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How to Sell a Single Product Online with WordPress (3 Ways)



How to Sell a Single Product Online with WordPress (3 Ways)

Are you looking for ways to create a one-product store using WordPress?

Selling a single product is perfect for small businesses and solopreneurs who focus on limited physical or digital goods. However, many business owners don’t know where to get started.

In this article, we will show you how to sell a single product online with WordPress.

How to sell a single product online with WordPress

Why Sell a Single Product Online using WordPress?

When you think of selling products online, you might think of marketing a wide variety of items. However, that’s not always necessary.

You can sell a single product online and create a one-product online store. This is easier to run and manage, as you don’t have to look at inventory for multiple products, update website pages for each goods, or create business processes for handling multiple items.

It is also cheaper to sell a single product online. You will not need a lot of resources to create and run an online store. For example, you can opt for the cheapest or free website hosting to set up an eCommerce website.

Focusing on a single product helps create an authority in a particular niche. You will be better able to cater to your audience’s needs and improve your product. It also helps in creating specialized marketing campaigns that convert.

That said, let’s look at different ways to sell a single product online with WordPress. We will cover 3 methods, so you can click the link below to jump to any section:

Method 1: Sell a Single Product with Shipping using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, used by millions of small and large businesses. It was developed as an extension of WordPress, where users can sell products and services online.

WooCommerce is a perfect choice if you sell physical goods online and want to offer shipping. The platform offers lots of features and supports multiple WordPress plugins and tools.

To get started, you will need a WordPress hosting service, a domain name, and an SSL certificate.

A web hosting service allows you to store all your website files and data. A domain name is the website address that users will enter on the internet to visit your site (like An SSL certificate secures your website and lets you accept online payments safely.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to WooCommerce to choose the right hosting service and properly install WooCommerce in WordPress.

That said, here is a breakdown of basic steps you can follow to create a single product store using WooCommerce.

Setting Up Payment Methods in WooCommerce

Once you’ve signed up for a hosting plan and set up WooCommerce on your WordPress site, you can go ahead and add payment methods.

Simply head to the WooCommerce » Settings page from the WordPress admin panel. From here, go to the ‘Payments’ tab.

add additional payments in woocommerce settingsadd additional payments in woocommerce settings

Next, you can set up different payment gateways to collect online payments.

For example, you can use Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct bank transfer, and other methods.

Adding Shipping Zones to WooCommerce Store

With WooCommerce, you can set up different shipping zones for your one-product store.

Simply go to WooCommerce » Settings from your WordPress dashboard and click the ‘Shipping’ tab.

Add a shipping zoneAdd a shipping zone

Next, you can go to the ‘Shipping zones’ option under the Shipping tab. From here, simply click the ‘Add shipping zone’ option.

After that, you can enter the details of the shipping zone, like a name, regions, and shipping methods.

Enter shipping zone detailsEnter shipping zone details

WooCommerce offers 3 types of shipping methods.

For instance, you can offer free shipping, charge a flat rate, or offer local pickup.

Select a shipping method optionSelect a shipping method option

We will choose the ‘Flat rate’ option for this tutorial.

Go ahead and enter the details, and then click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

How to set up flat rate shipping in WooCommerceHow to set up flat rate shipping in WooCommerce

Now, you can repeat this step to add as many shipping regions as you want.

After that, head back to the Shipping Zones page in WooCommerce Shipping settings. Here, you will see the details of your different shipping regions.

View shipping zone detailsView shipping zone details

Select and Customize a WooCommerce Theme

The next step is to choose a theme for your one-product eCommerce store.

The best part is that you get to choose from different free and premium themes. However, it can get overwhelming to pick the right theme, so we have handpicked the best WooCommerce themes for you.

If you still need help choosing a theme, then please see our guide on 9 things to consider when selecting a perfect WordPress theme.

Besides that, there are many WordPress theme and landing page builders (like SeedProd) that you can also use to create a custom eCommerce store.

You can choose a template, edit it using the drag-and-drop feature, add WooCommerce blocks, and more without editing code.

A custom WooCommerce page design, created using SeedProdA custom WooCommerce page design, created using SeedProd

To learn more, please see our guide on how to create a custom WordPress theme without coding.

Adding Your Product to WooCommerce

Next, you can add your single product to the WooCommerce store.

Simply head to Products » Add New from the WordPress dashboard to get started. From here, enter the title of your product and a description.

add product name and descriptionadd product name and description

After that, you can scroll down to the ‘Product Data’ box.

Here, you’ll find options for entering the price, sales price, shipping costs, managing inventory, and more.

