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Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024?



Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024?

Which is better in the battle of Reddit vs Twitter (now X)? Well, they both have passionate audiences behind them. In my research, I found that nearly as many people are on Twitter as on Reddit!

I love that both social channels have tight-knit communities that “ride or die” for the social network.

For example, if you break the rules on any popular subreddit on Reddit, other members will be lightning-fast to call you out and get your post taken down.

I’ve personally tried to promote my brand on Reddit before, and although I didn’t break any rules, some Redditors thought my post was a little too salesy, and ultimately, it got taken down anyway.

Likewise, on Twitter, you’ll see a lot of the same users in your niche tweeting over and over again. It’s serious to them, kind of like a job, and it feels like Twitter is a real extension of their life.


I could honestly argue for either social network, but which one really wins?

In this article, we’re going to uncover which one is truly the winner, Twitter or Reddit:

  • Similarities vs differences
  • Twitter and Reddit key features
  • What makes Twitter and Reddit different from other social networks.

Let’s get into it!

Reddit vs Twitter (X): Similarities & Differences

Let’s quickly dive into these two social juggernauts’ important similarities and differences.


  • Social networks with global reach: Both are huge, thriving social network communities that operate on a global scale.
  • Built on community engagements and conversations: The two platforms are built on community engagement and ongoing conversations happening. New messages and conversations are happening among users daily, 24/7.
  • User-generated content: UGC drives both social networks. Twitter users post tweets, and Redditors submit posts.
  • Real-time updates: Both platforms offer real-time updates where you can see recent and trending posts as they happen.
  • An upvoting system: On Twitter, you can “like” a tweet, which signifies your acceptance, approval, and support of the message. Reddit has an upvoting/downvoting system where you “thumbs up” a message, signaling you like the post. You can also “thumbs down” a post, showing you disagree or don’t like the comment.


  • Content format: Twitter is for microblogging. You can craft short messages to post along with links, videos, and photos if you wish. Reddit allows for long posts posted within individual communities versus the entire social network, like Twitter. Reddit posts are also subject to community approval and can be taken down if they don’t adhere to the community rules.
  • Discussion Layout: You can discuss with the entire Twitter community on Twitter. Discussions are threaded and visible for everyone to see. Reddit discussions are created on a hierarchy system where each discussion can have multiple comment threads and be upvoted or downvoted, which impacts its visibility.
  • Followers structure: Twitter has followers, and Reddit has community subscribers. On Twitter, you can follow other Twitter users. On Reddit, following users is not possible; instead, you follow communities.
  • Focus: Twitter is very individualized and personalized, whereas Reddit is community-focused.

So, with all that being said, let’s take a closer look at each platform individually.

Twitter & Reddit Overview

Although they’re massively popular platforms,

What’s Twitter?


Twitter (now X) is the social network many people commonly know by its little blue bird logo, now an X. 

It’s unlike any other social network that exists today.

How Does Twitter Work?

Twitter is a great place to connect with others in your niche, share information and insights, and learn from others. It’s a text-based social network where people communicate with short messages called tweets.


You can also share images, memes, and videos on Twitter.

It’s a great place to collaborate and network with like-minded people. 

Once you find your community on Twitter, I like that the network will optimize your feed to serve you the content that most interests you. It makes it easier to find other users, content, and information in your niche.

Surprisingly, Twitter is a great place to make money online, too. Here are 13 money-making strategies to check out to profit from on Twitter.

What Are Tweets?

Tweets are the short, text-based messages you see on Twitter, although, since the rebrand to X, Tweets are now called ‘Posts,’ and ‘Retweets’ are now Reposts.

The platform has really evolved over the years, now allowing for tweets to be up to 280 characters, double the length of the original 140-character limit.


What’s Reddit?


Reddit is a social platform and community made up of individual communities called subreddits. You can browse subreddits to find the information and content you’re looking for in niches like:

  • Blogging
  • Sciences
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Entrepreneurship.

