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How To Change Your YouTube Channel Name



How To Change Your YouTube Channel Name

YouTube allows creators to change the name of their channel without it affecting the name on their Google account.

Creators can change both their channel name and photo and the updates will only apply to YouTube.

Gone are the days when YouTube creators were required to maintain the same name across all Google services.

Now, you can use one name for your YouTube channel and another name for messages sent from your Gmail account, for example.

This article will teach you, step-by-step, how to change your YouTube channel name without the changes following you across all of Google.

Changing Your YouTube Channel Name

YouTube creators with both personal accounts and brand accounts can change the name of their channel without changing their Google account name.



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These changes can be made from either YouTube Studio on desktop or the YouTube mobile app.

Change YouTube Channel Name On Desktop

1. Sign In To YouTube

To change the name of your YouTube channel, start by signing into YouTube.

From there, click on your profile photo in the top right corner and select “Your channel” from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot from, January 2022.

2. Customize Channel In YouTube Studio

From your channel page click on Customize Channel.


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This will take your channel’s dashboard in YouTube Studio.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

3. Edit Channel Name

When you’re in YouTube Studio, select Basic info from the top navigation menu.

Then click on the pencil icon next to your channel name, which will allow you to edit it.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

4. Save Changes

Save your new channel name by clicking the Publish button in the top right corner.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

Change YouTube Channel Name On Mobile

1. Go To Your Channel Page

Open the YouTube mobile app, then tap your profile picture.

From the drop down menu select Your Channel.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

2. Edit Channel Name

Click the pencil icon, and then click the pencil icon again on the next screen.

From there, type in your new channel name.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

3. Save Changes

To save your new channel name, click the checkmark icon in the top right corner.

change youtube channel nameScreenshot from, January 2022.

An Important Note For Verified YouTube Channels

Creators with verified YouTube channels should be aware that they’ll lose their checkmark if they change the name of their channel.


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This is likely done to prevent YouTube channels from impersonating other channels.

It would be easy to put out a fake news report, for example, and make it look legit if a channel could change their name to “CNN” and maintain their verified checkmark.

However, it’s possible for creators to change their channel’s name and get their checkmark back by applying for it again. That may take a while, so consider the drawbacks before going ahead with a name change.

How to Change a YouTube Channel’s URL

Changing the name of a YouTube channel does not change the channel’s URL. That has to be done by following a separate set of steps.



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YouTube lets users set a “custom” URL for their channel, which can be changed up to three times per year.

It’s custom in the sense that YouTube will allow creators to choose from a selection of recommended URLs. The recommendations are closely based on the channel’s name, as YouTube wants to prevent creators from having potentially misleading URLs.

Here’s a set of step-by-step instructions on how to change a YouTube URL.



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Featured Image: Alex Yeung/Shutterstock

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7 Best Content Marketing Platforms For An Effective Strategy



7 Best Content Marketing Platforms For An Effective Strategy

“Content is everything.”

At least, that’s one variation of the saying each website owner adheres to. But in the ever-changing landscape of content marketing, content distribution is a close runner-up to the content itself.

Organizations must invest in effective content marketing by leveraging various content marketing platforms as competition becomes more fierce.

How fierce? 47% of companies plan to grow their content teams this year.

Here are seven tools to consider to take your content to new heights.

1. Exploding Topics – Best For Trending Content

Brian Dean founded Backlinko and Exploding Topics, and has been a trusted resource in content marketing since he grew Backlinko from zero to millions of users per month.

Since Dean established his site, he turned his sights on helping others by offering data on growing topics before they take off.


Exploding Topics aggregates data and uses an advanced algorithm that provides the percentage growth of specific topics of choice.

With access to this data, you can start writing content first to gain a first movers advantage over competitors.

2. BuzzSumo – Best For Social Media Content

BuzzSumo exploded onto the scene in 2013.

Since then, this platform has diversified its service offering to become a powerhouse for serious content marketers.

BuzzSumo offers content discovery, research, monitoring, and influencer insights. The influencer option could exponentially increase the odds of virality for your content marketing efforts.

By navigating to the “top sharers” section, you can pinpoint influencers that have shared articles that may correlate to topics you have written and reach out to the influencers to share your article to expand your content reach.

3. Outbrain – Best For Native Content

Outbrain was one of the leading pioneers of native content and has gained tremendous market share over competitors.

Today Outbrain provides 344 billion monthly content recommendations in over fifty-five countries. Getting started with Outbrain does not involve a significant cost investment.


To begin a campaign on the Outbrain network, you can set a campaign budget of $20 and a CPC (cost per click) price point of 0.03 cents.

Considering how rapidly you can expand your content marketing reach and strategically retarget users once they have navigated to your site makes Outbrain a no-brainer, pun intended.

4. Patreon – Best For Content Membership

Patreon offers a premium membership model to content creators.

Monthly pledges from patrons have provided content creators with a consistent way to provide quality content while making a living.

Founded in 2013, Patreon quickly became the go-to platform for content creators to establish a loyal fan base.

Content creators span several focus areas, which include videographers, Podcasters, Writers, artists, and musicians.

If you are a content creator that wants to earn a living without starting a blog, Patreon is the way to go.

5. Contently – Best For Content Scheduling

Scheduling content distribution is easy with the help of Contently. You can easily plan times and dates to distribute content across several platforms.


A feature called Storybook uses proprietary technology to provide a predictive model of which topics will have the most significant impact.

Additionally, Contently provides SEO recommendations and checks the voice and tone of the content. One of the most powerful features Contently provides is access to the premium creative network.

It can be a hassle to vet writers when you are just starting.

Contently has created a premium network of writers you can leverage. Many of these writers have published articles for The New Yorker, Wired, and The Financial Times, among many other established publications.

Contently also provides access to videographers and designers to help create more impactful content through the premium creative network.

If you are looking for an enterprise content marketing platform Contently is a top contender.

6. – Best for Content Curation is a cloud-based content management platform that discovers and researches content via the web and social networks. Over 30 million web pages are crawled from

You can quickly scale your curated content needs by leveraging the WordPress integration to publish content directly to your site.


Leveraging curated content will help establish trust and add additional value to your audience while highlighting your specific industry expertise.

You might be losing out if you are not integrating curated content into your content marketing strategy.

Hootsuite advises a ratio of 40% created and 60% curated content to boot your content marketing efforts.

7. Uberflip – Best For Personalized Content

Uberflip offers several options for content marketers, but one of the most valuable features Uberflip provides is the ability to personalize content for audiences.

As a result, content marketers turn to Uberflip to execute ABM (account-based marketing).

The content destination feature allows marketers to engage audiences with tailored messaging and provides customized layouts and personalized branding.

Given the statistics around personalization, content marketers need to be mindful of tailored messaging.


If your organization is not investing in content marketing, it might be safe to assume you are losing market share to your competitors.


Content marketing is not an option but a necessity in today’s current landscape.

As a result, several content marketing platform choices exist to get started quickly.

There is no right on wrong options to get started with content marketing.

You have to jump in and get your feet wet.

Beginning with one of the content marketing platforms mentioned above is a good move in the right decision.

More resources: 

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