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What Google Considers Quality Issues: Things Users Consider Problematic



Google May Update The Webmaster Guidelines In 2022

Google’s John Mueller explained what he would consider being a search quality issue, causing ranking issues specific to Google considering the site not “quality.” John said on Twitter “to me, quality issues are things that users would consider to be problematic.”

He added that technical issues that users do not see likely would not be considered a quality issue by Google. John said, “bad rel-canonical leading to an alternate URL being indexed something users would notice? Probably not.”

John also said it is common to see both quality and technical issues on the same site but that does not mean the two are the same. John wrote, “both technical issues & quality issues are extremely wide fields, there’s always some overlap (eg, is speed a quality or a technical issue?).” “If a site has glaring issues in one of the two, then tweaking the other side won’t make a big impression,” he added.

Here are the tweets related to this, so you can see it in context:

And somewhat related but in a different thread, John wrote “Just because a website is technically valid doesn’t mean it’s a useful & relevant search result for users.”

So technical issues and quality issues are different, according to John Mueller of Google.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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Google Local SAB Search Ranking Bug Fix Rolling Out



Google Local SAB Search Ranking Bug Fix Rolling Out

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a possible Google local search ranking update that turned out to not be an update but rather a bug. Well, that bug seems to be fixed or being fixed now and rankings are beginning to return for these local service area businesses.

The bug seemed to start being fixed on Friday, September 23rd, in the afternoon.

Local SEO, Jason Brown wrote in the Local Search Forum “Good news, one of my clients got their rankings back. They are back in the map pack, but not in the same number one spot as before.” He also said later “My other client is back ranking again too. Looks like the fix is being rolled out now.”

He shared this chart showing how all the rankings returned:

click for full size

Joy Hawkins also posted about it on Twitter:

So hopefully this is now fully resolved – at least this specific bug? It may have been related to the Kansas Google local bug.

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums.


Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline for Rosh Hashanah.


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