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30 Popular Job Boards That Will Help You Hire The Most Qualified Candidates



30 Popular Job Boards That Will Help You Hire The Most Qualified Candidates

As a recruiter, your job isn’t limited to simply finding the best candidates. You also have to promote these roles on job boards and convince applicants to join your company. 

In other words, you’re not just a recruiter — you’re also a marketer and a salesperson. But, how do you know which job boards will help you find the most qualified applications for your specific position? Read on to find out. 

Table of Contents: 

1. Glassdoor

Key Features:

  • A large pool of potential candidates (55M+ per month)
  • List your jobs and include detailed descriptions of preferred skills and qualifications. 
  • Review resumes, send messages to candidates, and schedule interviews to begin recruitment. 
  • Create an employer brand profile to help candidates learn more about your business and culture. 
  • You can pay to feature jobs for more visibility.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

Price: Contact for pricing.

Key Features:

  • A network of over 700 million professionals. 
  • Your job listings are matched with the most qualified professionals who have noted in their profiles to be open to work and looking for new roles. 
  • A rating system helps you prioritize who you want to interview. 
  • Advanced filtering options help you search for candidates with your preferred qualifications, and you can send them a message via InMail.

3. Indeed

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 4.26.02 PM

Key Features:

  • 75.4 million users — a large pool of candidates. 
  • Get matched with best-fit candidates that meet your job specifications. 
  • Sort candidates to move forward and schedule and conduct interviews within the platform. 
  • Manage all your job postings for different roles and locations in one dashboard. 
  • Create a custom company page to build brand identity and help candidates learn more about your company culture. 
  • Pay for applications that meet your criteria, but you can reject unwanted applications before being charged.

4. Google Job Search

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Aggregates job postings from company websites and career pages to share with millions of job seekers. 
  • Millions of job seekers search for open roles on Google every day. 
  • Using job post structured data on your career pages ensures your listings are ready to be picked up by Google.

5. ZipRecruiter

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Create and list your jobs that are then sent to 100+ job sites. 
  • Matching technology invites the most qualified candidates to apply to your positions. 
  • Manage and rate applications by their qualifications. 
  • Ten million candidates reached each week.

6. Monster

Price: 4-day trial, then $649/mo


Key Features:

  • SearchMonster analyzes your job requirements, finds resumes, and ranks and scores qualified candidates based on your specifications. 
  • Instant notifications when a candidate matches your criteria. 
  • Jobs are distributed across the monster network, email, and partner sites and reach millions of global visitors per month. 

7. SimplyHired

Price: $4.99 to move forward with a candidate


Key Features:

  • Post unlimited jobs for free and only pay when you move forward with a candidate.
  • Candidates answer screening questions to help you learn more about them outside of their resumes. 
  • Easily review applications, cover letters, and resumes, and obtain contact information from your preferred candidates when you’re ready to move forward. 
  • Additional tools for hiring and onboarding. 
  • Jobs are distributed across partner sites for visibility. 
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8. Nexxt 

Price: $199-400/mo


Key Features:

  • Standard job listing option.
  • Unique job slot listing model can be continuously updated as your hiring needs change. 
  • Search for candidates with intelligent filters to focus your results on those with your preferred skills. 
  • Text2Hire helps instantly connect and communicate with candidates via text. 
  • Programmatic advertising increases your listings’ exposure in display ads on high-traffic channels like Spotify. 

9. CareerBuilder

Price: $299 – $599/mo


Key Features:

  • Keywords from your listings are used to browse resumes and match you with candidates with your target skillsets.
  • AI tools send your jobs to targeted candidates, and you can receive up to 25 matches per day, per job. 
  • Can conduct resume and profile searches and create custom lists for candidate management. 


Price: $495


Key Features:

  • Built for sourcing technology professionals.
  • Dice Match Score rates candidates based on their relevance and qualifications for the jobs you list.
  • Preview resumes and prioritize preferred candidates based on their qualifications. 
  • Download and share applications with everyone involved in your hiring process for team-wide involvement.
  • Jobs are cross-posted to partner sites for job amplification. 

11. Snagajob

Price: Starts at $89/mo


Key Features:

  • Find qualified candidates for hourly jobs and shift work. 
  • Listings include relevant filters for location and level of expertise. 
  • Track applications, monitor candidates, and schedule interviews within the platform.

12. Craigslist

Price: Varies by location.