You’ll find Redditors exchanging information in the form of posts and storytelling, which includes text, links, videos, and images.

How Does Reddit Work?

When you land on Reddit, you can browse the various subreddit groups that exist, reading the conversations, case studies, and stories that users are sharing.

Contributing to the conversation by commenting or creating your own posts is a smart way to get the most out of the platform, but be mindful of the rules, which differ from subreddit to subreddit.

I browsed Reddit for years, absorbing all the information I learned from others on my favorite topics of interest before I prepared my first post.

Many users do this, appreciating this social network for the authentic, real conversations and experiences that are being discussed.

But, sharing your own story and joining in on conversations will give you a chance to raise your karma score, network with others, brand yourself as an industry expert, and make money.

What Is Karma?

Reddit karma is the point system they assign to all Reddit users. It reflects the amount of “approval” a user’s contributions (posts and comments) have received from other Reddit users.

Reddit karmaReddit karma

The higher your karma score, the better. It shows you as being more helpful by contributing constructively to conversations happening on the platform.

Twitter vs Reddit: Key Features

It boils down to these main features:

  • User interface, and
  • User experience

Twitter’s User Interface

The user interface of Twitter vs Reddit is very different.

First, let’s look at Twitter.

You see that you land on Twitter’s feed, which is curated based on your interests/activity on the platform. 

1706637363 25 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 20241706637363 25 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024

Scroll through the tweets, find conversations you find interesting, save, like, and/or comment on that discussion, and move on.

You can also use Twitter’s search feature to find specific tweets and conversations happening around a particular topic.

1706637363 42 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 20241706637363 42 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024

Here are some additional key features Twitter has:

  • Tweets: The short, text-based messages that fuel the platform.
  • Retweets: This is a social share.
  • Likes (hearts): Showing support for a tweet.
  • Trending topics: A list of trending topics like news, media events, etc., happening at the time.
  • Followers and Following: Twitter users have the ability to have others follow them (followers) and follow other users (following).
  • Direct Messages: The ability to send private messages to Twitter users.

Reddit’s User Interface

Next, Reddit, while a different-looking interface, has a similar structure when you first land on the site. You’ll be met with a feed that you can scroll, filled with posts from various subreddit communities.

1706637363 344 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 20241706637363 344 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024

You can click on a post, which will take you to where that post lives in a subreddit. Or, you can go directly to subreddits to see the conversations happening.

1706637363 472 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 20241706637363 472 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024

Then, you get a chance to upvote, downvote, or reply in a comment to the post.

Here are more key features you’ll experience while browsing Reddit’s user interface:

  • Subreddits: Communities around a niche that drive the Reddit platform. Examples are blog, art, books, and gadgets.
  • Posts: Social posts that users can post in subreddits.
  • Karma: Your “popularity” score, showing others how helpful your contributions have been to the community. The higher the score, the better.
  • Upvotes and downvotes: The ability to support or show your disapproval on posts.
  • Moderators: People who enforce the rules for the subreddits.
  • Reddit chat and messages: The chance to privately contact Reddit users.

Twitter’s User Experience

Twitter is one of the only text-based social networks online. It’s a much different experience than what you might encounter with more of an image-forward platform like Instagram or TikTok.

Twitter is dynamic and fast-paced.


As you’re browsing your home feed scanning tweets, new messages that are posted in real time are added to your feed. 

1706637363 352 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 20241706637363 352 Which Platform Is Best For Your Needs in 2024

You’re notified of this while you scroll, which makes it tempting to scroll to the top to see those new tweets.

In terms of how to use Twitter, it’s pretty similar to other social networks you’re probably on.

First, you create a Twitter account. You can write your profile description, add a photo, and link to your website. Then, you get instant access to start tweeting and creating posts on the platform.

From there, you can start building community, network with your peers, and follow, like, and retweet posts to show your support.

