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LinkedIn Shares New Insights into Effective B2B Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]



When you think of the term ‘B2B marketing’, what color immediately comes to mind?

Was it gray? It was gray, right?

The very term lacks emotion – it feels boring, bland, sparking a PowerPoint feed of buzzword-riddled campaign examples sliding by inside your head. 

The truth is that B2B marketing, in general, is pretty boring. It’s more functional than B2C, more directly aligned with business use-case instructionals. It’s flat text, basic colors – B2B campaigns don’t tend to jump off the screen and grab your attention.

And maybe they don’t have to – but then again, do they have to be so… forgettable?

That’s the question LinkedIn poses in this new overview of B2B campaigns which it says break the mold and enhance brand connection as a result.

As LinkedIn explains:

B2B marketing is fundamentally emotional and fascinating. When we do it right, we shouldn’t be thinking, “Okay, that’s the messaging done. Now to graft on some humor and personality.” When it’s rooted in human stories – conflict, challenge, failure, opportunity, victory – B2B marketing can be brilliant.”


Illustrating this, LinkedIn has shared this new infographic ‘pocket guide’ of effective B2B campaign examples. You can read more of LinkedIn insights and notes on each campaign, and B2B marketing approaches in general, here

LinkedIn B2B marketing infographic

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How TikTok Creators Redefined Influence [Infographic]



How TikTok Creators Redefined Influence [Infographic]

Facilitating interaction and individual contribution to trends is a key element of TikTok’s success, and within that, organic, creative content has become a central focus, which has also changed the way that brands need to approach the platform.

Traditional, disruptive ads are just that on TikTok, a distraction, and users will quickly skim by as they look for something fresh and creative in-stream. As such, the brands that are seeing the most success are those that create messaging that aligns with platform trends, which makes partnering with creators a more valuable consideration.

That’s what this new overview from TikTok is all about. Illustrating the way that content is created and consumed on the platform, and what that means for brands, TikTok has outlined a range of options for marketers, and how they can team up with creative talent.

Some interesting stats, worth considering in your approach.  

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