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Roku, Google reach agreement to keep YouTubeon Roku devices




The outcome that probably everyone wanted finally happened: Google and Roku agreed to a multi-year licensing agreement after months of private and public battles. The good news for end-users is that YouTube and YouTube TV will stay on Roku devices for years as the distribution agreement has been extended. This is a huge relief for all involved as YouTube apps are some of the most popular apps in the market and of course, there are a lot of Roku devices and users out there.

Roku announced on Twitter that they have finally reached an agreement with Google to extend their licenses for having both the main YouTube and the YouTube TV app for all the streamers on the Roku platform. They did not release other details about what other terms they were able to reach or what concessions each party had to make. But the company says the agreement “represents a positive development for our shared customers” and said customers will agree.

Effective today, we have agreed to a multi-year extension with Google for YouTube and YouTube TV. This agreement represents a positive development for our shared customers, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available for all streamers on the Roku platform.

— Roku (@Roku) December 8, 2021

Roku previously accused Google of trying to interfere with their “independent search results” as they claim the tech giant was requiring that YouTube be the preference in searches over the other content providers in their platforms. They also said that Google was demanding future Roku products to support the AV1 video codec which would have reduced server costs for the former but would have made hardware more expensive for the latter.

Google of course denied this, saying these are “unproductive and baseless claims”. Roku users were looking at a future without the YouTube and YouTube TV apps on their devices so this latest development is good news for them. They are still in negotiations with Amazon as well and there’s the possibility that Roku users may also lose the Amazon Prime Video and IMDB TV apps if they do not reach an agreement soon.

These arguments and negotiations between tech companies have gotten more and more complicated as the “smaller” players are now not afraid to go against the big boys. The close scrutiny from government and regulation agencies on the business practices of big tech has also empowered other companies to demand more from the likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon.


3 Ways to Use YouTube to Hack Google’s SEO Algorithm




There’s nothing worse than starting an SEO plan for a client that does understand that SEO can be a LONG game. Even after you’ve beat them over the head with that fact, the client can still get upset for paying month after month with only little to show.

That’s where Google’s little brother YouTube comes to the rescue! By adding a video marketing plan to your clients SEO strategy. You can help them get quick wins. 

You see, when your little brother makes you billions of dollars, little brother doesn’t have to wait in line like the other websites for that page 1 ranking, little brother cuts the line with the 3 video carousel that will be right on page 1 of Google

Getting your clients videos to rank in that video carousel will help your client feel good about working with you +PLUS help your SEO plan stand out from your competition.

Here are 3 Video SEO tips to help your client snag that top spot! 

  • Determine what long tail or short tail keywords you want to go after and craft your content verbiage around that. Have your client say those words in the video. 
  • Once you upload that video, correct the close caption transcript google creates, when you do that, Google will mark that video optimized.
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail. You don’t want to claim that spot and have a boring, unclickable thumb nail. Make sure you design an image that’s quick to read, understand and answers the question they just searched for.

If you’re like, Doug, how do I even begin to create that video content for my clients YouTube channel? 

Well, we at Magnfi have you covered check out our white label option at and have your own in-house scalable video service offering.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching! – Doug

Doug Dibert Jr.

Doug Dibert, Jr. has been in the world of video marketing since January 2005 when he founded his 1st video marketing agency. He has worked with 100’s of businesses nationally and internationally helping them create video content and video marketing plans. 

Seeing the future growth of video and the need for any business to quickly create professional video content with no video editing needed, in 2017 he found the SaaS video marketing platform and a year later sold his video marketing agency to focus on Magnfi’s growth.

Doug is a highly welcomed speaker at many business strategy events, online or in-person, where he teaches practical how-to methods on how businesses can leverage video content quickly.

Doug and his team at Magnfi partner with businesses and digital marketing agencies who want their own in-house scalable video service offering via the Magnfi white label program. 

Source: Doug Dibert Jr.

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