If you’re consistent with this kind of schedule, you may start to see your followers on Twitter grow, bringing benefits like:

  • Increased engagement
  • Email newsletter growth
  • Increased sales and website visits.

Reddit’s User Experience

On Reddit, you’ll be able to partake in the hundreds of community-based discussions in subreddits. Discussions will be diverse and authentic. 

Users are pretty politically correct on other platforms, but you’ll see that on Reddit, it’s quite different, and users will give you their opinions raw and real.


This is a refreshing take on social networking. It’s one of the features that makes Reddit different from other social platforms.

It can be more challenging to gain an audience and build your brand directly, compared to Twitter, but if you’re patient and offer truly helpful advice, and share your opinions consistently, your efforts can be rewarded.

There’s also Reddit marketing, which can be extremely effective if you do it the right way!

A recent Reddit post I made garnered nearly 20,000 views in the span of a few days and landed nearly a dozen outreach messages to my inbox, asking about opportunities to work with me.

These results aren’t typical, but when it happens, the impact can be huge and create endless opportunities!

Is Twitter Better Than Reddit?

The short answer is it depends. To find real, authentic, and raw conversations about specific topics, Reddit wins, hands down. 


This can include product reviews, experiences at restaurants, lounges, or stores, or opinions on politics, society, religion, etc.

You can talk about virtually any topic under the sun on Reddit.

Twitter is definitely one of the most liberal social networks compared to others, like Instagram or TikTok. That means you can talk about NSFW (not safe for work) topics without fear of getting flagged or suspended. 

But even with this, it’s still nothing like Reddit, in my opinion. 

Twitter is the place to connect with others in your industry, similar to LinkedIn. I think Twitter is an easier place to promote your brand and products. 

It’s a place to network with others online, and you get to learn more about the people you’re talking to, by perusing their profile, checking out their website, following their tweets and discussions, etc. 


That’s not happening on Reddit, where following users isn’t possible, and you’re contributing more towards a community effort than your individual needs.

Two very different platforms.

Both are excellent in their own right.

Reddit vs Twitter: Bottom Line

You came here to find out about Twitter vs Reddit and which network is better.

The truth is, they tie!

In terms of growing your personal profile or following, it’s easier on Reddit, I think, even though there are no follower metrics for individuals. 


But you do have karma.

And it’s easy enough to grow your karma by hundreds of points every day or every week if you’re active and contributing to the platform.

In one week, I grew my karma by nearly 200 points just by posting two discussions and responding to questions and comments from it!

In contrast, on Twitter, where you do have followers, it’s like most other social networks, where there will be some challenges in growing your follower count despite activity and contributions. 

It’s an easier effort with Reddit.

For the community, Reddit wins hands down.


For networking and connecting with peers, Twitter is the winner.

For building your online reputation and personal brand, it’s a tie.

Both are good social networks and can be used to your benefit, depending on your needs, despite the differences present.

Our final consensus?

Use both!

Which platform wins for you, Twitter or Reddit?


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Grab Microsoft Project Professional 2021 for $20 During This Flash Sale



Grab Microsoft Project Professional 2021 for $20 During This Flash Sale

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

If you’re in charge of a business and you don’t have a clear understanding of how to approach projects in an organized and effective manner, that’s a problem. Like many leaders before you, consider leaning on software that’s designed to streamline the project workflow for companies representing a wide range of industries.

A rate that will only be available from April 19 through 22, you can get Microsoft Professional 2021 for just $19.97 (reg. $249).

This well-reviewed software comes with a range of pre-built templates that you can use to set your project off on the right foot. It supports a number of helpful functions like building complex schedules with varying timelines, auto-populating those schedules in instances where it can, and submitting timesheets that can be distinguished by project work and non-project work.

Some additional features of Microsoft Project Professional that can help entrepreneurs and their teams include what-if scenario generation capabilities. Microsoft Project Professional also allows you to sync projects on your local server with those online, which is massively helpful for remote teams.


