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TikTok Will Launch the First Stage of its LIVE Subscriptions Program This Week



TikTok Will Launch the First Stage of its LIVE Subscriptions Program This Week

TikTok continues to explore more creator monetization pathways with the addition of LIVE subscriptions, which is being launched with selected creators later this week.

As per the above video overview, TikTok’s LIVE subscription offering will enable live-streamers in the app to generate recurring revenue from their efforts, by sharing exclusive streams with their paying audience.

As explained by TikTok:

LIVE Subscription is an extension of our efforts to build diversified creator monetization opportunities that suit a range of creator needs. LIVE Subscription gives creators the opportunity to increase their earnings while continuing to grow their community and also provides engaged communities an opportunity to thank their favorite creators on a regular basis.”

Subscribers that pay a monthly fee will get access to a range of exclusive features, including:

  • Subscriber Badges: Subscribers receive badges that are displayed next to their name on their profile and upgraded over time.
  • Custom Emotes: Subscribers get access to exclusive emotes custom-designed by the creators to use during LIVE sessions to bring the community together and make your sessions more spirited.
  • Subscriber-Only Chat: When the subscriber-only chat is turned on, creators and their subscribers have exclusive access to one another, enhancing an even more personal connection between creator and viewer.

So, basically, if you’re familiar with the live subscription options on other channels, like YouTube’s Super Chat or Facebook’s Stars program, then you’ll know what to expect here – more specific, custom tools to help enhance connection between creators and their paying audience, via unique, purchasable live additions that will highlight comments and interactions in the stream.

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Which has already proven lucrative in various markets.

Twitch is probably the best example in western regions, with around 27k Twitch streamers now making an income from their streams in the app. Originally, Twitch’s streams were all gaming focused, but over time, it’s diversified its topic mix, and become a more central cultural hub for many topics, trends and interests.


It’s in Asian nations, however, where live-stream subscriptions have really taken off.

In China, live-streaming is now a $30 billion industry, and has become so influential that Chinese regulators are now seeking to implement caps on how much viewers can donate to a streamer at a time. Authorities are concerned about the rising popularity of streaming as a career option, as well as the use of the form for sexualized content, and by implementing donation limits, they’re hoping to exert a level of control over the mediums rapid growth.

Western nations, too, are seeing steady growth in streaming interest, with some live broadcasters on TikTok now earning big money through shopping streams.

TikTok, of course, is still looking to establish more revenue pathways for creators, in order to keep them aligned to the app, and with much more lucrative options available on YouTube or Instagram, TikTok needs to add in more monetization pathways to strengthen its position on this front.

LIVE subscriptions are another key step in this direction, and while it will only be available via invite-only in its initial stages, TikTok says that it plans to make it available to all users ‘over the coming months’.

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To access the LIVE Subscription feature, creators must be 18 years of age and have a minimum of 1,000 followers. Users must be over 18 to purchase a subscription and to send or receive Coins and Gifts. All users must follow our Community Guidelines and not solicit gifts or offer incentives for gifting.”

It could be a significant step, and with effective monetization now really the only potential obstacle that could slow TikTok’s growth trajectory, it’s a necessary addition in the broader scheme.

Also interesting – some creators will apparently enable viewers to control their cameras through their subscription offering.


There are obviously some additional technical requirements to make this work, but it could add another angle to TikTok’s LIVE subscription offerings.

You can read more about TikTok’s LIVE subscriber options here.

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Twitter Tests New Bitmoji Integration to Display Your Digital Character as Your Twitter Profile Image



Twitter Tests New Bitmoji Integration to Display Your Digital Character as Your Twitter Profile Image

This is interesting – Twitter is experimenting with a new integration that would enable users to display their Bitmoji character as their Twitter profile image, providing another way to use your digital avatar as a representation of yourself.

As you can see in this image, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter’s testing out a new Bitmoji integration within the profile image upload flow, with an ‘Add Bitmoji’ button to connect your Bitmoji account.

Which, of course, would also link your Twitter profile to Snapchat, which owns Bitmoji. Essentially, this integration would provide a direct link between your Snapchat profile, where you create your Bitmoji character, and Twitter, which may be the first time that the two platforms have partnered on a direct integration of this type.

That’s interesting in terms of competition, given the two platforms operate in a competitive space. But at the same time, Twitter doesn’t have its own native avatar creation tools, as yet, and the integration with Bitmoji likely suggests that it’s not looking to add such, instead leaning on Snap’s character creation tools to enable another means of expression with your Twitter presence.

Snapchat’s been looking to make its Bitmoji characters a bigger part of the in-app experience, even launching a range of branded Bitmoji clothing options to provide more ways for users to express their identity in the app.

Bitmoji fashion example

The expanded view is that users will come to rely on these digital caricatures as another means of expression. And as we move towards the metaverse future, where we’ll all be interacting via digital puppets, maybe that will then endear users enough to their Bitmoji characters to adopt them as their primary digital avatars to be used across these new, immersive spaces.

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Which is why expanding them to Twitter as well makes a lot of sense, in enhancing that connection and affiliation with the depiction.

We asked Twitter about the experiment, and it provided us with this statement:


We are always exploring new ways for people to express themselves on the platform. We don’t have further details to share at this time.”

So nothing to go on yet, but it is an area that Twitter’s exploring – and in a world where Twitter users are increasingly using random images of monkeys, goblins, and other cartoon characters as their profile images in the app, a Bitmoji integration seems to make a lot of sense.

It could be another stepping stone to the metaverse, and a future where we interact in totally new ways.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress.

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