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Google Ads API Version 10 Is Out



Google Ads API Version 10 Is Out

Google has released version 10.0 of the Google Ads API. Keep in mind, the AdWords API will sunset on April 27, 2022, which is coming up soon. So what is new in version 10 of the Google Ads API? A lot, including smart campaigns, performance max campaign upgrades, local service ads changes and much more.

Google also added this new diff page that shows the protos that were added, removed, and changed in the latest Google Ads API release. You can click the links to view the protos in our GitHub repository after they’re released. You can view quick and full-context diffs in the Changed tab.

Google has a short video of the bigger changes in the version 10.0 release of the Google Ads API:

Account Management

  • Added Customer.status and CustomerClient.status, whose type is CustomerStatus to show the status of the account.
  • You can now retrieve all types of accounts when using CustomerService.ListAccessibleCustomers, GoogleAdsService.Search and GoogleAdsService.SearchStream. Previously, they returned only ENABLED accounts and test accounts.


  • Renamed Video TrueView Discovery Ad format to In-Feed Video Ad:
  • VideoTrueViewDiscoveryAdInfo is renamed to InFeedVideoAdInfo.
  • Renamed MutateOperation.customizer_customizer_operation to MutateOperation.customer_customizer_operation.


  • Added support for ad_group_ad_asset_combination_view for responsive search ads.
  • Added support for reporting the performance of App pre registration ads in ad_group_ad_asset_view.
  • For Image and Media Bundle assets (Asset that has image_asset and media_bundle_asset set, respectively):
  • Made name required.
  • Added support for auto-renaming the asset names on creation. If an asset exists with the same name but different content, it is renamed by appending the specified name with a timestamp and a counter.
  • For the following asset types, if an asset with a different name having the same content already exists then the asset uploaded will be silently dropped. Image, Media Bundle, Text, Call to Action abd Book on Google


  • Added support for Audience used to create a targeting based on created dimensions, such as demographics or memberships in user lists and user interests:
  • Resource: Audience
  • Service: AudienceService
  • Fields in other resources: GoogleAdsRow.audience, Campaign.audience_setting, AdGroup.audience_setting, AdGroupCriterion.audience
  • Enums: AudienceError and CriterionType.AUDIENCE


  • Removed support for creating seasonality adjustments on manager accounts.


  • Smart campaigns have exited open beta and entered general availability.
  • Added support for Local Services Ads campaigns as open beta.
  • They have AdvertisingChannelType as LOCAL_SERVICES.
  • Added support for retrieving these campaigns using Search and SearchStream.
  • Added support for updating their status and amount_micros of their . associated CampaignBudget objects.
  • Performance Max Campaigns now support asset group signals which advertisers can use to tell the campaign who’s most likely to convert.
  • Added Campaign.use_vehicle_inventory for Smart Shopping campaigns.


  • Added the following fields to the conversion_tracking_setting attribute of Customer:
  • conversion_tracking_status indicates whether the customer is using conversion tracking, and who is the conversion tracking owner.
  • accepted_customer_data_terms indicates if the conversion tracking owner has accepted the customer data terms.
  • enhanced_conversions_for_leads_enabled indicates if the customer has opted into enhanced conversions for leads.
  • Made ConversionAction.primary_for_goal optional to support setting the value to false during create operations.
  • Made ConversionValueRuleSet.attachment_type immutable.
  • Added ConversionValueRuleSet.conversion_action_categories and ValueRuleSetDimension.NO_CONDITION to support conversion value rules for store visits and store sales.
  • Removed LEAD from the ConversionActionCategory enum and replaced with the following new values: QUALIFIED_LEAD and CONVERTED_LEAD
  • Added ExternalConversionSource.DISPLAY_AND_VIDEO_360_FLOODLIGHT.


  • Added a new ExperimentService with a set of new resources, which is a replacement for campaign experiments.

Hotel Ads

  • Added hotel_reconciliation.campaign and added support for the following metrics: metrics.hotel_commission_rate_micros and metrics.hotel_expected_commission_cost


  • Added support for returning ResponsiveSearchAdAssetRecommendation.
  • Added support for returning UseBroadMatchKeywordRecommendation.