Adding product data to WooCommerceAdding product data to WooCommerce

Next, you can add product images from the panel on the right.

WooCommerce also lets you create a product gallery to go along with the main product image.

add product image in woocommerceadd product image in woocommerce

Once you’ve added the images, simply publish your product.

Now, you can simply visit your website to view the single product WooCommerce store.

Single product WooCommerce store previewSingle product WooCommerce store preview

Method 2: Sell a Single Digital Product using Easy Digital Downloads

This method is perfect if you’re selling a digital product like an ebook, digital art, illustration, software, music, online course, and more.

The best way to sell a single digital product is by using Easy Digital Downloads. It is a popular eCommerce platform that makes it super easy to sell any kind of digital product.

Easy Digital Downloads WebsiteEasy Digital Downloads Website

The best part is that you can get started for free with Easy Digital Downloads.

There is also a premium version that offers advanced features, like email marketing tools support, additional payment options, email support, and more.

First, you’ll need to install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. If you need help, then please see our guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you can go to Downloads » Settings from your WordPress dashboard and set your store’s base location.

Choose your country location from the dropdown menuChoose your country location from the dropdown menu

Setting Up Payment Gateways in Easy Digital Downloads

After that, you’ll need to add payment gateways to your Easy Digital Downloads store.

To start, simply head to the Payments » Gateways in the Easy Digital Downloads settings page.

How to add payment gateways to an online storeHow to add payment gateways to an online store

Easy Digital Downloads supports popular online payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, and more.

You can simply select which payment options to show on your single product store.

Choose a default payment methodChoose a default payment method

Do note that you’ll need to individually connect each payment option with your website.

For example, if you select Stripe, then you can head to the ‘Stripe’ tab under the Payment settings page. From here, you’ll need to click the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Connecting WordPress to your Stripe accountConnecting WordPress to your Stripe account

Adding Your Digital Product in Easy Digital Downloads

After setting up Easy Digital Downloads, you can now create your first digital product.

Simply head to Downloads » Add New from your WordPress admin panel to get started. From here, enter a name for your product.

Adding a new digital download productAdding a new digital download product

Next, you can scroll down to the Download Prices section.

By default, Easy Digital Downloads will offer your product for free. You’ll need to set a price for your digital product to make money online.

Setting a price for your digital downloadsSetting a price for your digital downloads

After that, you can scroll down to the ‘Download Files’ section.

Here, simply upload the digital product that you’d like to sell using WordPress.

How to create a digital downloadHow to create a digital download

Once you’ve uploaded the product, the last thing to do is add a download image.

Simply click the ‘Set Download Image’ option from the panel on the right and select a picture.

Adding a product imageAdding a product image

Next, you can go ahead and publish your digital product.

Now, simply visit your WordPress website to see the single digital product in action.

Product previewProduct preview

To learn more, please see our detailed guide on how to sell digital downloads on WordPress.

Method 3: Sell a Single Online Service using WP Simple Pay

Are you offering any type of online service or product and want to collect payments from your clients and customers?

The easiest way to do that is by using WP Simple Pay. It is the best WordPress Stripe plugin that helps collect one-time and recurring payments in WordPress without setting up an eCommerce store.

For this tutorial, we will use the WP Simple Pay Pro plan because it includes more form templates for collecting online payments. There is also a WP Simple Pay free version you can use to get started.

Setting Up WP Simple Pay in WordPress

First, you’ll need to install and activate the WP Simple Pay plugin. If you need help, then please see our guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you will see the WP Simple Pay setup wizard. Go ahead and click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.

The WP Simple Pay setup wizardThe WP Simple Pay setup wizard

Next, you will need to enter the license key and click the ‘Activate and Continue’ button.

You can find the license key in your WP Simple Pay account area.

Adding a license to a WordPress pluginAdding a license to a WordPress plugin

Next, you will need to connect your Stripe account with the plugin. If you don’t have a Stripe account, then don’t worry. The setup wizard will walk you through the process of creating a new account.

Simply click the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button to continue.

Connect with StripeConnect with Stripe

Once you’ve connected Stripe with WP Simple Pay, the next step is to configure the email notifications.

For instance, you can enable options to send a payment receipt email to customers, email upcoming invoices, and send payment notifications.

Configuring WP Simple Pay's emailsConfiguring WP Simple Pay's emails

Once that’s done, simply click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

The final step in the setup process is to create a payment form. You can click the ‘Create a Payment Form’ button to get started.

WP Simple Pay Setup Is CompleteWP Simple Pay Setup Is Complete

Creating a Payment Form to Sell a Service or Product

Next, you will need to choose a form template.

