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KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022



KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022

KPIs and metrics not providing you with much insight?

Are you skipping measurements because they take so much time?

Getting the data and evidence you need to make intelligent decisions and identify issues before they harm your business truly is possible.

On January 26, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Jonathan Laberge, Partner at SmartBI/Reptile for CallRail.

Laberge showed how the proper KPIs & metrics can be used to take advantage of new opportunities for your business.

Here is a quick recap of the webinar. For more details, complete the form to access the entire webinar.

There Are 2 Types Of Metrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure results, and you can divide them into two types:

  • Vanity Metrics.
  • Actionable Metrics.

What Are Vanity Metrics?

Vanity metrics make you and your campaigns look good.

These are impressions, ad views, and website traffic, for example.

But do they tell you if you’re meeting your business goals?

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What Are Actionable Metrics?

Actionable metrics are KPIs that have a tangible impact on the objectives of your business.

They should give you a number that you can use to take action and plan out what you need to do next.

Actionable metrics make it possible to predict the success of your marketing strategies.


For example, knowing what it costs to get a new client creates predictability in your business.

With this information, you can determine how much profit you can expect and how much action you can take.

Examples Of Vanity Metrics & Actionable Metrics 

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Trying to increase sales? Your KPIs would be:

Vanity Metrics

Actionable Metrics

Pageviews Customer Acquisition cost
Bounce rate Leads generated from your newsletter strategy
Number of newsletter subscribers Website conversion rate
Number of likes Engagement rate

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How To Establish KPIs

Now that you know which metrics make an impact, it’s time to establish your goals, or KPIs.


Every year, business objectives can change. Therefore, consider your goals’ impact on the business when establishing KPIs.

Follow these key steps when creating KPIs:

Step 1: Establish your business objectives.

Step 2: Confirm the channels best suited to meet your objectives.

Step 3: Keep acting on it.

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Step 4: Validate the quality of what you’re measuring.

Applying KPIs On A Specific Channel: Call Tracking

According to Sales Insights Lab, 41.2% of salespeople use their phones as their most effective sales tool.


So if you’re a B2B company, one important metric to measure is call tracking.

Knowing what drives those calls is crucial.

Call tracking can help you:

  • Develop a trustworthy and valuable channel.
  • Get data with no significant technological change.
  • Gather data on the source of calls online & offline.
  • Drill down to keywords for final attribution.
  • Record calls for constant improvement.
  • Measure ROI.

What Metrics To Measure During Call Tracking

If you are a business that relies on phone calls to drive sales, you’ll want to measure:

  • Number of calls.
  • What page(s) generated calls.
  • New vs. returning callers.
  • Call length.
  • Answered calls.
  • Missed calls.
  • Call relevance.
  • Region.
  • Source channel.
  • Campaign.
  • KPIs in time.
SmartBi, January 2022

[Set the right KPIs] Instantly access this webinar →

How To Create Impact With KPIs

Analyze the data and interpret it to determine how you will achieve your goals.

But what if the numbers you see aren’t so good?

What can you do to create an impact?

Revisit your strategies around:

  • Aimed client base.
  • Channels used.
  • Moments of contact.
  • Message used.
  • Content/keyword strategy in regards to these elements.

Once you’ve done that, here is what you need to do if your KPIs are all low:

1. Validate With The Client Base.

Ask the people who didn’t purchase your product or service why they did not.

2. Determine Volume By Channel, Behavior, Related Keywords & Analyze Phone Calls.

Think about your client’s journey before they buy your stuff. Understand the flow of events before they get to your service.

3. A/B Test Times & Messages To Cross-Reference With KPIs.

See what works with your KPIs.

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.

[Accomplish Your Goals With KPIs] Instantly access this webinar →

Today, tracking metrics is more than doable.

It’s not a question of how you track them – it’s a question of what you track that impacts your business most.

[Slides] KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022

Here is the presentation:


KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022 from Search Engine Journal

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Featured Image: Paulo Bobita/Search Engine Journal

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LinkedIn Lists This Year’s Top 25 Marketing & Advertising Companies



LinkedIn Lists This Year's Top 25 Marketing & Advertising Companies

LinkedIn lists the top 25 companies in the marketing and advertising industry in a new report that could be a valuable resource for job seekers.

The report aims to highlight the ‘best workplaces to grow a career’ in 2022.

Companies are chosen based on a methodology that looks at LinkedIn data across seven pillars:

  • Ability to advance
  • Skills growth
  • Company stability
  • External opportunity
  • Company affinity
  • Gender diversity
  • Educational background

LinkedIn’s data illustrates the demand for professionals with experience in search engine optimization. Within the top 10, there are three companies where the most notable skills are related to SEO.

In this article I’ll highlight the most relevant data for search marketers, followed by a skimmable list of all the top 25 companies.

Top Companies For People With SEO Skills

LinkedIn’s list of top 25 companies in marketing and advertising includes three that are top employers for SEO-related jobs.

At number two on the list, the most notable skills of workers at Merkle include web analytics, Google Data Studio, and PPC advertising.

Power Digital Marketing, at number six on the list, hires a notable number of search engine optimization specialists.


SEO, Google Analytics, and social media marketing are the most notable skills among employees at Publicis Health, which is number 10 on the list. Search Engine Marketing Analyst is also the most common job title.

As LinkedIn’s report only includes companies with at least 500 employees, this list excludes smaller firms that may be considered top workplaces for SEOs.

LinkedIn’s Top 25 Companies In Marketing & Advertising

Below is the complete list of companies LinkedIn recognizes as the top workplaces in the marketing and advertising industry. It’s listed by company name followed by most common job titles.

  1. Havas Media Group: Media Planner, Media Supervisor, Investment Associate
  2. Merkle: Search Engine Marketing Analyst, Account Manager, Senior Analyst
  3. VMLY&R: Creative Director, Engagement Director, Account Manager
  4. Criteo: Account Strategist, Account Executive, Software Engineer
  5. Spark Foundry: Media Associate, Strategy Associate, Senior Analyst
  6. Power Digital: Marketing Strategist, Account Manager, Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  7. Quotient Technology: Customer Success Manager, Campaign Manager, Sales Director
  8. PHD: Strategy Supervisor, Media Strategist, Associate Media Director
  9. Digitas Art: Account Executive, Art Director, Producer
  10. Publicis Health: Search Engine Marketing Analyst, Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  11. Area 23: Account Supervisor, Producer, Associate Creative Director
  12. RPA: Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Media Planner
  13. Intouch Solutions: Account Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Coordinator
  14. Digitas North America: Data Analyst, Account Manager, Art Director
  15. Horizon Media: Brand Strategist, Digital Media Planner, Strategy Supervisor
  16. Spectrum Reach: Account Executive, Account Planner, Local Sales Manager
  17. Ogilvy: Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter
  18. Octagon: Account Executive, Event Specialist, Group Director
  19. McCann Workgroup: Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter
  20. Starcom: Media Associate, Senior Analyst, Strategy Supervisor
  21. Saatchi & Saatchi: Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter
  22. Walmart Connect: Partnerships Manager, Campaign Manager, Account Manager
  23. WPP: Researcher, Executive Assistant, Information Technology Operation Manager
  24. 360i: Media Manager, Account Manager, Art Director
  25. DDB: Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter
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LinkedIn notes nearly all of the above companies are hiring. For more information, including links to available job openings, see the full blog post.

Featured Image: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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