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Jeremy Meindl On Churn and Burn SEO & No Linking Back-Linking


Jeremy Meindl

In part one, we learned about Jeremy Meindl, why he loves pushing the line in SEO and how he never was caught with any of his SEO spam efforts. In part two we talk more about that, specifically, he said sometimes with Google what is old is new again. Sometimes he just pushes as hard as possible for fun.

Transparency with his clients is super important and sometimes he will encourage clients to take more risky steps but in a safer way, he said. You can use third-party sites and not touch or risk your own site, he explained. The old fashion churn and burn SEO strategy.

Jeremy said his talking about this topic publicly might result in his site being hit and he seemed excited by that possibility, which is cool.

But he does not use the same Google accounts across his client sites or his own sites. He is super safe with that, he said.

Then he moved onto no-link backlinking, which is basically creating personas on the web and then seeing how much of an impact that author, the fake author, had on search. So you build up a fake person across the site, with LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, etc. Then they took it by just placing URLs, and links, without them being a hyperlink. So they would drop links without the a href to make it a link. So they would use people’s search boxes and inject URLs and domain names there and feed Google these. This is another example of bringing back the old as new, so it was shocking to me to hear this still works according to Jeremy.

He also spoke about the Google redirect issues with some 302s and taking advantage of those, specifically with YouTube.

You can learn more about Jeremy Meindl by Googling him.

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All Dealerships Can List Auto Inventory On Google Business Profiles


Google Cars

Google is now opening up its car or auto inventory feature within Google Business Profiles to all motor vehicle dealerships. Google began testing car listings in 2021 and then expanded the cars for sale feature in 2022 and now it is open to all dealerships.

Greg Gifford posted this over here saying, “Any motor vehicle dealer can now list inventory on their Google Business Profiles.” “Google just opened up the “Cars for Sale” widget to anything with a VIN. Until this week, only US-based car dealers could list their inventory on their Google Business Profiles. Now, anything that has a Vehicle Identification Number is eligible to be listed. That means motorcycles, RVs, powersports, and Commercial vehicles are all allowed now,” Greg added.

It is locked down to US-based dealerships right now, it is not yet international.

Here is how the flow works from the local Google mobile search results last year:

Cars For Sale Google Business Profile

To manage vehicle listings through your Business Profile account, perform the following steps:

(1) Access your web Business Profile account at business.google.com/locations.

(2) Select See your profile for the business that you want to change settings for.

(3) Click Edit profile, and then click Vehicle listings.

To manage your vehicle listings through a Google Search, perform the following steps:
(1) Search for your business’s name or “my business” on Google Search.

(2) Click Edit profile, and then click Vehicle listings.

Google calls this vehicle listings and posted more details including, “Vehicle listings on Google allows businesses to display their for sale vehicle inventory on various Google surfaces, including dealerships’ Business Profiles and Google Search. Google users can then search, filter, and easily learn more about vehicles for sale such as availability, pricing, and key information about the vehicles for sale, potentially directing customers to your business.”

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Google Cotton Candy Machine


Google Cotton Candy Machine

Here is a cotton candy machine that was at the Google office for a YouTube Live event a few months back. I don’t think this machine lives there, I suspect Google rented it for the event, but I am not sure.

We did see some Googlers eating cotton candy a year ago… Just saying…

This was posted on Instagram.

This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.

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SEOs litar mindre på YMYL-innehåll om det är AI-genererat


Surgery Google

Lily Ray ran a Twitter poll asking SEOs if they trust content in the YMYL, your money or your life, category more, less or the same if it was written by AI. The vast majority of responses said they trust AI-generated content less than human-generated content.

Lily asked, “If a site offering Your Money, Your Life information/advice (health, finance, etc) indicates that the content was partially written using AI, does this make you trust the content:”

About 74% of the over 1,000 votes said AI-generated content would be trusted less, 22% said there is no difference – they would trust it the same and 4% said it would be trusted more.

Here is the poll with the “See answers” option:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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