WP Simple Pay offers different templates that you can use for the online service you’d like to sell.

For example, we will use the ‘Business Consultation Fee Payment Form’ template.

Choose a payment form templateChoose a payment form template

After that, you can customize the payment form.

Under General settings, you can rename the form, add a description, show the form on-site or off-site Stripe checkout form, and more.

Edit general payment form settingsEdit general payment form settings

Next, you will need to switch to the ‘Payment’ tab.

From here, you can scroll down to the Price Options section. Go ahead and enter a price for your single online service or product.

Edit price optionsEdit price options

The plugin also lets you collect a one-time payment or create a subscription. If you choose the ‘Subscription’ option, then you can choose the Billing Period.

Next, you can scroll down and select Payment Methods to offer your customers. For instance, users can pay via credit/debit card, ACH direct debit, Alipay, and more.

Choose payment methodsChoose payment methods

After that, you will need to switch to the ‘Form Fields’ tab.

Here, you can edit the existing form fields in the template, add new ones, and rearrange their order by simply dragging and dropping them.

Edit payment form fieldsEdit payment form fields

WP Simple Pay also lets you create a dedicated payment page to sell a single service or product.

You can head to the ‘Payment Page’ tab and click the ‘Enable a dedicated payment page’ option. After that, simply edit the permalink of the page, select a color scheme, show a header image/logo, and more.

Enable dedicate payment pageEnable dedicate payment page

Once you’re done, you can publish your payment form.

You’ll find the ‘Publish’ button in the panel on the right.

Publish the payment formPublish the payment form

You have successfully created a payment form to sell a single product or service.

Simply visit your site to see the dedicated page with the payment form in action.

View one service payment formView one service payment form

You can also display the payment form anywhere on your site on any page or post.

Simply head to the WordPress content editor and add a WP Simple Pay block. From here, select your payment form from the dropdown menu.


After that, go ahead and publish or update your page or post.

Alternative Method: Another way to sell a single product or service online without setting up a shopping cart or installing an eCommerce platform is by using WPForms. It is the best form plugin for WordPress and offers lots of templates and features.

The best part is that WPForms supports popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal,, and more. You can simply choose a form template, customize the form fields, enable the payment options, and start collecting online payments for your services or products.

For more details, please see our guide on how to create an online order form in WordPress.

We hope this article helped you learn how to sell a single product online with WordPress. You may also want to see our guide on how to start a podcast and the best SEO plugins and tools.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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A Look at What’s New In the WordPress Editor  – News




A Look at What’s New In the WordPress Editor  – News

A handful of small but potent changes to the Site Editor have improved the experience for both you and your visitors.

The WordPress project team is continuously improving the Site Editor—your one-stop shop for editing and designing your site.

The latest batch of updates—Gutenberg 17.4 and 17.5—include a handful of small but powerful changes designed to improve both your WordPress experience and that of your site’s visitors. 

Let’s take a look at what’s new. 

More robust style revisions 

Image credit:

When you’re in the zone making changes to the look and feel of your site, you sometimes hit a dead end or realize that the version you had three or four font and color tweaks ago was a bit better. The updated style revisions pane gives you a robust, detailed log of the design changes you’ve made and makes turning back the clock easier with a one-click restore option to take you back to that perfect design.

Newly added pagination and more granular details make this feature even more powerful. 

You can access style revisions from the Site Editor by clicking the “Styles” icon on the top right of the page, and then clicking the “Revisions” clock icon. 

Unified preferences panel 

1708462562 877 A Look at Whats New In the WordPress Editor –
Image credit:

It’s now much easier to manage your site and post-editing preferences, which have been combined and enhanced in the latest update. In addition to familiar settings, you’ll find new appearance and accessibility options, and an “allow right click” toggle which allows you to override stubborn browser defaults. You can access your preferences by heading to the three-dot menu at the top right of the editor and clicking “Preferences” at the bottom. 

Randomized gallery images 

Video credit:

The Gallery Block’s always been a great way to show off a collection of photos or images. And now there’s a fun new setting to randomize the order in which those images appear every time the page or post is loaded by a new visitor. 

You can turn this setting on with a toggle found at the bottom of the block settings pane: 

1708462562 996 A Look at Whats New In the WordPress Editor –

Streamlined edits in List View 

1708462562 490 A Look at Whats New In the WordPress Editor –
Image credit:

Not everybody knows about the Site Editor’s List View, but it can make editing your site, posts, and pages significantly faster and easier. A new addition to the List View makes editing even more convenient: just right-click any item in the list to open up the settings menu for the selected block. 