Its comprehensive and well-curated offerings are part of why Project Professional is rated an average of 4.7/5 stars on the Entrepreneur Store.

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to make a worthwhile investment in your business for the price of a beer at the ball game.

A price that will only last from April 19 through 22, you can get Microsoft Professional 2021 for just $19.97 (reg. $249).

StackSocial prices subject to change.

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AI Will Transform the Workplace. Here’s How HR Can Prepare for It.



AI Will Transform the Workplace. Here's How HR Can Prepare for It.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Our workplaces are about to undergo an unprecedented level of transformation, and HR will take center stage. Artificial intelligence will dramatically reshape HR in a way that goes beyond recruiting, hiring and talent management. Leadership teams at all levels need to embrace this change to transform and lead their organizations forward.

It’s the people, and not the technology, that makes AI initiatives a success. Intrapreneurs, in particular, are the driving force behind it. As I shared in Fearless Innovation, I noticed this when I was working on the innovation agenda for the Great Places to Work study — the most innovative companies were those that had a leadership team that was embracing intrapreneurship and were open to change.

HR is the beating heart of any organization, and as such, it needs to take center stage in both adopting and leading ethical and innovative AI transformation across the organization.

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4 tectonic shifts AI will drive in HR

1. A new wave of massive reskilling

As AI becomes more prominent across business functions, the need for new skills will only grow. Forty percent of enterprise leaders believe that their workforce would need to reskill as a result of AI and machine learning. In fact, research shows almost a third of all hours worked in the U.S. could be automated by 2030.

All of us need to reskill to some extent to be relevant in the AI era. Not only would people need to re-train, but generative AI is introducing a whole host of professions that have been non-existent until recently, from AI ethicists to human-AI interaction designers. Some of these roles might sound futuristic, yet they are becoming increasingly relevant as technology advances.

2. The great restructure

As automation takes center stage across more business functions, there will be the inevitable need for organizations to restructure and rethink how they work. This transition will not only involve the integration of new technologies but also introduce a shift in the workforce dynamics. Intrapreneurs will need to identify gaps both in skills and operational processes and forge brand-new roles for themselves and those they manage. HR must play a key role in enabling a smooth and easy transition in this regard. The transition will not be smooth or easy, and it’s only HR that has the capability to make it impactful.

3. Arrival of “digital humans”


“Digital human” may sound like an oxymoron, but that’s the term that’s starting to appear in business and operational plans. More roles, regardless of industry, are becoming digitally enhanced where some form of AI assistance is embedded in their everyday work. A real-life example is the introduction of the digital nurse — AI-powered healthcare agents which have already been proven to outperform human nurses in certain tasks.

Imagine the impact these digital roles will have on the workforce the more sophisticated and prevalent they become. Eventually, HR will need to create policies and systems in place that account for this new type of “staff augmentation.”

4. Regulating the robot

The threat of AI bias and misuse is serious. Not only can the technology put many jobs at peril, but potential improper implementation can expose organizations to serious liability and negatively affect the workforce. From avoiding bias to inclusivity, HR teams play a critical role in the ethical deployment and management of AI technologies.

HR professionals will be tasked with navigating the delicate balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and ensuring that its application upholds fairness, privacy and non-discrimination.

Related: How to Successfully Implement AI into Your Business — Overcoming Challenges and Building a Future-Ready Team


What HR intrapreneurs must do to embrace AI the right way

The future of work is being shaped by AI adoption, and its success hinges on the right approach from the outset. My experience shows that for successful organizations, one universal trait stands out: the presence of change agents. Every organization, regardless of size, benefits from intrapreneurs who are open to change and committed to spearheading transformation efforts. These intrapreneurs are pivotal in driving the future of work, as they help orchestrate the integration of new technologies into their business models.

HR and talent leaders should harness this dynamic, encouraging a symbiotic relationship with intrapreneurs to develop customized solutions for AI adoption, ensuring that they are not just keeping pace with technological advances but are actively shaping their trajectory.

