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Every Journey Starts with a Single Step



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The award winning sensation is finally available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip where you discover exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom. Here’s a chat with DigixArt Entertainment CEO Yoan Fanise, about this ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho, made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold.

Why Did You Choose This Background for an Adventure Game?
We wanted to talk about a serious subject in Road 96, about our life’s choices as teenagers but in a colourful and immersive adventure. We wanted to create a road trip that would highlight society problems but not a specific one in particular. We mixed many references, from all political systems, and we created the authoritarian nation of “Petria” from that. It could look sometimes like American deserts, like European mountains, like Korean buildings, this is intentional because the topics raised exist in many societies. Road 96 is fun to play and experience but it could make players think, beyond entertainment, what would you do?

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Were You Trying to Shed Light on Current Affairs that Don’t Normally Get Tackled in Games?

Yes! We want to talk about subjects that are underrepresented in videogames (dictators, running away etc.), enlarge the scope of these subjects, try (from our side at least) to make this art evolve. We are truly happy that it’s resonating with players.

Why a Road Trip?
I personally always wanted to craft a road trip story. To create a system where your choices really change the next step of your trip, a metaphor for life’s choices. You know, these moments where you take a decision that will shape the rest of your life, and at that point in life you don’t even know it yet, I find it fabulous! Our life is full of butterfly effects when you look backwards at it. In a game you have the chance to make it, again and again, it’s a second chance, it’s magic.

Road sign

Was It Difficult to Write Such an Open Pathed Game?
The system we developed with the team was very complex and the fact that we never know when and where a sequence will happen is scary.  Our prototypes helped us understand any constraints it would have on the narration, But after rewriting and playtesting it intensively we embraced this framework, the impossibility to talk about time of day, about how close is the border, and all those variables: Have you met Fanny already? Was that in that ride? Does she know your character already? In the end it was a delight to master the system, to make those thousands of dialogs and situations work in any and every case.

What Was the Biggest Challenge?
It was mastering the unknown. When you have “hundreds of bricks of script” that can be combined in any order, the mathematic result of combination is so big that we have to accept there could be some weird transitions. But we did our best to limit those occurrences,  and from the players‘ reactions, it seems we did a good job.

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If You Had One Message to the Audience, What would It Be?
No one’s road is the same in this adventure, hit the road to discover your own path, it will be fun, it will be sad, it will be scary, it may make you think about problems you never thought of before, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing it and be proud of your ending.


Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, Yoan. Road 96 is now available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Road 96

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Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom.
An ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. Made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold.
Moments of action, exploration, contemplative melancholy, human encounters and wacky situations. Set against a backdrop of authoritarian rule and oppression.
A stunning visual style, a soundtrack filled with 90s hits, and a thousand routes through the game combine so each player can create their own unique stories on Road 96.


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SteamWorld Universe and Curious Expedition 2 Merge with Robots of Lux DLC



Video For SteamWorld Universe and Curious Expedition 2 Merge with Robots of Lux DLC

The passion that SteamWorld fans have for the many fantastic titles our talented team at Image & Form have released over the years, along with the excitement for upcoming games like SteamWorld Headhunter, has always been clear to me and everyone else at Thunderful. That’s why it’s so cool to get the opportunity to talk to you about how the SteamWorld universe is coming to Curious Expedition 2 in the new Robots of Lux DLC. It’s also a wonderful chance to introduce many of you to our popular and ever-growing narrative roguelike Curious Expedition 2!

The story here starts with the troublesome experiments of Lux Lab’s Edibot who has accidentally torn a hole in the universe. Fortunately for us, that results in sucking in some characters from SteamWorld and bringing them to the Jules Verne-inspired world of Curious Expedition 2. These new explorers bring oil, smoke and steel to a mysterious world waiting for you to uncover its spectacular sites and secrets. If you love SteamWorld Heist as much as me, then you’ll be equally delighted to hear that this includes the addition of Captain Piper Faraday, as a playable explorer, along with the Naturalist, a brand new character with some very fun abilities.

The naturalist character brings a fun new power to the table, allowing you to tame the unusual and dangerous wildlife (and yes, that includes a giant crab) that you encounter while exploring using Edibot’s new Luxballs, offering you the potential to fundamentally change your approach to each adventure. 

And that’s not all! Along with these two new explorers, Robots of Lux adds three new recruitable humanoids: two more SteamWorld favourites in the form of Billy Gill & Valentine Butterbolt and a white hairy giant, the Yeti. There’s also a new recruitable and mountable Robot Chameleon, a new Paris location, new equipment and new items. This makes the DLC both a real treat for fans of the SteamWorld universe and yet another substantial addition to Curious Expedition 2’s fascinating world, roster of characters and expanding systems.

new characters

In fact, here’s a full list of everything included in Robots of Lux for you:

  • Two new expedition leaders: Piper Faraday from SteamWorld Heist, and the Naturalist, who is able to tame almost any creature in the game using Edibot’s new Luxballs, including the Giant Crab!
  • Three recruitable humanoids: Valentine Butterbolt & Billy Gill (from SteamWorld Heist), and the Yeti.
  • The Robot Chameleon, a recruitable (and mountable) animal.
  • A new Paris location: In the Old Theatre, you can freeze a character for later use. Also, shop for robotic team members and equipment.
  • Three pieces of equipment: Plasma Spider, Shield Belt, PR3-S5.
  • Two pieces of animal equipment: Buzz Saw and Tesla Coil.
  • Seven new items: Coffee, Coffee Beans, Artificial Meal, Battery, EdiBot Map, Prototype Remote Control, Field Kitchen.

I can’t wait for SteamWorld and Curious Expedition 2 fans alike to experience this new content for themselves. And if this is your first exposure to Curious Expedition 2, let me assure you that there’s a world of possibility ahead of you! Discover treasure, choose whether you seek out the legendary Golden Pyramid, or recover the legendary Rainbow Orchid, meet new cultures and encounter all manner of fauna and flora in a world of surprises that delivers new adventures every time you play. Happy adventuring!


Curious Expedition 2 – Robots of Lux

Thunderful Publishing AB




Two worlds collide in Curious Expedition 2: Robots of Lux DLC!

The exploration roguelike of Curious Expedition and the robotic pirates from SteamWorld Heist come together for the best collaboration of the industrial age.

Pushing the boundaries of engineering and science, the ever-inventive nature of Lux Lab’s Edibot has torn a hole into the SteamWorld Universe and sucked in some fitting explorers along for the ride. Take control of everyones favourite steam-powered Pirates, Captain Piper Faraday and her mechanical motley crew.

Not to forget the living, take the new Naturalist expedition leader out on your next voyage. The Naturalist has the power of taming the wildlife and this new ability will change the way to approach each adventure and really gives your encounters a wild twist you never knew you wanted.

This collaboration DLC also features brand new recruitable characters, a new Paris location, new equipment and new items. Once the DLC is activated it will expand possibilities across the entire game, both in Campaign Mode and Director Mode.


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