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Roth: Campaign social media pages spoofed



Hawaii County Prosecutor Mitch Roth, who is running for Big Island mayor, said Tuesday his campaign’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been spoofed.

“It was definitely scammers,” Roth said. “We’re actually filing police reports on that.”

“The concern was they were trying to get people’s information, and they were trying to get them to call numbers where there’s a scam, as well,” he said.

According to Roth, his campaign also notified Facebook and Instagram about the spoofed accounts bearing his campaign’s name and misspelling his first name “Micth.”

Asked when the spoofed pages appeared on the social media sites, Roth replied, “We started getting notified (Tuesday) morning.”

“They started reaching out to people, so we’ve gotten some additional security for our account, as well,” he added. “I started getting some very interesting messages when this came down from people who are generally not on our (social media pages). We’re not sure whether this started from on island or off island, but we want to make sure people’s information is protected.”

Roth said one thing that occurred is people were receiving messages in his name about the Workers Compensation Appeals Board.

“They were making it look like I was trying to direct them on how to get money,” Roth said.


He said at least one of the messages had a telephone number in the 503 area code, which is an Oregon code that includes Portland, Astoria, and the state capital, Salem. However, telephone numbers and area codes can be spoofed, as well, and often aren’t what they appear to be.

“I looked into it, and if was definitely a scam,” Roth said.

Asked if any of the messages sought campaign contributions paid to parties other than his campaign, Roth answered, “I’m not sure of that, yet.”

“I think most people know that, at this point, we’re trying to give people help, so (the scammers) kind of try to glom onto that …,” he said. “They’re acting as though they are me trying to get help for people. We’re looking to see if they were trying to get campaign contributions, as well.”

Roth said his campaign posts news articles on social media with information about how to get help from government agencies during the COVID-19 crisis.

“But I haven’t reached out to people saying, ‘Go here; call this number and get money,’” he said.

Roth, who has by far the largest campaign war chest — having raised $107,217 by April 25 — is one of 19 people who have pulled papers for a crowded mayoral race.

The incumbent, Harry Kim, announced his candidacy for re-election eight days ago.


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5 Elements of Content That Will Build Brand Recall



5 Elements of Content That Will Build Brand Recall

Gone are the days of traditional sales and marketing strategies. In today’s media landscape, driving sales and engagement through content has proven to be a highly successful and cost-effective strategy

Hence, most modern businesses have a content marketing arm that achieves the following by simply creating and distributing content:

  • Address customers’ paint points and gain their trust
  • Improve product accessibility via SEO
  • Increase opportunities for conversion
  • Generate leads
  • Build brand awareness and recall

Unfortunately, competition to reach the right audience has increasingly intensified. And that’s just the beginning of it.

The end goal is to consistently make sales, attain a loyal customer base, and build brand recall. So, how exactly do you achieve that? What kind of content will eventually enable your audience to easily recognize your products and services?

We uncover the five major elements of content that will build brand recall.

#1: Accessibility

Before gunning for brand recall, ensure that your audience can easily find information about your products and services. It’s virtually impossible to be recognized if you aren’t even visible or searchable.

Thus, this is where strategies such as onsite/offsite search engine optimization (SEO), simplifying user experience, improving scalability, expanding channels, and developing customer feedback platforms come into play.

That said, SEO strategies are usually the content marketers’ main focus. Investing in content SEO not only improves your brand’s visibility, but it also drives more conversions to your website. You do so by identifying your customers’ top search terms, optimizing your website’s content, and addressing high volume search queries.


#2: Relatability

You must identify and understand your target audience before creating any piece of content – whether onsite or offsite. This is when it’s time to utilize data you have on your customers, which can be accessible via tools such as Google Analytics or AHREFs. These tools should give you insights on common search queries, keywords, website traffic, conversion, engagement, and such.

Customer feedback and surveys are also essential in understanding what your customers need. Your content should be able to address their pain points while providing them with information and services on what they’re looking for.

Once your audience find themselves relating to your content, it won’t be long until they purchase your product.

#3: Engagement

Reaching your audience is one thing, but customer engagement is a whole different beast. It’s easy to lose your customers’ attention in a crowded and noisy online economy.

As mentioned, understanding your customers’ needs and pain points is vital to your content strategy. Your content must be something they find useful enough for them to engage with. In short, there must be something in it for them.

There are many ways to skin this cat. You could engage your audience via content onsite with a great customer experience channel before and after they purchase. Another opportunity for engagement is developing social media content that encourages them to participate in your marketing campaign.

In conclusion, your content must be customer-centric before anything else.

#4: Value & Relevance

So, you’ve identified your target audience and learned to understand them, but how exactly do you convince them to choose your product over others? How do you stand out amongst your competitors?


It’s equally important to understand your own products and services. You must identify your main value proposition, and how this is relevant to your customers. Having a stellar product is a waste if your target market doesn’t know its full value.

Thus, content marketers should communicate a product’s relevance and unique selling point. It’s their job to inform the target audience on how they can benefit from the product.  

#5: Consistency

There’s no bigger obstacle to brand recall than inconsistency. This applies to all types of content – articles, infographics, video ads, images, and social media posts.

For customers to remember you, your message, design, and overall branding should always be uniform and consistent. A disconnect between these elements is confusing and thus makes it difficult for your audience to recognize your brand.

Therefore, a marketing team must streamline uniform messages, value propositions, templates, and editorial and design guidelines before reaching out to the desired audience. In the world of marketing, familiarity breeds brand recall.

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