  • Fixed inconsistencies where rows with zero metrics were returned when segments were selected in some reports. All reports will now follow the expected behavior of ignoring zero-metric rows in reports that select metrics and segments.
  • Added a new meta parameter omit_unselected_resource_names. When set to true, the response from GoogleAdsService will only return resource name fields that you explicitly request in the SELECT clause of your query.
  • When retrieving Campaign.start_date and Campaign.end_date, the date returned will always be formatted based on the time zone of the customer specified as customer_id of SearchGoogleAdsRequest or SearchGoogleAdsStreamRequest. Previously, the returned date could vary based on the time zone of the manager account specified in login-customer-id.
  • Added support for metrics.absolute_top_impression_percentage and metrics.top_impression_percentage; in geographic_view and with segments.hour
  • Added support for the following segments for metrics.sk_ad_network_conversions (SKAdNetwork conversions), which is available when fetching the data of customer or campaign: segments.sk_ad_network_user_type, segments.sk_ad_network_ad_event_type, segments.sk_ad_network_source_app.sk_ad_network_source_app_id
  • Added metrics.biddable_app_install_conversions and metrics.biddable_app_post_install_conversions.


  • Added new requirements for Performance Max and Smart campaigns. We are also documenting the required minimum functionality for other developer tools such as shopping, hotel and app campaigns, and simplifying standard shopping campaigns to align with full service campaigns.

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Google Hanukkah Decorations Are Live For 2023



Google Hanukkah 2023

Hanukkah (aka Chanukah) starts this coming Thursday night, December 7th. Google has added its Hanukkah decorations to the Google Search results interface to celebrate. Google does this every year and I expect to see the same rollout in the coming weeks for Christmas and Kawanzaa but for now, since Chanukah is in the coming days, we have the Hanukkah decorations live at Google Search.

Here is a screenshot of the Chanukah decorations as they look like on the mobile search results.

Google Hanukkah Decorations 2023

You can see it yourself by searching on Google for [chanukah], [hanukkah], but not yet [חֲנוּכָּה‎] or other spelling variations yet but it should soon. It looks better on mobile than it does on desktop results.

To see the past, the 2023 decorations, 2021 decorations, 2020 Chanukah decorations, 2019 Google holiday decorations, the 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and so on.

Happy Chanukah, everyone!

Forum discussion at X.

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Google Pay Accepted Icons In Google Search Results



Woman Checking Out Store Google Logo

Google seems to be testing a Google Pay Accepted label or icon in the Google search results. This label has the super G logo followed by the words “Pay accepted” words next to search result snippets that support Google Pay and notate such in their structured data.

This was first spotted by Khushal Bherwani who shared some screenshots of this on X – here is one:

G Pay Accepted Google Search

Here are some more screenshots:

Brodie Clark also posted some screenshots after on X:

Google Pay Accepted Google Search

I tried to replicate this but I came up short.

This is not the first time Google had similar icons like this in its search results.

Forum discussion at X.

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Google Discover Showing Older Content Since Follow Feature Arrived



Dog Astronut Google Logo

Typically, Google Discover shows content that is less than a day old, but it can show content that is weeks, months, or even years old. However, typically, Google will show more recent content in the Discover feed. Well, that may have changed with the new Google follow feature.

Glenn Gabe, who is a very active Google Discover user, noticed that since the Follow feature rolled out, he has been seeing content that is weeks and months old way more often than before the follow feature rolled out. Glenn wrote on X that “this could also be playing a role. i.e. Google isn’t providing as much recent content, but instead, focusing on providing targeted content based on the topics you are following.”

It makes sense that if you follow a specific topic and if Google Discover only shows the most authoritative types of content, it might be hard for Google to find new content on that topic. So it does make sense that Google may show older content more often for that specific topic you follow.

Here are screenshots Glenn shared:

Google Discover Old Stories Follow

Google Discover Old Stories Follow2

Have you noticed this in your Discover feed?

Forum discussion at X.

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