Even small changes can make a big difference to your workflow, and your site visitor’s overall experience. 

We’d love to hear what you think about the new features when you’ve had a chance to take them for a test drive! 

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Tumblr’s ‘fediverse’ integration is still being worked on, says owner and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg




Tumblr's 'fediverse' integration is still being worked on, says owner and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg

Despite delays, the plan to connect Tumblr’s blogging site to the wider world of decentralized social media, also known as the “fediverse,” is still on, it seems. Over a year ago, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg — whose company acquired Tumblr from Verizon in 2019 — posted on Twitter that the site would “soon” add support for ActivityPub, the protocol powering Twitter/X rival Mastodon and other decentralized social apps. But as time lapsed since that pronouncement, it wasn’t clear if Tumblr was still moving in that direction.

To complicate matters further, Tumblr recently cut a number of staff, relocating many to other projects within its parent company Automattic, which runs, WooCommerce, Pocket Casts and more, including the recently acquired The re-org was meant to ease the financial pressures Tumblr has been under, as the site continued to lose money. But it also led many fediverse advocates to wonder if Tumblr’s plans to join the world of decentralized social media had also been scrapped.

In addition, a post by a Tumblr employee seemed to indicate the project was now on the back burner as they said the fediverse plan had been moved to Tumblr’s testing grounds, Tumblr Labs.

Now, CEO Matt Mullenweg is clearing up the status of Tumblr’s fediverse ambitions in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) shared on his own Tumblr blog. In response to a question from TechCrunch, Mullenweg explained that despite the re-org, which will see many Tumblr employees move to other projects at the end of the year, Automattic did switch someone over to Tumblr to work on the fediverse integration, which will continue in the new year. (Later, in remarks made at the State of the World, event, he alluded to a “team” that would be working on fediverse explorations at Tumblr).

Still, Mullenweg cautioned that, so far, Automattic hadn’t yet seen outsized user demand for federated social media.

“The Activity Pub and Friends plugins for WordPress are both from Automatticians, and have allowed us space to play in this space and understand the community and protocols, and also gauge user demand,” Mullenweg wrote. “Right now both have under ten thousand users, so there hasn’t been a big user push for this yet,” he noted.

But he said that folks will “dig into Tumblr’s codebase” to see what it can do about moving forward with federation.

Reading between the lines, it seems the company isn’t ready to place a full bet on ActivityPub — though Mullenweg generally supports a more open internet.

“I remain a huge believer in open standards and user freedom, though I don’t claim to have the truth on which particular standard is better or best, to serve our customers we will support everything we can in good faith to give users more freedom, choice, and avoid lock-in,” he also said in his AMA. (Mullenweg told us earlier in the year the company was also evaluating other protocols, like Bluesky’s AT Protocol and nostr, for what it’s worth).

Though Mastodon today only has around 1.5 million monthly active users, ActivityPub is seeing more momentum as of late — especially now that Instagram Threads, another Twitter/X competitor, is pledging integration with the fediverse. Many in the community expect that to arrive in the early part of 2024. In the meantime, Threads users are able to verify their profile on Mastodon as an initial step. Other startups, like the Mozilla-backed app Mammoth and indie apps like Ivory, have also launched to make the fediverse more approachable for newcomers, while companies like Flipboard and Medium have embraced Mastodon, too. That could give Tumblr a needed push in 2024 to determine if ActivityPub is worth its time, and whether or not it will make technological sense to bring Tumblr blogs to Mastodon.

In other words, even though there’s work being done on Tumblr’s fediverse integrations, it’s far from being a done deal at this time.

In another AMA response, Mullunweg also noted that a larger effort to migrate Tumblr’s half a billion blogs to WordPress on the backend is something he’s also contemplating in the new year.

“We will tackle it, but I’m not sure when,” the exec said.

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10 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Themes in 2024




10 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Themes in 2024

Picking the right WooCommerce dropshipping theme for your online store can feel like navigating a maze 一 you know there’s an exit, but finding it seems overwhelming.

We understand this challenge.

So, we’ve handpicked the top ten WooCommerce dropshipping themes for 2024.

Let’s find a suitable theme for your store!

Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Themes: An Overview

Looking for a quick recommendation and overview of the best WooCommerce dropshipping themes?

Awesome! Just take a look at the table below:

The 10 best WooCommerce themes in 2024

Let’s discuss the ten best WooCommerce themes for dropshipping!

