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What is the Advantage of Dedicated Versus off the Shelf Software?



What is the Advantage of Dedicated Versus off the Shelf Software?

Digitalization and computerization have been developing very rapidly recently.

Many applications and online solutions facilitate not only everyday functioning, but more and more often they become a useful tool in professional work. Today, no company that wants to play a significant role in the market can do without appropriate applications or enterprise software. Dedicated software or maybe off the shelf software? Which of them will be the best?

Dedicated Software – What is it?


Dedicated software is a special application (web, mobile, desktop) created on request of a given company. Most often it is created from scratch according to the guidelines provided by the customer so that its functionality is best suited to the company’s profile.

Dedicated software is characterized by very good technological compatibility which can be observed in almost every aspect of its work.

What is off the Shelf Software? 

A boxed software is a ready-made solution which users can use freely if they pay an appropriate fee in advance. It is a ready-made version that is created according to a predefined scheme, which means that it will not be used in every case. Although custom software has many more advantages, it does not mean that using boxed solutions, in some situations will not be effective. This solution is useful first of all for all those who care about immediate software implementation (which often requires a bit more time in case of dedicated solutions). If the company, for financial reasons, cannot afford to invest in individually tailored software, in this case the enterprise should also use boxed solutions.

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Why is it Worth Reaching for Dedicated Software?

Every company functions a bit differently and, consequently, has different needs. That is why it will be beneficial to choose dedicated software, adjusted to individual needs of a company. However, it should be taken into account that although it is a profitable investment, initially it requires substantial costs.

Dedicated software has numerous advantages, among which the most important are:

  • possibility to adjust their functionality to individual needs and expectations;
  • Possibility of extension of the application whenever such a need arises;
  • paying only for used functionalities and modules;
  • Possibility of exercising effective control over particular software development processes;
  • possibility of synchronization with many systems used by clients.

Custom software gives you the confidence that it is unique and one of a kind, created solely on the basis of your needs and expectations.

Who Should Use the Possibilities Offered by Dedicated Software?


Dedicated software undoubtedly has many advantages which encourage to use it even though it involves slightly higher costs than in case of implementing boxed software in a company.

Dedicated software is an advantageous solution especially in case of medium and large companies which do not want to rest on their laurels and plan their further development. This type of software can be freely expanded in the future depending on the needs, which gives the possibility of its flexible adjustment to the current needs of the company. 

Dedicated software is created for quite a long time, so it is a solution for companies that do not need its immediate implementation. Although it takes some time to prepare the application, this time is not wasted as numerous consultations are carried out in order to adjust its functionality to the company’s needs. Additionally, numerous tests and attempts to implement the system in the company are conducted. All this is done in order for it to work reliably.

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6 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Applications



6 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us.

It is playing a vital role from Facebook News Feed to Google Search.

Despite the technology’s relative novelty, the general public as well as businesses have already witnessed numerous applications of AI and are, by now, convinced about AI’s ability to replicate human thought and assist in performing cognitive and creative tasks.

Artificial intelligence has quickly grown from being a distant hope to a casual part of the present reality. Computer programs capable of performing human-like cognitive and computational tasks without human intervention are rapidly growing in capability as well as ubiquity. Every new AI application that emerges expands the limits of what the technology can achieve, leaving us in awe and excitement for what the future holds. Following are a few mind-blowing applications of AI that will definitely make you reconsider the limits of what’s possible:

6 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Applications


1. Crime Prevention

Machine learning-enabled AI applications are being developed and used by law enforcement bodies in various countries to predict and prevent crimes. Japan is considering the use of AI and big data for predicting crime, which will enable the law enforcement authorities there to prevent criminal activities by proactively dispatching patrols to high-risk areas. Application of AI in predicting crime incidences is not a new concept and is already in different stages of development in countries like the US, UK, and China.

2. Personal Assistance

The most commonplace, and hence the most underrated application of AI are the Personal AI assistants. Personal AI assistants like Siri and Cortana can not only enable you to operate your phones using your voice but can interact with you like a human and can even engage in banter in some cases. The assistant programs use machine learning to continuously gain information on users through interaction and provide them with highly customized results and responses.

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3. Mind-Reading

Yes, you read that right – AI can be programmed to read people’s minds. Scientists have researched and developed AI programs that can scan your brain’s blood flow to trace mental activities and decipher the thoughts associated with the detected brain activity. The AI system can detect the picture produced in the subject’s mind while looking at a real image. While the system isn’t perfect yet, training it with more data and images will enable the AI mind-reader to decipher mental images with greater depth and accuracy.

4. Fashion Design

In addition to performing cognitive tasks, AI can also be trained to perform creative tasks. A new application of AI, that has opened up new avenues for the future, is in the field of fashion. Amazon has developed an AI fashion designer that can be trained to design clothes in any desired style. This AI fashion designer can be trained using images that represent a single style. Using these images as reference, the AI generates new designs that are consistent in style.


5. Heart Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can not only read people’s minds but also their hearts! New AI applications powered by machine learning algorithms and trained using historical data can predict heart attacks better than doctors. One of Google’s AI algorithms can predict the risk of heart attacks by simply scanning a patient’s eyes, with a considerably high success rate. More sophisticated versions of these algorithms can save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives by predicting heart attacks way before they occur.

6. AI Creation

The most mind-blowing, albeit a little unsettling, application of AI is building other AI programs. Google researchers experimented with this concept when they instructed an AI application to create another AI application that would recognize objects in a video. The resulting “child” AI that was created outperformed the man-made AI in the given task. This shows AI’s capacity to perform complex tasks and to learn and evolve without supervision, much like us humans.

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Applications of AI, although not fully developed to their potential, are highly prevalent in today’s world. AI is a part of our everyday life, making its applications difficult to ignore. As more progress is made in this field, AI applications will be able to perform increasingly mind-blowing feats.

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