Key Features:

  • Find local talent and freelancers. 
  • Create a listing explaining what you’re searching for and include detailed information to help candidates determine if they’re qualified. 
  • Invite candidates to reach out to you on your preferred channel. 
  • Job seekers can upload resumes, so you can browse through them and find talent without posting a job.

13. Mashable

Price: $259-399


Key Features:

  • Write a detailed job description with skills and qualifications candidates need to possess. 
  • Candidates that match your criteria receive email alerts for your jobs. 
  • Save candidates to view later, and track the process once someone applies. 
  • Jobs are distributed to partner job boards. 


Price: Contact for pricing.

Key Features:

  • Easily note the expertise and skills you’re looking for. 
  • Track applications and preview qualifications before paying. 
  • Opted-in candidates that match your qualifications receive email alerts for your jobs. 
  • Additional advertising options help you promote your listings. 
  • Network of job partners for maximum visibility. 

15. Lensa

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • InstaMatch uses your job description skills and qualifications to browse the resumes of job seekers to find matches. 
  • Candidates are invited to apply by qualifications, so you’re not searching through hundreds of applications for the right fight. 
  • It can automatically pull jobs from your career page. 
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16. Ladders

Price: Free – $499/mo, Enterprise pricing available

Key Features:

  • Reach candidates in the U.S. and Canada 
  • Sort candidates based on specific criteria, like industry, location, experience, and desired salary. 
  • Algorithms share your listings with the most qualified professionals. 
  • Pre-answered interview questions help you learn more about candidates before conducting an interview. 

17. TheJobNetwork

Price: $249-599, upgrades available.


Key Features:

  • Your detailed job descriptions help screen, grade, and rank candidates based on your specifications and resumes. 
  • Listings last 30 days and include priority candidate search and management tools. 
  • Jobs are distributed to other national, industry, and relevant local sites to put your listings in front of the most candidates. 

18. Find.Jobs 

Price: Free trial, then $149-596/mo

Key Features:

  • Searchable candidate database with resumes and CVs to browse and connect with qualified talent. 
  • network for more visibility. 
  • Can pay for featured placement or banner ads to gain more exposure. 

19. Behance

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Partnership with Adobe Talent helps you hire within the creative community. 
  • Custom candidate recommendations based on your desired qualifications. 
  • Save candidates to share with anyone involved in your hiring process. 
  • Average public posts receive 150 applications. 

20. The Muse

Price: Contact for pricing.

the muse

Key Features:

  • Build a unique company profile to help applications learn more about your business, culture, and what it’s like to work for you. 
  • Your company story is shared on career pages and relevant recruiting channels for exposure to top talent. 
  • National reach of 7M+ monthly users. 

21. Cleverism

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Branded company profile to share information about your business’ culture for candidates to learn more before applying. 
  • 400k+ potential reach, and you can use advanced search filters for your preferred skills and requirements to find the best-fit talent. 

22. CareerBliss

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Post and distribute your jobs to 100+ listing sites for exposure. 
  • You can invite top talent to apply to your positions.
  • Company profile helps interested candidates learn more about what you offer. 
  • Application management tools for the entire recruitment process.
  • Small business and enterprise solutions. 

23. Getwork

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Custom search features help you filter by location, persona, and behavior. 
  • Targeted email campaigns for segmented audiences that meet your preferred criteria. 
  • Pay-per-click recruitment campaigns.

Best Job Boards for Hiring College Students

24. Handshake

Price: Contact for pricing.


Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 4.32.31 PM

Key Features:

  • Post jobs and pinpoint your best-fit candidates with advanced filtering for factors like location, institution, and skillset. 
  • Intelligent messaging to communicate with candidates directly on the platform and schedule interviews. 
  • With 9M+ active users and 1,400 educational partners, you have the potential to connect with exactly who you’re looking for. 
  • Integrations with Glassdoor help you create a company profile page.

25. CollegeRecruiter

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Reach recent or soon-to-be college graduates. 
  • Advanced search filters to find candidates by school, area of study, preferred field, and graduation year. 
  • Promote job listings as ads on different channels for maximum visibility, like email, mobile banner ads, and display ads. 
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Best Job Boards for Hiring Freelancers

26. Fiverr

Price: You set the price for your gig.


Key Features:

  • Create a gig and select from 200 different job categories (from voice-over artists to website designers) to share your job with the right freelancers. 
  • Ability to browse through listings of qualified freelancers. 
  • Fiverr seller badges provide quality assurance. 
  • Only pay once you approve the freelancer you want to work with. 

