New Campaign Utilizes Twitter’s Hidden Replies Feature to Underline Messaging

Every time a new feature is launched on a social platform, it’s interesting to note the various ways that it’s used, and in particular, to note creative uses of such tools, which could help to prompt your thinking around your own campaigns and strategies.

This week, women’s aid group Solace has launched a new Twitter campaign which uses the platform’s recently launched hidden replies option to underline a key message around domestic violence.

The first tweet in Solace’s campaign includes an image of a regular looking couple.

As you can see, below the image there’s the new ‘Tap to view hidden replies’ prompt’, which the next tweet in the thread prompts users to do.

When tapped, another tweet is revealed, with a video that adds context to the story.

The process underlines the campaign’s key message that it’s not always easy to spot domestic abuse. The next tweet then provides a collection of assistance numbers and resources for people in need.

As noted, it’s an interesting use of the new option, and it highlights how each new feature can, potentially, be used in creative, engaging ways to enhance your messaging. It takes some thought, but there may be ways in which you can use additional updates and platform tools to help boost your central idea, reinforcing such through more interactive, interesting means.

Either way, it’s worth a thought – next time you see a new platform feature announced, it may be worth considering how it could potentially be used in alignment with your strategy.

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