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Google Ads News From Google Marketing Live



Google Ads News From Google Marketing Live

As you may have known, Google Marketing Live was yesterday – it is the day Google Ads announces a bunch of new features, resources and tools now and for the future. Some of what was announced we saw early, like the swipeable shopping ads and others we will see soon.

Here is what Google announced at Google Marketing Live specific to search ads but I also highly recommend you read Greg Finn’s take on all of this at Search Engine Land:

(1) Visually engaging shopping ads – the swipeable ads we covered earlier. Google said these are coming out later this year, highly visual Shopping ads to U.S. customers. These will be clearly labeled as ads and will be eligible to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page.

Visually engaging shopping ads

(2) Google Ads with Augmented reality (AR) 3D photos. This is similar organic search 3D images we covered a while back. Google said merchants will soon be able to have 3D models of their products appear directly on Google Search, allowing shoppers to easily see them in their spaces.

Google Ads with Augmented reality

(3) Google Ads Loyalty programs ad extensions coming soon:

Google Ads Loyalty

(4) Six new additions to Performance Max campaigns including

  • More tools for experimentation, like A/B tests to see how Performance Max is driving incremental conversions.
  • Expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.
  • Support for store sales goals to optimize for in-store sales, in addition to store visits and local actions.
  • Maximize impact with burst campaigns for a set time period to help meet in-store goals during seasonal events.
  • New insights and explanations, including attribution, audience and auction insights so you know what’s driving performance.
  • Optimization score and recommendations so you can see how to improve your campaign.

(5) New Google Ads Insight page reports:

  • Attribution insights show how your ads work together across Google surfaces — like Search, Display and YouTube — to drive conversions.
  • Budget insights find new opportunities for budget optimization and show how your spend is pacing against your budget goals.
  • Audience insights for first-party data show how your customer segments, like those created with Customer Match, are driving campaign performance.

click for full size

(6) My Ad Center was reintroduced, it was first mentioned at Google I/O as a way for users to control of their privacy and online experience.

Ginny Marvin, who now is at Google, did live tweeting of the event, you can see her coverage of it by clicking on the tweets below, it goes on and on:


Here are some tweets that caught my eye not mentioned above:

Business messaging through Google Ads:

Shopping/Products and Google Ads:


Near me increasing:

There are actually a boat load of PPC humor related tweets from GML, as there is every year.

Anyway, I think there is more but I think that is most of the search specific ad announcements from Google Ads.

Forum discussion at Twitter.



Unusual Spike In Google Business Profile Insights Traffic For Some



Google Business Profile Performance Metrics With Products

There are some reports that in some industries, like the auto dealership industry, there is a bug with Google Business Profile insights reporting. There shows a large and unaccounted-for spike in traffic from Google Local and Google Maps for some of these businesses in these Google reports.

There are two threads about this in the Local Search Forums – I spotted this via @keyserholiday. One local SEO named George Nenni wrote, “We track GBP searches, views and actions for around 200 new car retailers, through a Jepto API into Data Studio. We are noticing more than half of these profiles received strange spikes in searches and views, but not actions. It is the same data we are seeing directly in the GBP dashboard (attached). We track separate profiles for sales, service, parts and body shop departments for each dealer. The issue is only happening with the nested department listings.”

He shared this chart from the Insights report in Google Business Profiles:

click for full size

Another local SEO, Annika Neudecker wrote, “We track our GBP insights for our locations every month to watch growth and trends over time. I pulled my September data this morning and found a very curious change in the reported searches. It appears that the reported Direct searches increased significantly (about +1 mil) while Discovery searches fell by nearly exactly the same amount. This makes me wonder if Google has switched up how it counts Direct and Discovery searches for GBP listings. We haven’t made any changes to our listings which would prompt a big change in how they’re being found.”

Jason Brown thinks it might be a bug or maybe both. He said, “Bots or bug? Car dealerships saw huge spikes in views, but no clicks.”

I am guessing bots?

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums.



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