1. WoodMart Theme Review

Designed for Creating a fast and sleek design store
Great for Stores with multiple categories and products
Price $59 one time
Unique features – Built for ecommerce
– Extremely customizable
– Conversion-focused product pages
Demo stores Home decor
Other niches

WoodMart is a top-selling WooCommerce dropshipping theme on ThemeForest with an impressive rating of 4.93 out of 5.

It’s easily one of the best-looking themes out there!

Just take a look at a product page example built with WoodMart:

WoodMart product page

As you can see, the product page has aesthetic appeal and ecommerce-specific elements like compare, add to wishlist, social media share buttons, and more.

This makes WoodMart our top recommendation for your dropshipping store!

With so many in-built elements, you don’t need to purchase extra plugins.

Plus, Woodmart is compatible with the beginner-friendly page builder Elementor and the feature-rich WPBakery.

Unique features

  • Built for ecommerce. WoodMart is made explicitly for ecommerce stores and has 80+ prebuilt demo websites in niches like coffee, clothing, gaming, furniture, fashion, and electronics.
  • Extremely customizable. WoodMart has tons of customization options in styling, typography, shop layouts, and more. You can also choose from 400+ pre-made elements like 360-degree views, pricing tables, and product filters to create content.
WoodMart 360 degree image view feature
  • Image hotspot. One standout visual feature of WoodMart is an image hotspot. This lets you add a clickable area on an image that reveals additional information.
WoodMart image hotspot feature


WoodMart is available for $59 on ThemeForest and comes with six months of support.

When the WoodMart theme is great for you

  • You want a fast, responsive, and gorgeous-looking store.
  • You have a store with multiple products and categories like fashion, home decor, pet supplies, and stationery.

2. XStore Theme Review

XStore homepage
Designed for Creating a feature-rich dropshipping store
Great for Store with 50 products and above
Price $59 one time
Unique features – Multilingual
– ChatGPT integrated
– Dark mode
Demo stores Baby
Other niches

Next up on our list of the best WooCommerce dropshipping themes is XStore! It is created by 8theme and has 40,000+ sales on ThemeForest.

Although XStore isn’t as popular as WoodMart, its beauty and functionality match.

Check out the product catalog page from XStore’s demo store:

XStore's product catalog page

Here’s the product page from the same demo store.

XStore's product page

The product page has cross-sells, recent sales notification pop-ups, and social indicators, all essential to keep customers interested in your dropshipping store.

Plus, XStore comes with many plugins included at no extra cost!

For example, the Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination plugin is priced at $4 per month, the Slider Revolution plugin comes at a one-time cost of $104, and the Woo PDF Invoice is available for $7 per month.

All of these plugins (and more) are included for free with XStore!

Just like WoodMart, XStore works well with Elementor and WPBakery page builders, giving you more customization options.

Unique features

  • Multilingual. The theme includes translation files, simplifying the creation of multilingual sites.
  • ChatGPT integrated. You can now generate text content for your store in a matter of seconds.
  • Dark mode. The latest version includes a dark mode and an auto mode, which allows the site to adapt its appearance automatically in dim environments.


XStore’s pricing is competitive at $59, including six months of support.

When the XStore theme is great for you

  • You want an ecommerce-centric theme with valuable free plugins.
  • You want a theme with dark or auto mode options for enhanced user experience.

3. Flatsome Theme Review

Flatsome theme homepage
Designed for Dropshippers looking for extensive customization options
Great for Experienced WordPress users looking for a retro-looking theme
Price $59 one-time
Unique features – UX Builder
– Extensive digital library
– Optimized for speed
Demo stores View all the styles here

Flatsome is the number one WooCommerce theme on ThemeForest, crafted by UX theme. With over 7500 users rating it at an impressive 4.8/5, it is clearly a crowd favorite.

Unlike WoodMart and XMart, Flatsome’s approach is unique.

It has 15 ecommerce and four business demo stores, featuring diverse styles such as ‘Cute Shop,’ ‘Grid Style 1,’ and ‘Mega Shop’ instead of focusing on niche categories like furniture and clothing.

Flatsome demo stores

A key feature of Flatsome is its UX builder, an integrated page builder ideal for customizing your online store.

It includes features for dropshipping stores like live search, sale bubble options, and add to wishlist.

So, if you have a design in mind, you can create a beautiful and functioning dropshipping store!

Let’s have a look at a product page example built with Flatsome:

Flatsome product page

Unique features

  • Drag-and-drop builder page builder. Flatsome’s UX Builder offers real-time editing with a live preview. It includes 44 content elements like banners, price tables, and testimonials, enhancing website design.
  • Flatsome Studio. Flatsome provides a vast digital library with images, ready-made layouts, and sections for easy integration into pages or posts.
  • Optimized for speed. We tested Flatsome across various devices and can confirm its amazing speed and compatibility. This optimization ensures quick website loading, offering a smooth experience on both desktop and mobile.


