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Twitter is Working on New Folders Within Bookmarks to Categorize Your Saved Tweets



This will be welcome news for those who regularly save a bunch of tweets. 

According to a new finding posted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on a new folders option within the Bookmarks tab, which would enable users to save tweets into a range of defined categories – or ‘Collections’, as Twitter is currently calling them.

Twitter Bookmarks categories

As you can see here, the new process would enable you to create category folders within your Bookmarks tab. You would then be able to choose which folder/collection you want to save a tweet to when you go to bookmark it in-stream (last screenshot above).

That could provide a handy way to keep tabs on various tweets of interest – while it could also point to the platform’s gradually evolving eCommerce tools, with the folders providing another way to keep track of products that you may be interested in, helping to maximize shopping behavior.

At its recent Analyst Day overview, Twitter provided a basic update on its in-development eCommerce tools, with Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falck explaining that: 

“We know people come to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products. In fact, you may have even noticed some businesses already developing creative ways to enable sales on our platform. This demand gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversation with an engaged and intentional audience. Imagine easily discovering, and quickly purchasing a new skincare product or trendy sneaker from a brand you follow with only a few clicks.”

Collections could serve a key purpose here, much like Instagram’s similar Collections option, or saved Pins on Pinterest. That essentially turns the option into a virtual shopping list, while the capacity to shift each saved tweet into a specific collection could further enhance this functionality, along with the general user benefit of being able to save your favorite tweets into different categories.

It actually seems like a fairly simple, effective way to improve engagement with saved tweets, which Twitter probably should have added sooner. But even so, it looks like it’s well on the way now, with this design sample posted by Wong appearing to be fairly well finished.

You may also note the Spaces tab in the middle of the bottom function bar in these screenshots – Wong also posted about this back in March, and that also looks set for a wider launch soon, given the broader expansion of Spaces to more users earlier this month.   


That will be a big step in improving Spaces discoverability, while Twitter will also look to build algorithmic matching to ensure the most relevant Spaces are highlighted to users within this dedicated tab.

Overall, it seems likely that we’ll see both features very soon. We’ll keep you updated on any progress.



How to Formulate a More Effective Approach to TikTok Marketing [Infographic]



How to Formulate a More Effective Approach to TikTok Marketing [Infographic]

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So how do you make best use of the platform for marketing purposes?

TikTok has published a new guide to provide more insights into effective brand strategy, which provides a range of prompts to help you nail down your platform approach.

Some of it is fairly general social media marketing advice, but there are some valuable notes that could help you formulate a more effective, TikTok-specific strategy.

You can read more tips from TikTok here, or check out the infographic overview below.

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