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Google Ads Automatically Will Switch Some Conversion Actions To Data Driven Attribution



Google Ads Rolling Out Enhanced Conversions For Leads

Google is emailing some Google Ads advertisers that they will automatically move some of their conversion actions to data-driven attribution. Google announced data-driven attribution back in September 2021 when it first said it will be moving away from last-click.

Data-driven attribution gives credit for conversions based on how people engage with your various ads and decide to become your customers. It uses data from your account to determine which keywords, ads, and campaigns have the greatest impact on your business goals. Data-driven attribution looks at website, store visit, and Google Analytics conversions from Search (including Shopping), YouTube, and Display ads.

Google sent the following email to several advertisers, that I am aware of, saying “we’re reaching out because one or more of your conversion actions is a strong candidate for data-driven attribution. Unless you take further action by 8/24/2022, we’ll switch your model.”

Google then goes through the reasons why it makes sense to switch, which Google talked about when it was first announced in 2021. Here is a screenshot of this email from PPCGreg on Twitter:

Google has more details on this auto switch in this help document.

Some advertisers are not happy about this. David Melamed wrote on LinkedIn “It IS NOT OK for them to change your conversion action or attribution model as an opt out action.” “Data driven attribution doesn’t understand your cashflow needs. It doesn’t understand the human side of your account,” he added” “Conversion & attribution models SHOULD NEVER be taken out of the hands of advertisers… Especially when Google owns the auction house,” he also said.

Here is PPCGreg’s take:

The more important thing is that you are aware of these changes, you make sure to check your emails to see if anything will be auto-switching for you and then keep an eye on it if you decide to switch over to data-driven attribution.

Forum discussion at Twitter and LinkedIn.



Google Showing Fewer Review Rich Results In Shopping Category



Google Showing Fewer Review Rich Results In Shopping Category

Google may be showing fewer reviews in the search result snippets, fewer review rich results, specifically when you filter by the shopping vertical. This seemed to happen right when Google released the Google Product Reviews update, there was a five percentage point drop in the number of review snippets for this category.

Aleyda Solis noticed this and posted on Twitter that when you filter the Semrush Sensor chart in the Shopping category and then dig into review stars, you will see the drop from about 69% of results having review stars to only 62%. Here is the chart:

click for full size

Here is Aleyda’s tweet:

Super interesting and yes, the product reviews update can result in rich results not showing up, so it does make sense that this directly impacted that category. But I am surprised the results that replaced those sites do not have review rich results to replace them. Something seems out of whack.

The other tools do not let you filter by vertical and SERP feature. Did you notice this?

Forum discussion at Twitter.



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