You can purchase Flatsome for $59 on ThemeForest. This price includes all features, future updates, and six months of support.

When the Flatsome theme is great for you

  • You’re looking for a theme that offers extensive customization options.
  • You prefer a theme with a proven track record and is an industry favorite.

4. Shoptimizer Theme Review

Shoptimizer theme homepage
Designed for Fast and conversion-focused theme
Great for Dropshippers looking for clarity and detail in a theme’s design
Price $99 one time
Unique features – Fast
– Conversion-optimized
– SEO-friendly
Demo stores Shoptimizer store

Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme that uses the Elementor drag-and-drop builder.

Since it’s specifically made for ecommerce, its cart page is well thought out with features like a progress bar, a call to action, trust symbols, and recent customer reviews.

Shoptimizer theme product page

These elements instill confidence in users that they’re making the right choice.

Shoptimizer also has a suggested search result feature where the results display immediately after typing a few characters.

Unique features

  • Fast. Shoptimizer theme includes minified CSS for super-fast page load. It also includes critical CSS, so the key contents at the top of the page render almost instantly.
  • Conversion-optimized. Shoptimizer has many product page features like trust badges, a countdown timer, FOMO notifications, a search bar, and a size guide.
  • SEO-friendly. Besides having all the necessary SEO elements, Shoptimizer includes an additional field below the product catalog so you can craft specific content for each category.
Shoptimizer product category page


Shoptimizer comes at a one-time price of $99.

When the Shoptimizer theme is great for you

  • You want an ecommerce-focused theme with in-built small elements like trust badges and FOMO pop-ups.
  • You want a fast theme with great speed scores on GTmetrix.

5. Porto Theme Review

Porto theme homepage
Designed for Modern and versatility
Great for Dropshippers who have (or plan to have) dropshipping stores in multiple niches.
Price $59 one time
Unique features – PortoStudio
– ChatGPT
– Customizations
Demo stores Gaming
Other niches

Porto is a powerful business and WooCommerce theme on ThemeForest.

This theme was developed by P-themes and Okler and powers over 92,000 websites as per BuiltWith.

They have 142 prebuilt demo stores, of which 52 are ecommerce stores in various niches like clothing, electronics, gaming, and sunglasses:

Porto theme demo stores

This variety ensures that Porto has a design template ready for you regardless of your niche!

If that’s not all, Porto has many elements that will make your dropshipping store stand out, like an image hotspot, 360-degree image viewer, and recent sales pop-ups.

Porto product page

Another great thing about Porto is that it supports Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.

Unique features

  • PortoStudio. Porto has a giant library of ready-to-use layouts and elements like scroll progress, quick view, live search, and pricing tables.
  • AI content generator. Porto has ChatGPT integration, which makes creating content, SEO metadata, and blogs easier.
  • Customizations. Porto has a detailed theme options control panel that lets you customize almost every aspect of your website. For example, it has eight types of headers:
Porto header designs


Porto is available for $59 and includes six months of support.

When the Porto theme is great for you

  • You have (or plan to have) dropshipping stores in multiple niches.
  • You want a clean, modern, and versatile theme.

6. Electro Electronics Theme Review

Electro Electronics theme on ThemeForest
Designed for Building a tech brand
Great for Dropshippers in tech niche with 50+ products
Price $59 one time
Unique features – Advanced menu
– Cross-sells
– Product deals
Demo stores Electro Electronics store

Electro Electronics is a WooCommerce dropshipping theme by Madras Themes and is available on ThemeForest.

If you look at the homepage, it looks like it’s ready to support thousands of products, much like the big players, Amazon and AliExpress!

Electro Electronics demo store

Customers can conveniently search and browse categories right from the homepage.

Electro Electronics is a widescreen-ready theme. But it also has impressive mobile pages so that all your product pages include important information like reviews and ratings.

Unique features

  • Advanced menu. Electro Electronics has a responsive mega menu dropdown and a vertical menu, which makes site navigation a breeze.
  • Cross-sells. The cross-sell section lets your customers view prices and add products to their cart directly from the product page.
Cross-sells on Electro Electronics theme
  • Product deals. They’re designed to catch your customer’s eye and make them want to instantly snap up those deals.
Electro Electronics theme deals


Electronics is available for $59, including six months of support.

