Atlanta Googler

    Here is a video from Ashley, who works at the Google office in Atlanta. She posted a fun short Instagram video of the day in a life as a Googler. Here it is below:

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Most SEOs Won’t Recommend Using AI To Write Content



Ai Guy

A new Twitter poll shows that most SEOs do not yet feel comfortable recommending using AI to write client content. The poll asked, “Would you recommend using an AI writer to your clients?” Most SEOs said no.

Mordy Oberstein posted this poll on Twitter and there were over 600 votes. About 66% said no, they would not recommend an AI writer to their clients, the rest said yes, they would recommend an AI writer.

Here is the poll:

Do you think this poll is representative of the SEO industry?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Google Layoffs, DOJ Sues Google, Search Console Content Ideas & Google Optimize Going Away, Yahoo Search Comeback



Google Layoffs, DOJ Sues Google, Search Console Content Ideas & Google Optimize Going Away, Yahoo Search Comeback

As I mentioned briefly last week, Google announced mass layoffs last week, and I discuss what I know so far about it. There are also reports that Google is pushing advertisers to use third-party resellers and not their internal staff. The DOJ sued Google again to break up its ad business. Microsoft announced its earnings, showing how Bing’s search ad growth continues to slow. Bing also may have had a search ranking algorithm update. Google Search Console content ideas beta feature may go away in March. Google Search Console Insights has an achievements section. Google confirmed a bug with some preferred languages in Google Search, and they blame mobile-first indexing. Google Ads had an outage on Monday morning that caused huge headaches. Google has no preferences between connected structured data and not connected structured data. Google will parse the image elements even when those elements are enclosed within other elements. Google published a new case study after 18 months, this one from Vimeo on video SEO. Google said generating tons of fake URLs on a site won’t cause SEO issues. Google Business Profiles now supports cars for sale inventory for US dealerships. Bing is testing infinite scroll. Google is testing two justifications in the local results. Google is also testing a new trusted store badge. Bing has a new menu for image search that uses a drop-down and adds explore and collect. Account-level negative keywords are now available on Google Ads. Google will sunset Google Optimize on September 30th. And it seems like Yahoo Search may be making a comeback to Search – that would be exciting. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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New Google Trusted Store Badge Test



Google Store Smile

Google is testing a new design for the trusted store badge in the paid shopping results. The Google Trusted Stores program to all U.S. merchants back in 2012, along with that came a badge in the search results to make those listings stand out.

FYI – here is how to qualify for this trusted store badge.

Brian Freiesleben spotted this new badge the other day and posted a screenshot on Twitter – here is that screenshot:

Google Trusted Store Badge New

Curently, the badge looks more like this version from last year:

click for full size

And the original one looked like this:

Google Trusted Stores AdWords Badge

Brian said on Twitter, “Would love to see Google add this to organic products from trusted merchants as well, but not sure if that’s likely.”

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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