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Daily Search Forum Recap: August 2, 2022



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google Search Console disabled the validate fix feature as it upgrades some of its classifications over the next few days. Google’s John Mueller said it probably makes sense to update your internal links from HTTP to HTTPS when you do a site migration. Google is working on deduplicating multiple ad listings in Local Service Ads. Rumble may gain access to some parts of Google’s secret algorithm. Google’s John Mueller has a beautiful SEO rant that I think we should all take to heart.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Console Validate Fix For Coverage Report Not Working Right Now

    Yesterday afternoon Google temporarily disabled the ability to validate fixes for issues in the coverage report. This is related to some “minor updates” the Google Search Console is adding to those coverage reports over “the next few days.”
  • John Mueller Beautiful SEO Rant On Doing Versus Reading

    I know some of you may not like it and may think I am some sort of suck-up for covering this but there is so much truth and beauty to John Mueller’s recent SEO rant. He said, “maybe you should stop reading SEO blogs and instead do something useful for your site & its users?”
  • Legal Ruling May Allow Rumble To See Some Of Google’s Secret Ranking Algorithms

    Glenn Greenwald reported that a “federal district court in California on Friday denied Google’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the Silicon Valley giant is violating federal antitrust laws by preventing fair competition against its YouTube video platform.” This may result in Rumble being able to see parts of Google’s secret search ranking algorithm.

  • Google Continues To Work On Deduplicating Multiple Ad Listings After LSAs Example

    Joy Hawkins pointed out an example of Google Local Service Ads showing duplicate listings for the same law firm for the same query. Google has policies against that and asked if those policies are effective, to which Google’s Ad Liaison said yes, and they continue to work to improve with those efforts.
  • Google: Update Internal Links From HTTP To HTTPS But…

    If you are on an HTTP site and you decide to migrate the site to HTTPS, it is common practice to update all of your internal links from the HTTP URL format to the HTTPS URL format. Google’s John Mueller was asked about this on Reddit and he said “I’d always try to fix internal links, it just makes things cleaner, and is under your own control. I doubt it would have any visible effect though.”
  • Rare Google Dublin Rooftop Outdoors Lunch

    I don’t think I’ve seen any Googlers eating lunch on the rooftop of the Google Dublin office. I think that is what this is a photo of on Instagram. It was tagged as at Google Dublin and she wrote “Sun

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Google Testing Expandable Maps In Search & Tabs In Map Results



Google Maps Testing Overlay Box For Local Listing

Google is testing an expandable map feature in Google Search for when you see the map load in mobile search. This is instead of when you click on the map and it takes you into Google Maps, here Google is just expanding the map screen larger and adds a link to go to Google Maps. Also, Google is testing tabs in the business profile via in Google Maps.

This expandable map test was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath on Twitter, here is a GIF of it in action:

You can see that after it expands, there are buttons to Open in Maps and Driving Directions.

Also, Punit spotted tabs again in the Google Business Profile listing in Google Maps. We saw this back in June, here is his tweet on this:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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