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10 eCommerce Conversion Rate Hacks to Boost Your Sales in 2022



10 eCommerce Conversion Rate Hacks to Boost Your Sales in 2022

eCommerce conversion rates are adequate indicators of your online marketing strategy’s success. It simply represents a key to generating more revenues.

However, if you’re spending too much time and money to drive traffic to your website, but no one is actually buying anything, your efforts are in vain.

This means that many eCommerce companies overlook simple strategies that could skyrocket their conversions.

Thus, we will help you how to optimize your website and double your conversions. Here are the top 10 eCommerce conversion rate hacks to boost your sales in 2022!

What Is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the number of website visitors that purchased your product or used your service.

The conversion rate is calculated from the total number of website visitors. The higher the conversion rate you have, the better return on investments.


For an eCommerce business, conversion rate optimization is very important. The reason behind this is that it allows you to reduce your customer acquisition costs by leveraging the existing customer base.

Now, let’s check those magic tricks that will increase e-commerce conversions and boost your sales!

1. Optimizing your Website Page

Your website homepage is the first thing a potential user will see when visiting your website.

Therefore, that first impression of your brand will depend on your eCommerce homepage optimization. Naturally, it will impact the conversion rates as well.

There are several methods you can use to make your homepage convert more leads:

  • Engaging and noticeable call-to-action button
  • A sneak peek into the main features of your product
  • Content to show the viability of your product
  • Interactive homepage
  • Social proof such as customer testimonials and reviews

This doesn’t mean that you need to stuff your homepage with everything to boost conversions. Remember, the goal is to look neat yet provide necessary info creatively, not to appear cluttered.

Focus on your target customers’ needs and determine what information they may need during the awareness stage of the sales process.

2. Integrating Different Payment Options

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Probably the simplest way to increase conversion rate is to add multiple payment methods on your website.

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Each user like different payment methods and trusts it is the safest way of purchasing. If you offer one method only, there is a higher chance that the potential customer will give up and move on to your competitor’s website.

Therefore, implementing multiple payment methods will turn your visitors into buyers and make their purchases much easier.

Let’s check the benefits of integrating different payment options:

  • It will make your website visitors feel more secure
  • Your company will look more trustworthy and legitimate
  • It will increase both the retention and conversion rates

3. Provide Social Proof

Another easy yet very effective hack for automating your eCommerce is social proof. Believe it or not, customer’s product reviews, testimonials, and ratings can improve your conversion rates by 270%!

Product/service ratings and authentic customer reviews can significantly boost your sales! By having social proof, your potential customers can feel confident that they are making the right decision.

They can see the images of your product from other customers, pros and cons, and star ratings. This is very legitimate, very convincing, and very effective saleswise.

4. Referral Software Tools

Another great way of automating your eCommerce business is by having referral software tools.


Believe it or not, it is the most effective “tool” than any type of advertising. Business can never replicate a living word from a satisfied customer. But, a company can promote and encourage the act by implementing referral program software.

Choosing the right referral program and referral software for your business may require some research and money. But the rewards pay off since they will significantly increase your traffic and conversions.

In addition, your business will gain exposure to a broader audience and encourage returning customers, improving your brand’s reputation.

5. Implement Flash Sales

Running a flash sale and advertising it on your website and your email list is another great way to increase conversion rates.

Emails can be very powerful during the holiday season and events like Black Friday. Because who doesn’t like special discounts on your favorite product? You can increase the retention rate by informing your subscribers about flash sales and deals.

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By implementing an email newsletter, you will be able to manage your contacts, send group emails, and create automated workflows.

6. Optimize Page Speed

By accidentally or on purpose, visitors will come across your online business page. And if they see that your website takes too long to load, they will probably leave in seconds.

Naturally, you will have lower conversion rates and lose potential leads.

Make sure that your website loads in under 3 seconds. The less time your website needs, the longer your visitors will stay on your site.  


Long story short: If your online site loads too slowly, you lose conversions.

Your website speed is one of the most important marketing KPIs. Because if your web page is slow, it’s going to hurt not only your user experience but also weigh you down in Google’s ranking algorithm.

7. Creating an eCommerce FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are the types of surveys you might find cringeworthy or not the most attractive content on a webpage.

Yet, most of the time, customers that read your FAQ are seriously considering making a purchase. This is why every e-commerce business should have a high-performing FAQ page.

A FAQ page gives you the opportunity to persuade your audience to buy your product or use your service, increasing your conversion rate and, as a result, increasing sales. Consider the question as if it were being asked to you in an actual store.

