Search Trends During COVID-19 and the Exit Phase [Infographic]

The COVID-19 pandemic is still evolving, with the virus only now reaching some parts of the world. And as we all learn to live with the threat of the outbreak, we’re also adjusting our daily routines and processes to accomodate best practices, which has subsequently seen significant changes in how people are searching, and the information they’re looking for online.

And that’s important for marketers to note. Understanding the key search terms can help to better align any outreach strategy, to ensure you’re meeting audience needs – while also understanding the key concerns and issues of focus. That will also be critical in the next stage, as people look to get back to their normal lives, with new search queries now emerging as some regions open back up.

To provide some context on this, the team from CodeFuel has put together this infographic of emerging search trends around COVID-19.

Again, understanding these shifts could be key for your messaging, and ensuring you align with rising consumer interests. 

COVID-19 search trends

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