When the Electro Electronics theme is great for you

  • You want your tech dropshipping store to look like giant ecommerce stores like Amazon or Alibaba.
  • You want a sophisticated and modern theme.

7. Shopkeeper Theme Review

Shopkeeper theme homepage
Designed for Simple and minimalist look
Great for New to online selling and have a one-product store
Price $37 one time
Unique features – Product layouts
– Easy setup
– Predictive search
Demo stores Shopkeeper demo

Shopkeeper is a minimalist WooCommerce dropshipping theme with a 4.62 rating on ThemeForest.

As per BuiltWith, there are currently 13,215 live stores using this theme.

So, what’s in it for you?

Well, it packs over 80 ready-to-use website templates.

Shopkeeper theme product page

Plus, it’s compatible with leading page builders like Elementor and WPBakery, offering you extensive customization options.

The theme also supports widely spoken languages such as Spanish and German, and even RTL (Right to Left) languages like Hebrew and Urdu.

Unique features

  • Product layout. Shopkeeper has multiple product layout options like cascade, scattered, and product with commercial video.
  • Easy setup. Like other themes on this list, Shopkeeper also offers single-click demo import, which lets you build websites in a few minutes!
  • Predictive search. Ever wished your store could guess what customers are looking for, just like Google? Shopkeeper makes that happen with its live search:
Shopkeeper theme live search


Shopkeeper is available for $37 and comes with six months of support.

When the Shopkeeper theme is great for you

  • You have a one-product store.
  • You’re new to online selling and don’t want to be overwhelmed with multiple customization options.

8. Astra Theme Review

Astra theme homepage
Designed for Lightweight, fast, huge community
Great for Dropshippers seeking a blend of elegance and performance
Price $49 yearly or $199 for a lifetime
Unique features – Free starter templates
– Feature-rich
– Performance-focused
Demo stores T-shirt
Other themes

No list of WooCommerce dropshipping themes will be complete without Astra!

It’s one of the most popular themes, with 2.5 million websites currently using it.

While it’s a multipurpose theme, it’s one of the most flexible around, with amazing customer support.

Astra provides the free Spectra plugin, which adds powerful building blocks to WordPress’s default page builder, Gutenberg.

But it’s also fully compatible with popular builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy.

Now, let’s take a look at a sample product page crafted using Astra:

Astra product page

Here’s the homepage from a demo store:

Astra theme homepage

As you can see, Astra’s design is clearly top-notch, but there’s more.

It offers a customizable checkout feature, which is crucial for reducing cart abandonment rates!

Astra checkout

Given that the average industry rate is around 69%, with over half due to checkout design flaws, Astra’s feature is an important feature to have!

Unique features

  • Free starter templates. Astra has a few free readymade themes for online stores in niches like organic, home decor, garden, and cosmetics. More attractive templates for sportswear, jewelry, and furniture come with a cost.
  • Feature-rich. Astra provides ecommerce functionalities like infinite scrolling for product catalogs, quick view, off-canvas sidebar, and dropdown cart.
  • Performance-focused. Astra theme is super fast and one of the lightest themes, even though it’s filled with features.


Astra has a freemium model, allowing basic features for free.

Astra Pro, priced at $49 per year or a lifetime value of $199, offers more templates and advanced features.

We find Astra’s free version pretty limiting for dropshipping.

When the Astra theme is great for you

  • You want a fast, lightweight, and feature-rich store.
  • You want a popular theme with a huge community.

9. Salient Theme Review

Salient theme homepage
Designed for Creating a visual brand
Great for A quick setup and putting the focus on your product
Price $60 one-time fee
Unique features – Multiple templates and demo stores
– Beautiful layouts
– Fast
Demo stores View all styles here

Salient is a multipurpose WordPress theme for building ecommerce sites, corporate websites, and portfolios.

This theme by ThemeNectar is one of the most popular themes available on ThemeForest, with almost 150,000 sales.

The Salient theme comes with a customized version of the WPbakery page builder plugin.

It’s a beautiful theme made for you to tell a visual story to your customers.

Have a look here:

Salient theme product page

Unique features

  • Customization. The Salient theme offers more than 300+ templates to design the store however you want. However, there are only five ecommerce demo stores available.
  • Layouts. Salient has some stunning layouts to make your dropshipping store stand out from your competitors.
Salient theme layout
  • Fast. The theme is light and fast and lets you create a website that doesn’t keep your visitors waiting.


Shopkeeper costs $60 and includes six months of support.

When the Salient theme is great for you

  • You want a theme that puts your product first.
  • You want a fast and fresh theme.

