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Google Maps App Gains Deeper iOS Integration, Toll Prices & Traffic Lights/Stop Signs



Google Maps App Gains Deeper iOS Integration, Toll Prices & Traffic Lights/Stop Signs


Google Maps announced a bunch of updates for the iOS and Android app including the prices of tolls, displaying traffic lights and stop signs on the map and additional iOS integrations. These are also rolling out on Android Auto and CarPlay.

Deeper iOS Integration

Google is rolling all these features out on iOS and some on CarPlay, but the deeper iOS integration includes new home widgets, Apple Watch and Siri features. These include the ability to:

Access Google Maps from your home screen with new widgets:

Use navigation from your Apple Watch with a new complication to take you home:

Search and get directions with Siri and Spotlight and say Hey Siri, get directions:

Google Maps will soon show traffic lights and stop signs along your route, as well as other enhanced details. This is coming to Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay.

Google Maps can show toll prices in some locations as well:

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Google Does Not Rotate Its Search Index



Here is a bizarre question that was asked on the Google office hours video asking if Google rotates its index. The question kind of makes sense, because the SEO who asked said on one day they see their page indexed, the next it is gone, then it comes back – is there an index rotation?

The answer is no, Google does not rotate its index.

Here was the question “Is it true that Google rotates indexed pages? Because the site I’m working on is rotating on indexed pages. Like for example, page A is indexed on Monday through Thursday, but not indexed Friday through Sunday.”

Lizzi from Google said “Okay. So the answer is real quick. No, this is not true. We are not rotating the index based off of days of the week.”

They don’t rotate the index based off of anything, even day of week actually.

This was asked at the 9:56 mark:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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