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Google Announces A Search Bug in News Tab



Google SearchLiaison announced on Monday November 29, 2021 via Twitter that Google News was experiencing a bug and that the problem would not be fixed until Tuesday or sometime after December 1st.

The issue that Google identified allowed non-news content to bleed through the Google news search results.

Google’s Announcement of News Tab Search Bug

The tweet stated that a user would have to go through a somewhat convoluted series of steps in order to produce the bleed-through of non-news search results.

One would have to carry out a search in the Google News Search Tab, while doing it with quotation marks plus ordering the search results by date, that’s two extra steps than just plain old searching for news.

Searching by date actually requires two extra steps, which is to click the Tools button and then click the Sort By Date link. That’s something the average search user probably doesn’t know how to do.

Google SearchLiaison tweeted:

“We’ve identified a bug where searching with quotes while using the news tab and sorting by date would return content from across the web, not just news-related content. We’re releasing a fix for this tomorrow, so it should be resolved by Dec. 1 or a few days after.”

To test it out I did a search for “wordpress vulnerability” (with quotation marks) and then sorted the search results by date .


And it worked, Google failed to produce exclusively news results.

Google Search News Bug


Google to pay $85 million to settle claims it deceptively tracked users



Google to pay $85 million to settle claims it deceptively tracked users

Google will pay $85 million in a settlement with the State of Arizona to settle claims it deceptively captured people’s location data and used it to increase its advertising revenues

The settlement is one of the largest ever paid by the Mountain View tech giant in a consumer fraud lawsuit, the Arizona Attorney General’s office said in a statement.

The suit turned on Google allowing people to select the option to not have their locations tracked, but then following their activity in cyberspace in other ways, the suit said.

“While Google users are led to believe they can opt-out of location tracking, the company exploits other avenues to invade personal privacy,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement. “It’s nearly impossible to stop Google from tracking your movements without your knowledge or consent.”

“This case is based on outdated product policies that we changed years ago,” Google Spokesperson José Castañeda wrote in an emailed statement. “We provide straightforward controls and auto delete options for location data, and are always working to minimize the data we collect. We are pleased to have this matter resolved and will continue to focus our attention on providing useful products for our users.”

Advertising revenue is the financial engine behind Google’s search engine, generating $135 billion of the company’s $161 billion in 2019 revenue. Tracking location data or web activity can be a gold mine for digital advertising when targeting ads to consumers at just the right time and place, and to help build a profile of a person.

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