RhythmOne launches a Partner Hub for publishers

RhythmOne last week announced the launch of a new set of self-serve tools for publishers to activate programmatic deals across connected TV (CTV), video and banner inventory. The tools are part of a new Partner Hub for publishers, launched to support the RhythmOne supply-side platform (SSP).

“RhythmOne is committed to the success of our partners,” said Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer at RhythmOne. “Our goals are to arm them with tools that maximize their revenue generation potential, and provide a campaign platform that offers robust reporting and transparency to drive quality global demand, all at a very competitive fee structure.”

RhythmOne says is also planning to support publisher self-serve campaign set-up and activation for programmatic preferred PMP deals. Publishers are expected to have access to preferred deals in subsequent updates to the RhythmOne Partner Hub in Q1 2020.

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