Guide To Email Marketing Strategy in 2021

Email strategy is more than any other tactics! Not just the number of users, but also the profit figures with emails are shooting up. Not to wonder why, because email marketing strategy is ruling over online marketing. And to achieve the maximum profits with emails, you need an email marketing strategy plan!

Creating an email marketing strategy could be a little difficult than you assume it to be. But investing in a good and effective email marketing strategy makes a huge difference in achieving ROI.

Concentrate on the present trends and patterns of your active subscribers. Know your audience’s behavior inside out. Strategize a plan considering all your business-specified factors to base your strategy on.

The well-performing and best email marketing strategies of the present day are:

  1. Segment your email subscribers
  2. Personalizing your email content
  3. Automate your email campaigns with trigger-based emails (whenever possible)
  4. Optimize your emails to be mobile-friendly
  5. Design, and test your emails

Interesting strategies! Aren’t they? If you’re interested to know how each email marketing strategy works and how it would be beneficial to you, I’d suggest you refer to this article explaining everything in detail:

If you are looking for any help in planning or formulating your email marketing strategy, contact data can be your reliever! And how?Segmentation is easy with it, you can acquire a customized database according to your brand’s requirements. Utilize it to segment your email subscribers. This could be based on firmographics, purchase history, website behavior, geographic area, email engagement, and many more.

 Also, personalize your email content with contact data. You can acquire your audience’s current job position, industry, interests, and so on. This helps you to design your content in such a way that grabs your audience’s attention immediately.

Some statistics encouraging you to create an effective email marketing strategy:

  1. Statista says that the open rate for emails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016.
  2. HubSpot stated that marketers who use segmented email campaigns see an increase of almost 760% in their revenue.
  3. 59% of respondents mark marketing emails as an influencing factor of their purchase decisions.
  4. 50% of companies believe that personalized email campaigns increase their interaction with their audience.
  5. HubSpot mentioned that 35% of business professionals check their emails on a mobile device.

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