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YouTube Provides Key Tips on How to Build Your Channel Audience



YouTube has posted a new video which provides some key tips on how to build your audience in the app, and sustain performance over time.

The tips come from Rachel Alves, who currently works as a Product Manager for Recommendations at YouTube, but had previously been part of the platform’s performance analysis team, which saw her examine thousands of channels to identify key growth trends and tips.

That puts her in a unique position to highlight the most important elements – here are Alves’ top five channel-building tips.

1. Build Your Channel Around an Audience

Alves first key note is somewhat obvious, but also important from a branding and consistency standpoint.

Before anything else, you need to consider the audience that you’re trying to reach, and what they want to see, both now, as well as what they will want to view in future, in order to keep your posts relevant, and keep viewers coming back.

“Think about who’s watching your channel, what they’re interested in, and how those interests are likely to change over the course of 6 months, to a year, to two years, if you’re in this for the long term.”

Alves says that trying to tap into short-term trends may work to get you some good stats, but that won’t be sustainable over time, so you should be looking to build around people and their interests, and adjust as those interests change.

Alves says that you need to do two things in order to grow:

  • Attract new viewers
  • Keep those viewers coming back to watch more

Essentially, by aligning with a key interest, something that you can offer unique value in, and are highly attuned to, you can provide video content that evolves with the latest shifts, better catering to audience needs.

2. Find Your Niche

Alves notes that there’s more content available now than ever before, which means that in order to stand out, you need to be creating content that’s either better than what’s already out there, or has a unique angle that people can’t get anywhere else.

“For example, let’s say that I wanted to start a cooking channel. I could go with a) a niche market or b) find a gap in the market. An example of a niche market might be instead of making regular recipe videos, I go after a specific type of recipe, so maybe all of my recipes are salad recipes. A gap in the market could be something that, let’s say, I’ve identified that there’s not a lot of videos out there for budget-conscious students, so maybe my entire channel is dedicated to recipes under $10.”

This, again, may not be tapping into trends, as such, which is a popular growth hack. But by working towards a specific alignment, you stand a better chance of building an audience over time, as they’ll come to know what you’re content is about, and it’s relevance to their interests.

3. Watch Lots of Videos

Alves says that if you were going to start a business, you’d conduct market research and competitor analysis, and building an effective YouTube channel is much the same.

Alves advises that creators should watch a lot of content in the niche that they’re targeting to get inspiration for their approach, and inform their presentation choices based on engagement trends within that genre.

4. Create and Establish Your Brand

Alves says that having strong branding, by maintaining consistency between thumbnails, titles, colors, graphics and fonts, will help your channel stand out when your videos are shown to viewers within recommendations.

“Really think about what fonts, colors and styles best represent your brand, and then make sure that lows through your channel icons, your channel art, even your channel description, and of course, your channel trailer.”

This is true in all digital marketing – by establishing your brand guidelines around visual representation, you can better establish your brand, and ensure people know your material, without even having to look at a brand or channel name.

5. Be Consistent

Alves last tip is essentially ‘show up’ and be present for your viewers when they go looking.

Alves says that in order to build repeat viewership, you need to post consistently, to a schedule, in order to become a part of their routine. Alves also notes that creators need to stay true to the promise that was first delivered in their clips, and that this is especially true when first establishing your channel.

Channels do also need to evolve their approach over time, but by aligning with a central focus, you’re more likely to attract an audience interested in that topic, which will take time to build, but maintaining consistency in this is important.

These are some helpful pointers, and while there’s no magic solution for maximizing your YouTube performance, aligning with these guidelines will go a long way towards helping you build channel viewership. 

Really, the key lies in the content, and creating great, entertaining stuff, aligned to your target audience. That’s the real trick here, and it’s not easy to come up with, nor create, great, entertaining, episodic content. But if you focus on something that you’re passionate about, and research what works on other channels, there are significant opportunities in YouTube clips.


How to Successfully Use Social Media: A Small Business Guide for Beginners [Infographic]



How to Successfully Use Social Media: A Small Business Guide for Beginners [Infographic]

Are you a small business owner or marketing manager, just getting started on building your social media strategy? Need to learn the basics before launching your first social media campaign?

In this infographic, Sprout Social shares social media tips broken down as follows:

  • Who uses social media?
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  • Social media metrics

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Pinterest Now up to 450 Million Active Users, Posts Solid Numbers in Latest Performance Report



Pinterest Now up to 450 Million Active Users, Posts Solid Numbers in Latest Performance Report

Pinterest has posted its Q4 and full-year earnings for 2022, showing steady increases in both users and revenue, as it continues to build out its various offerings.

First off, on users, Pinterest added five million more active users – most of them coming from Europe – within the final measurement period of last year.

That’s a good sign for Pinterest, which actually lost users in early 2021, after the COVID-induced boom in eCommerce activity of the previous year, which saw the platform post record high usage numbers.

Many analysts and businesses seemed convinced that the COVID boost to online shopping would hold, even after the pandemic ended. That lead to companies like Meta, Google, Amazon and Twitter investing big into commerce solutions – but many of the staff they put on were eventually culled in the most recent round of lay-offs, because once physical stores re-opened, people actually did go back to shopping as normal, as opposed to continuing to rely on online options.

Pinterest felt that the most, but now, it’s steadily building back up again, as it continues to refine its solutions around evolving shopping behaviors. Which includes video content.

Pinterest’s big winner on this front has been Idea Pins, its Stories-like option which presents uploaded video in a swipeable, full-screen display.

Pinterest Ideas Festival updates

The emphasis on this format has helped boost the platform’s appeal with younger audiences, with Pinterest reporting that Gen Z was the fastest-growing demographic on the platform, increasing double digits year over year.

“Gen Z sessions grew much faster year over year than sessions from older demographics, while nearly half of all new videos pinned in Q4 were from Gen Z users.”

Pinterest also says that sessions continued to grow faster than MAUs, an indicator that it’s driving better engagement overall, while it also increased its overall video supply by 30%, another marker of the popularity of Idea Pins.

Because you can’t post video as a native pin anymore, only in Idea Pins (or paid ads), underlining the focus on the format, and Pinterest’s evolving usage.  

On the revenue front, Pinterest posted a 4% year-over-year increase, after bringing in $877 million Q4.

Pinterest Q4 2022

As you can see in this chart, Pinterest’s revenue is climbing steadily, though its revenue splits remain concerning:

Pinterest Q4 2022

Or maybe you see this as an opportunity, with Pinterest still able to potentially eek out a lot more revenue from regions outside of the North American market. Definitely, it’s got some work to do in that ‘Rest of World’ bracket.

But Pinterest is still developing, and is still expanding its ad and business offerings into new regions. So there is, indeed, potential there – yet the size of the gap here is a concern.

Still, there is growth, slowly but surely, and maybe, if you’re a believer, you can see more ways for Pinterest to generate much bigger revenues moving forward.

Pinterest remains focused on shopping, and highlighting relevant products to users, with its ever-evolving recommendation engine providing better content matches to more users every day. It’s also investing in live-stream shopping, a trend that all platforms hope will catch on in western markets, while it’s developing more presentation tools for Idea Pins to capitalize on that engagement.

In combination, these approaches are working – but at the same time, usage growth in your local market may have stalled, going on these charts.

And of course, while overall growth is interesting, what marketers want to know is whether their customers are there.

For this, you can use Pinterest Trends, which enables you to search for the most popular Pin trends by region.

Pinterest Trends

Tap into these with Idea Pins and you’ll likely be on the right path, based on these latest insights from the app.

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