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Google Search Recipe Results Segmented Carousels



Google Home Recipes

Google seems to be showing the recipe grid format not just by showing popular recipes but also showing recipe carousels broken down by recipe type. Honestly, I don’t know if that makes sense, what do chefs call this, segmentation of recipe categories?

Mordy Oberstein spotted this and he posted on Twitter calling this “segmented recipe carousels.” I don’t know if he cooks much either, but he was the one searching for [soy sauce recipe green beans] – not me.

Here is what you would normally see, the popular recipe grid:

Here is what I see in another browser, where Google is showing me other options, where I can expand to see even more carousels:

Here is Mordy’s tweet:

I am not sure if this is new, but Google is bouncing back and forth between the top popular recipe grid and this segmented one…


Here is another example from earlier this year:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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Vlog Episode #179: Jaimie Clark vs Jon Clark



Jaimie Clark vs Jon Clark - Who Is A Better SEO

Jaimie and Jon Clark came for a visit and we all spoke SEO and a lot more. Jaimie Clark is the VP of SEO at Centerfield, she was previously the Head of SEO at Wirecutter, a New York Times company. Jon Clark runs his own firm, Moving Traffic Media and was previously an SEO at some large companies.

In any event I first pinned them against each other in a game of SEO trivia – guess who won?

The trivia questions featured answers with Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, Panda vs Penguin, disavow files, Medic updates, new queries, John Mueller, Danny Sullivan, Gary Illyes, Ginny Marvin, Daniel Waisberg, Paul Haahr, Urchin, Android, YouTube, Fitbit, Apple, title links vs title tags, authorship, domain authority, RankBrain, EAT, YMYL, and more.

Hope you enjoyed this one, it was a lot of fun for me at least. But in part two we get into the real interview.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here so you don’t miss the next vlog where I interviews. I do have a nice lineup of interviews scheduled with SEOs and SEMS, many of which you don’t want to miss – and I promise to continue to make these vlogs better over time. If you want to be interviewed, please fill out this form with your details.

Forum discussion at YouTube.



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