27. Fiverr Business

fiverr business

Key Features:

  • Browse a catalog of verified and pre-vetted talent that can help you meet your business needs. 
  • Fiverr Business Success managers match you with the best talent for your team’s needs. 

28. Upwork

Price: Contact for pricing.


Key Features:

  • Find freelancers across various industries and professions that are pre-qualified to meet your needs. 
  • Create detailed job descriptions that dictate the level of expertise you’re looking for. 
  • Select whether you want your listings shared with registered Upwork users or general members. 
  • Send invites to specific people if you find a standout freelance candidate you like. 

Best Job Boards for Hiring Remote and Hybrid Workers

29. We Work Remotely

Price: $299 – $448/mo, with optional upgrades


Key Features:

  • Job listings are live for 30 days and contain the job details, required skills, and location restrictions. 
  • Intelligent candidate filtering manually sorts through applications and prioritizes those that match your qualifications. 
  • Jobs are posted on popular partner job boards and relevant independent niche sites. 
  • Additional upgrades for advertising help increase visibility. 

30. FlexJobs

Price: $399/mo


Key Features:

  • The flat rate includes unlimited job posts and resume searches, helping you discover relevant candidates. 
  • Import a job from your preferred ATS. 
  • Create an employer profile to build your brand and help candidates learn about your culture. 
  • Membership upgrades for further job promotions for visibility.

What is the best job search engine?

The best job search engine depends entirely on your business needs and the role you’re hiring for. So, for example, if you’re looking to hire business professionals, you may want to focus on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn won’t make sense if you’re looking to fill a single shift. 

Many of the larger search engines aggregate job listings from other sites, but you can still stand out by optimizing your job descriptions with key skills or paying for featured spots. 

Your final decision is ultimately dependent on what you’re looking for. But, when making your decision make sure to weigh key factors like:

  • Price
  • The type of job you’re hiring for (i.e, creative position, hourly work, technology professional)
  • The features you want your platform to have (like custom candidate sorting). 

Choosing the right job board is crucial for faster and better hiring.

There are hundreds of job boards on the internet, but not all of them are created equal. Fortunately, most job seekers trust and have found rewarding roles on these five popular job boards, giving you a deep pool of talent to recruit and hire from.

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Old Navy to drop NFTs in July 4th promo update



Old Navy to drop NFTs in July 4th promo update

Old Navy will update its yearly Fourth of July promotions by saluting the metaverse with an NFT drop, going live June 29.

In honor of the year they were founded, the retailer will release 1,994 common NFTs, each selling for $0.94. The NFTs will feature the iconic Magic the Dog and t include a promo code for customers to claim an Old Navy t-shirt at Old Navy locations or online.

“This launch is Old Navy’s first activation in web3 or with NFTs,” an Old Navy spokesperson told MarTech. “As a brand rooted in democratization and inclusivity, it was essential that we provide access and education for all with the launch of our first NFT collection. We want all our customers, whether they have experience with web3, to be able to learn and participate in this activation.”

Accessible and user-friendly. Any customer can participate by visiting a page off of Old Navy’s home site, where they’ll find step-by-step instructions.

There will also be an auction for a unique one-of-one NFT. All proceeds for the NFT and shirt sales go to Old Navy’s longtime charitable partner, Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Additionally, 10% of NFT resales on the secondary market will also go to Boys & Girls Clubs.

Support. This activation is supported by Sweet, who’s played a major role in campaigns for other early NFT adopters like Burger King.


The Old Navy NFTs will be minted on the Tezos blockchain, known for its low carbon footprint.

“This is Old Navy’s first time playing in the web3 space, and we are using the launch of our first NFT collection to test and learn,” said Old Navy’s spokesperson. “We’re excited to enable our customers with a new way to engage with our iconic brand and hero offerings and look forward to exploring additional consumer activations in web3 in the future.”

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Why we care. Macy’s also announced an NFT promotion timed to their fireworks show. This one will award one of 10,000 NFTs to those who join their Discord server.

Old Navy, in contrast, is keeping customers closer to their owned channels, and not funneling customers to Discord. Old Navy consumers who don’t have an NFT wallet can sign up through Sweet to purchase and bid on NFTs.

While Macy’s has done previous web3 promotions, this is Old Navy’s first. They’ve aligned a charity partner, brand tradition and concern for the environment with a solid first crack at crypto.

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