Securing a seat at the table:

HR should take a proactive stance in the adoption of AI, even if it is still in its early stages within your organization. By securing a position at the forefront of the AI initiative, HR can and should facilitate and guide the entire organization in embracing this significant change.

As AI has the potential to impact every facet of the organization, it is imperative for HR to not only understand and advocate for this technology but also lead its integration across all departments. HR should encourage and support intrapreneurs and all employees to leverage AI in their daily tasks, demonstrating its value not just for operational efficiency but for personal and professional growth as well.

Master the technology:


To effectively navigate and regulate AI, HR must first understand it thoroughly. Grasping the full potential of this technology is crucial for reaping its extensive benefits. HR plays a vital role in identifying the necessary tools and skills that employees must acquire and then integrating these learnings into daily work practices.

Before implementing AI more broadly, HR should initiate comprehensive training programs that not only educate but also reassure employees about AI’s role in the future of the business. By leading these educational initiatives, HR can shape the structure and effectiveness of these programs, ensuring they meet the needs of the organization and its workforce.

Related: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Business For an AI Future

Looking ahead

Generative AI has the transformative potential to redefine the business landscape, but realizing this vast potential hinges on more than just the adoption of technology. It critically depends on the talent within the workforce, driven by HR and bold intrapreneurs. These visionary leaders don’t just implement new tools; they exemplify their use, demonstrating the profound impact of AI across every level of the organization.

HR plays a pivotal role in fostering this environment, enabling intrapreneurs to guide and inspire every individual they touch. Together, they turn each employee into a catalyst for change, igniting a widespread passion for innovation that deeply resonates and sustains long-term success.


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Samsung: 6-Day Workweek For Execs, Company in Emergency Mode



Samsung: 6-Day Workweek For Execs, Company in Emergency Mode

Four-day workweeks might have all the buzz, but one major tech company is going in the opposite direction.

Samsung is implementing a six-day workweek for all executives after some of the firm’s core businesses delivered lower-than-expected financial results last year.

A Samsung Group executive told a Korean news outlet that “considering that performance of our major units, including Samsung Electronics Co., fell short of expectations in 2023, we are introducing the six-day work week for executives to inject a sense of crisis and make all-out efforts to overcome this crisis.”

Lower performance combined with other economic uncertainties like high borrowing costs have pushed the South Korean company to enter “emergency mode,” per The Korea Economic Daily.

Related: Apple Is No Longer the Top Phonemaker in the World as AI Pressure and Competition Intensifies


Executives at all Samsung Group divisions will be affected, including those in sales and manufacturing, according to the report.

Samsung had its worst financial year in over a decade in 2023, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that net profit fell 73% in Q4. It also lost its top spot on the global smartphone market to Apple in the same quarter, though it reclaimed it this year.

Though employees below the executive level aren’t yet mandated to clock in on weekends, some might follow the unwritten example of their bosses. After all, The Korea Economic Daily reports that executives across some Samsung divisions have been voluntarily working six days a week since January, before the company decided to implement the six-day workweek policy.

Entrepreneur has reached out to Samsung’s U.S. newsroom to ask if this news includes executives situated globally, including in the U.S., or if it only affects employees in Korea. Samsung did not immediately respond.

Research on the relationship between hours worked and output shows that working more does not necessarily increase productivity.

A Stanford project, for example, found that overwork leads to decreased total output. Average productivity decreases due to stress, sleep deprivation, and other factors “to the extent that the additional hours [worked] provide no benefit (and, in fact, are detrimental),” the study said.


Related: Samsung’s Newest Galaxy Gadget Aims ‘To See How Productive You Can Be’

Longer hours can also mean long-term health effects. The World Health Organization found that working more than 55 hours a week decreases life expectancy and increases the risk of stroke by 35%.

The same 55-hour workweek leads to a 17% higher risk of heart disease, per the same study.

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