A Guide to Starting That Task That You’ve Been Avoiding [Infographic]

There are only 43 days left until Christmas, and 49 days left in this year. No doubt you have a range of tasks you want to get done before the holiday season is in full swing, and then another list of ideas for your 2020 planning – but getting to them can be tough, especially with the ‘always on’ focus of the modern business approach.

To help with this, the team from NetCredit have put together a guide on how to actually get started on those tasks that you really should get to, along with some tips on how to avoid distractions and boost your productivity.

And while these tips are not digital marketing-specific, all social media and digital marketing managers are spinning a lot of plates – and as such, these tips will likely come handy.

Hopefully they’ll help get your process on the right track.

Infographic lists productivity tips and advice


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