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What YouTube Video To Make Next



What YouTube Video To Make Next

Can’t decide what YouTube video to make next? The company shares tips on using data to figure out what your audience wants to see.

A new video published to YouTube’s Creator Insider channel explains how to gather insights to find inspiration and opportunities for new content.

The video covers three ways to decide what YouTube video to make next:

  • Market Research: How to understand viewer needs and find content gaps.
  • Tools & Data: Which sources you can use to find information about people, viewers, and their interests.
  • Making Decisions: How you apply and interpret the information you’ve gathered to make a decision about your next video.

Here are the key takeaways from YouTube’s new videos.

3 Steps To Deciding What YouTube Video To Make Next

1. Understand Demand

First, you have to estimate the potential audience size for the content you want to create.

Is there a desire for the type of video you want to create next?

Answering that question can help you set realistic expectations about how your content is going to perform.

Consider whether it’s an established interest for the next video you want to make, or if it will be on an original topic without a proven audience.


It may take more time to see success with videos on original topics as you have to generate interest in something new.

To understand demand for the YouTube video you want to create next, there’s different tools you can use:

The goal of using each of the recommended tools is to find out how many people might be interested in a video before you go through the effort of creating it.

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It may also help to search for similar videos on YouTube and check out their view count.

Once you understand the potential audience size for your next video you can better estimate the level of opportunity.

2. Understand Your Audience

Next, you need to gain an understanding of what your viewers enjoy most and what they want to see more of.

Build an idea of an audience profile in your mind so you can tailor your content for specific types of viewers and what they love to watch.

The best place to start gathering this information is the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics.


There you can see what videos and channels your audience is watching, and what demographics your viewers belong to.

This insight can help you make sure you’re catering to what they want to see.

3. Understand Your Competition

After figuring out the demand for your next video idea, and gaining a better understanding of your audience, the next step involves researching the competition.

Check out what other videos are out there in your niche, and where there are gaps or opportunities.

There’s no way around it, this step requires watching a lot of YouTube.

In particular, you’ll need to watch content that’s related to the videos you want to create, or things you think your viewers are interested in already.

What you want to ask yourself while you’re doing this is: “How can I make something better or different that what already exists?”

That should help provide the insight and inspiration you need to decide what YouTube video to make next.


See YouTube’s full video below:

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Featured Image: Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock

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Surfer SEO Unveils New Semrush Integration



Surfer SEO Unveils New Semrush Integration

Surfer SEO has a new growth management tool that includes backlink data provided by industry leader, Semrush.

Here’s what the integration means for users.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a machine learning tool used by SEOs to conduct keyword research, create content strategies, and generate AI outlines.

Companies such as Square, ClickUp, and Shopify use the tool, in addition to over 15,000 other brands and agencies.


Semrush is an enterprise SEO tool marketers use to audit websites, conduct competitor analysis and develop content strategies.

IBM, TESLA, and Amazon are just a few companies using it, in addition to more than 10 million marketing professionals.

Starting today, Surfer SEO will use Semrush’s backlink data to expand Grow Flow task recommendations.


Grow Flow

Grow Flow is like your friendly SEO AI assistant.

Described on the Surfer website as an “AI growth management platform,” the tool provides a few SEO tasks each week to help you stay on track — and not get lost in the overwhelming amount of information that comes with learning SEO.

For example, it may recommend adding keywords (GSC) that a website is ranking for but not explicitly speaking to in an article.

Screenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

Or, the tool may recommend where to add internal links.

internal links_growflow_surfer seoScreenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

It can also recommend new content topics that users can open in a content editor at the push of a button.

new content topics_content editor_growflowScreenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

The integration with Semrush comes into play in the Grow Flow recommendations.

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Once you connect Surfer to the freemium Semrush account, you unlock new tasks.

connect semrush to surfer_growflowScreenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

Voila – a list of referring domains every week pulled from your competitors!

Backlink research automated_Growflow_Surfer SEOScreenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

Manually researching a competitor’s backlinks is a considerable drain on internal resources. Thanks to this integration, you’ll discover new opportunities automatically.

An Industry First

Until now, Semrush has not integrated with an SEO company.

Historically, Semrush has only integrated with Google Products like Search Console and Analytics, and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s also worked with task management tools like Trello and – but never a direct SEO competitor.

Semrush’s “SEO writing assistant” feature is a direct competitor to Surfer’s “SEO Content Editor”: one of its most popular features.


So, why partner and offer this fantastic AI assistant to search marketers – for free?

I asked Tomasz Niezgoda, Surfer SEO’s Marketing Executive and Partner, how this partnership came to be.

“Pretty straightforward,” he said. “Semrush reached out to us with a proposition to integrate Surfer inside their marketplace [and] after some time, we decided to give it a shot and started working on this integration.”

From the beginning, Semrush felt like this would be a successful integration because it was applying its backlink data in a customer-oriented way.

“For Semrush, it’s a very meaningful integration. It allows Surfer SEO users to gain valuable link building insights and knowledge, which is crucial for ranking their content,” said Eugene Levin, President, Semrush.

What This Means

Two major SEO competitors are working together to create a free tool for small business owners and entry-level marketers to develop weekly best practices.

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Matt Diggity, CEO and Founder at Diggity Marketing, calls the tool “Simple. Efficient. Automated.”

“You get the list every week and gain immediate insights [into] which referrals your competition is getting. Then, you can start working on your own link-building strategy straight away.”


The two giants hint that combining Semrush’s backlink data with the machine learning power of Surfer is only the beginning.

“We like each other,” said Niezgoda. “Maybe it’s just the first integration that’s coming.”

Featured Image: Screenshot from Grow Flow, June 2022

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