10. Blocksy Theme Review

Blocksy theme homepage
Designed for Contemporary look
Great for Dropshippers on a budget
Price 0 / $69 yearly / $99 lifetime
Unique features – Freemium model
– Useful extensions
– Dark mode
Demo stores Modern
Other styles

Blocksy is a WordPress theme for all types of businesses like agencies, ecommerce, and restaurants.

Currently, Blocksy has almost 200,000 live websites, as per BuiltWith. However, not all are ecommerce or dropshipping stores.

The theme works with Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy page builders.

Here’s an example of a product page from one of the free starter templates:

Blocksy theme product page

The best part about Blocksy is that it works on a freemium model!

You can start with free starter templates and use WordPress’s default page builder, Gutenberg, to make changes to your site.

Unique features

  • Free. You can create a stunning dropshipping store with Blocky’s free demo store and page builders.
  • Extensions. You get plenty of free and useful extensions like product reviews, widgets, and cookie consent for free. The paid version has more extensions like an advanced menu and WooCommerce features like a wishlist and quick view.
  • Dark mode. Blocksy has a dark mode switch, which allows customers to switch to a dark theme for a pleasant experience at night. However, it’s only available in Blocksy Pro.


Blocksy has a freemium model to use the basic features for free. The Pro version costs $49 yearly and $99 for a lifetime.

When the Blocksy theme is great for you

  • You’re on a budget and want a free WooCommerce dropshipping theme.
  • You want a theme with a contemporary look.

How do you pick the best dropshipping theme for your store?

If you’re not sure which theme you should choose, here are a couple of things to consider so you can make the best decision possible:

  • The design of the theme. Do you like how the theme looks? It should match your style and brand.
  • Does it fit your niche? Most themes will fit every niche, but some WooCommerce themes are designed with a specific niche in mind!
  • Performance. Test how fast the theme loads, especially on busy pages like the homepage.
  • Is the theme updated regularly? Pick a theme that gets regular updates to stay compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Features. Most times, you’ll need to install a plugin to get a feature. Check if your theme provides ecommerce-specific functionalities.
  • Page builders. Try different page builders to see which one you like. Then, choose a theme that works with it.
  • Test their support. Test the theme’s support by asking questions. See how fast and helpful they are.
  • Is the theme responsive? Make sure the theme works well on mobile devices, as most people shop on their phones. Images should scale properly, and the layout should change without any weird effects.
  • Bloatware. Many WooCommerce themes have unnecessary code, which can slow down your online store. Skip the themes with features and extensions that are not needed for your store.

Tip: If you want to test how a theme looks, explore the live demos on the theme’s website. These demos let you interact with the theme before buying.

Remember, you can’t get a refund once you buy and download a theme. You’re eligible for a refund only if you haven’t downloaded the theme within 30 days of purchase, in most cases.


Before we go, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Go for WoodMart, XStore, Shoptimizer, or Electro Electronics if you want a theme made specifically for ecommerce stores.
  • Choose Flatsome or Astra for popular themes with large communities.
  • If you’re on a budget, choose the free version of the Blocksy theme.
  • For visually appealing themes, consider Salient, Shopkeeper, or Porto.
  • Avoid bloated themes with unnecessary code.
  • Experiment with various page builders to find your preference, then pick a compatible theme.
  • Test how fast the theme loads, especially on high-traffic pages like the homepage.

Final verdict

We’ve reached the end of the article!

So, what’s our final verdict?

What are the best WooCommerce dropshipping themes in 2024?

We recommend WoodMart, XStore, and Shoptimizer as the best WooCommerce themes for dropshipping stores.

These themes excel in aesthetics, features, customizability, and performance.

Are you still second-guessing which theme to use? Let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

Theme Best for Price
A fast, responsive, and gorgeous-looking store $59 one-time
An ecommerce-centric theme with valuable free plugins $59 one-time
A theme with a proven track record and is an industry favorite $59 one-time
An ecommerce-focused theme with in-built small elements like trust badges $99 one-time
A dropshipping store in multiple niches $59 one-time
Electro Electronics
Making your dropshipping store look like Amazon or Alibaba $59 one-time
Shopkeeper Theme A one-product store $37 one-time
A lightweight theme with a huge community Free / $49 yearly / $199 lifetime
A theme that puts your product first $60 one-time
A free theme with a contemporary look Free / $69 yearly / $99 lifetime

Feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions below.

And good luck with your first step towards building a unique, high-converting store!

Want to learn more about WooCommerce?

Ready to move your dropshipping store to the next level? Check out the articles below:

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