Here Are All The Best Social Media Reactions to the Eighth Democratic Debate

ELIZABETH WARREN, JOE BIDEN, BERNIE SANDERSLast night, leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination debated at Manchester, New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm college. And while the pool of candidates who qualify has generally narrowed from debate to debate—remember last summer’s two-night, 20-debater extravaganzas—the stage was a little more crowded than it was in January, with Andrew Yang, who failed to qualify for the Iowa debate, making the stage this time around. He was joined by Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar, former Vice President Joe Biden, former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, and billionaire businessman Tom Steyer.

And while a winner of the Iowa debacle still hasn’t been declared, Sanders and Buttigieg wound up on the top of the heap, which meant they had targets on their backs on the debate stage. Klobuchar, who came fifth in Iowa, took some of the most direct shots at her competitors.

“We have a newcomer in the White House and look where it got us,” she said in a not-so-subtle reference to Buttigieg.

And rather than trying to spin his fourth-place Iowa finish, Biden was frank about both the loss and his dim-seeming prospects in New Hampshire. “I took a hit in Iowa, and I will probably take a hit here,” said the former Vice President.

Here are some of the best reactions of the night.

Gabrielle Bruney is a writer and editor for Esquire, where she focuses on politics and culture.

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