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Taylor Kurtz On Google AMP & Apple Search & Video SEO



Taylor Kurtz On Google AMP & Apple Search & Video SEO


Taylor Kurtz (@realtaylorkurtz) is the Founder of Crush the Rankings and he stopped by my office to talk SEO. In part one, we spoke about his background in search, the gratitude he has in the industry and getting up early to work. In part two we speak about AMP, Apple Search and video SEO.

Google AMP:

AMP seems to be shifting away since Google’s new page experience update stopped requiring AMP for the top stories carousel. AMP years ago was all the crazy and all the buzz he said, which is not unusual for Google to put everything into something new and then several years later let it die out. Now that you can achieve the same performance without AMP, then why use AMP?

We spoke about the difference between the pre-announced Google algorithm updates versus the updates Google does not give you a lot of heads up on. The pre-announced updates are generally very light weight compared to the ones Google does not pre-announce.

Apple Search vs Google:

Apple Search was the next topic we spoke about and he thinks Apple Search and Spotlight might be able to compete marketshare wise with Google. Mobile Safari controls a huge share of the mobile browser share and now the default search engine on mobile Safari is Google, Google pays a lot for that – $15 billion per year and rising.

I brought up how I thought that back in 2004 Microsoft would be able to take over search market share from Google. I said that because back then, Microsoft owned the browser, the operating system and PC market. Google had none of that, they didn’t have Chrome, they didn’t have Android, they didn’t have an OS back then.

This is a topic we covered a few times, as some of you know, I am a big Apple fan boy.

Video SEO:

Then we rounded out our conversation talking about video and SEO and using videos for SEO. We briefly talked about how speed can be an issue with videos on pages but also, Google likes to rank videos in search from this story. He explained there is no definitive answer on how to implement videos on pages with SEO considerations. There can be issues with Google not indexing videos if you only load a video on click, so that video might not get indexed by Google in some of those cases.


We spoke about how Google is now able to parse out content in a video, we even saw a feature where Google showcases what answers are found in videos. But videos are super powerful for search and SEO, so focus a bit more on it.

You can learn more about Taylor Kurtz @realtaylorkurtz on social.

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