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Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns Being Replaced By Performance Max : New Tools



Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns Being Replaced By Performance Max : New Tools

Google has released a set of new tools and features to help advertisers when Google existing and future Smart Shopping campaigns and Local Campaigns get replaced by Performance Max campaigns. This includes a new migration tool and API migrations.

As a reminder, in July 2022, existing and future Smart Shopping campaigns will begin automatic upgrades to Performance Max campaigns. Local campaigns will begin automatic upgrades starting in August 2022.

There is a one-click migration tool will be available for Smart Shopping campaigns in April & in June for Local campaigns. After that, Smart Shopping campaigns will auto-upgrade between July and September 2022. And Local campaigns will auto-upgrade between August and September.

Starting in April, you can easily upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns with a new “one-click” tool in Google Ads. You’ll be able to upgrade your Local campaigns with the tool starting in June. The tool gives you flexibility to upgrade specific campaigns or all of your campaigns at once.

Then the API migration will be available later this year, according to Google. The AdWords API will sunset on April 27, 2022. Developers using SSC via the AdWords API should migrate to the Google Ads API using SSC as early as possible. The self-migration by the Google Ads API will only be available after the sunset of the AdWords API.

Here is the timeline for all of this:

There are more details over here as well and Ginny posted these tweets:

Here are upcoming milestones to help you get ready for the Smart Shopping and Local campaign upgrades to Performance Max:

  • Upgrade with a one-click tool: Starting in April, a “one-click” upgrade tool will begin rolling out in Google Ads to upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns. You’ll be able to upgrade your Local campaigns with the tool starting in June. The tool gives you options to upgrade specific campaigns or all of your campaigns at once. Learnings from your existing campaigns will be used in your new Performance Max campaigns to ensure consistent performance.
  • Upgrade automatically: From July through September, your Smart Shopping campaigns will be automatically upgraded for you. Your Local campaigns will be automatically upgraded from August through September. You will no longer be able to create new Smart Shopping and Local campaigns once your existing campaigns are automatically upgraded.
  • Conclude upgrades: The upgrade process will conclude by the end of September to give you time to use your Performance Max campaigns for the holiday season.

Some tips:

  • Upload creative assets: We recommend that you provide additional creative assets to help your campaign appear on more eligible surfaces and perform better. 
  • Allow time for the campaign to ramp up: Give your new Performance Max campaign time to ramp up. For campaigns with online sales or omnichannel goals, allow for 2-3 days. For campaigns with offline-only goals, allow for 3-4 weeks. 
  • Avoid overlapping targeting: Performance Max campaigns will be prioritized over existing Smart Shopping campaigns, standard Shopping campaigns, and Display Dynamic Remarketing campaigns that target the same products. As a result, we recommend waiting to upgrade your existing Smart Shopping campaigns until the upgrade tool becomes available. If your new Performance Max campaign does target the same products, ensure that you set an equal budget to maintain volume. 

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Daily Search Forum Recap: November 29, 2022



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Got a lot of local SEO stuff for you, including longer, more wordy reviews tend to rank longer and higher in the local panel. Google is testing numerous Local Service Ad headlines. Google Business Profiles now can show how long it will take someone to review your edits. Google Business Profiles also can show your listing’s previous location. And Google is testing the Things To Know in a carousel format.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Study: Longer Reviews Stay At The Top Of Google Local Listings Longer

    Joy Hawkins team did another small local ranking study in Google and found that the longer reviews, the wordier reviews, tend to rank towards the top of the reviews and also stay there for longer.

  • Google Business Profiles Now Showing Review Time For Some Edits

    Google may now show you the time it takes to review a requested edit in Google Business Profiles. So if you edit, let’s say, your business category, Google may show you that this type of edit takes about 10 minutes to be reviewed by someone at Google.
  • Google Business Profile Can Notate Previous Location

    The new Google Business Profile interface in Google Search to update your local listing can show the previous location your business was listed at before you tried to move that location. I believe the old interface would show you a map pin of your current location as you try to move it but it would not label it as “previous.”
  • Google Local Service Ads Heading Label Tests

    Google is testing various headlines for the Local Service Ads. Two of them show the “Ads” label and one does not, while they all test different headlines for the ad listings.

  • Google Tests Carousel Format For Things To Know

    Google is testing the Things to know search refinement expander feature in a carousel format. Normally, the Things to know is in this list format but here Google is testing it in a carousel format.

  • Lizzi Sassman’s Dog Co-Stars With John Mueller In Google Video

    Expect a video, a Christmas video, from Google shortly, where John Mueller maybe gives his news weather report with a Christmas theme. But a special co-star on that video might just be Lizzi Sassman’s

Other Great Search Threads:

Search Engine Land Stories:

Other Great Search Stories:


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