Be pleasant, professional, and confident; after all, the purpose of your FAQ page is to increase your sales.

8. Video Marketing Strategy|

A great video marketing strategy will boost your sales without a doubt.


Even though it can be highly expensive to have it, it is a great eCommerce investment and will pay off when your conversion rates improve.

However, you can make a good video without costing you an arm and a leg, thanks to technology and smartphones. With creative content and basic skills in video-editing software, your video marketing strategy will do miracles.

This implies high-quality videos that will showcase your product/service in the best light possible.

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A video marketing strategy will also rank your ecommerce website higher and draw the attention of search engine algorithms to improve your overall ranking.

9. Improve Your Product Descriptions

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Visual things matter, but so does copy. The more detailed product descriptions you provide, the better.

As the part of KPIs essentials, higher conversion rates will increase. Due to the accurate and credible appearance you leave, you will increase upsell opportunities.


Visitors want to know exactly what you are offering! They need to know whether or not your service or product fits their requirements before they feel comfortable buying it.

Therefore, include all the basic details.

For example, the product’s size, weight, material, and color or the basic details about the exact services you provide.

Besides, you can also tell your customers about the story behind the product/service and how it will facilitate customers’ lives. Show them a “before” and “after” picture so they can visualize themselves with your product.

10. Exit-intent Popups to Convert Abandoned Visitors

There is a high chance that the majority of your visitors will leave your website and never return.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer them a deal right before they leave?

This is where the exit-intent popup comes to the rescue. You can offer incredible discounts or free shipping to visitors who want to leave your website without buying anything.

Adding exit-intent popups to your checkout page can help reduce cart abandonment.


For example, suppose a potential customer already has items in the cart and is about to leave the website without checking out. In that case, a popup window will appear, reminding them about the items.

Besides abandoned visitors, did you know that up to 40% of your web traffic is either bots or invalid users? Cybersecurity for marketers is extremely important; therefore, it’s essential to secure your data and analytics correctly.

Don’ let fake bots spam your website and ruin your surveys. Protect your eCommerce page and convert those abandoned visitors into costumes!

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Google, NBCUniversal duking it out to be Netflix adtech provider



Netflix is playing catch-up in the AVOD game

Ads are coming to Netflix, and Google and NBCUniversal are fighting for the lucrative right to provide them.

Why it’s happening. Until recently Netflix’s position as the dominant streaming service allowed it grow revenue without advertising. A subscription price increase earlier this year led to a loss of about 200,000 subscribers. The first loss in more than a decade. Despite this, Netflix says its user base continues to grow. One explanation: Password sharing. That would explain why there are fewer subscribers but more viewers

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The company is now also facing serious challenges from other streaming providers. So, even though its revenue continues to grow, it is looking to bolster them with a lower-priced, ad-supported subscription option. Bringing in Google or NBCUniversal, could make this happen much faster, though it could still be a year or more before it becomes a reality. 

The case for NBCUniversal. It’s likely that a partnership with NBCUniversal would be exclusive. Their ad unit, FreeWheel, would provide the necessary technology to deliver the ads. The NBCUniversal sales team would help to sell the ads across Europe and the US. 

The case for Google. Google brings its own ad platform, which Netflix is currently a customer of. An agreement with Google could mean an exclusive arrangement, but it hasn’t been confirmed. 

Both competitors are currently working with other large brands. A potential deal with Netflix could mean sharing access to its tech partners and audiences. NBCUniversal is the exclusive reseller of ads for Apple News and Apple Stocks since 2017 and has recently expanded into the UK. Google had been providing ad service to the Walt Disney Co. (a previous FreeWheel customer and current Netflix competitor) since 2018.

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What Netflix is saying. Netflix hasn’t provided any details of its plans, how many ads will run, ad targeting, or reach. 

Read the announcement. You can read the article from the Wall Street Journal here.

Why we care. From outside, Netflix’s subscription price increase, the fourth since 2018, seems an odd choice. It was announced at the end of January when inflation was already a growing concern for consumers. Also, viewers were already complaining about decreasing quality in new content while old favorites were no longer available. People are cutting spending and may turn to one of the emerging high-quality, lower-cost competitors.

Those competitors are also either ad-free or offer an ad-free version at a low cost. So an ad-supported Netflix tier may not be all that appealing. It’s rash to second guess a company as successful as Netflix, but this doesn’t seem to be a well-thought-out plan.


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