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TikTok’s BeReal Clone App ‘TikTok Now’ is Now Available in Markets Outside the US



TikTok’s BeReal Clone App ‘TikTok Now’ is Now Available in Markets Outside the US

TikTok’s separate BeReal clone app is now available in regions outside the US, with people able to download ‘TikTok Now’ and get daily prompts to post a ‘Now’ clip, showing what they’re up to at a random time.

As per the Google Play store description of the app:

TikTok Now is the new social platform from TikTok. Share your most authentic moments with the people who matter the most. TikTok Now lets you post a daily video or photo at the exact same time as your friends. You’ll receive a random daily notification at the same time as your friends, giving you a 3-minute window to take a 10-second video or real-time photo using both the front and back cameras.

Which, of course, is exactly like BeReal, with TikTok blatantly copying the BeReal model as it seeks to tap into the rising trend.

Social media expert Matt Navarra shared some additional visuals of the TikTok Now app:

TikTok Now

In the US, TikTok Now has been launched as a feature within the main TikTok app – which is an interesting approach, trying out variable approaches in different markets to measure interest in the option.

TikTok Now

I mean, really, it would seemingly be of most benefit to TikTok to keep the functionality in the app, as that would then get more people using TikTok more often, where it can monetize them via ads, and help boost its market presence.

The separate TikTok Now app seems like an odd tactic in this respect – but then again, the cross-promotional value may help TikTok boost its presence, and connect more users through to its main platform, which will help to expand its overall presence.

Worth noting, too, that the vast majority of BeReal users are in the US, so launching a separate app in markets where BeReal itself has not yet gained a foothold could be a dilution tactic by TikTok, giving it ‘first mover’ advantage, despite replicating the app.


Either way, it’s not great news for BeReal, which has seen meteoric growth throughout the year.

Barely reaching 10,000 users a year ago, BeReal is now up to 10 million daily actives, while the app has reportedly been downloaded over 43 million times.

BeReal’s growth has actually surpassed the momentum trajectory of Clubhouse, which was the hype leader in social media circles last year.

BeReal growth chart

Which is an interesting comparison, not just in terms of raw numbers, but in terms of likely outcome, with Clubhouse eventually losing audience as its core features were replicated by other apps, and struggling to establish a workable monetization structure.

BeReal looks set to follow a similar path, with the platform now looking to potentially build in add-on subscription elements to avoid ads, in order to convert its popularity into an actual business. The challenge for BeReal in this respect is that it doesn’t command a lot of audience attention, in regards to time spent, so its only true, viable pathway to monetization would be via push notification ads, using the trust that it’s built with its daily updates for promotions as well, or sponsored placement in its prompts.

I suspect neither of those options would be popular with users, and eventually, as the hype dies out, BeReal will likely end up being a fad app – which is why bigger apps replicating its core features actually makes sense.  

Even if you don’t like it. Sure, it seems a little cheap and nasty to steal ideas from other apps, but as all the platforms would note, all the key functionalities in social platforms have been replicated over time, as each significant new shift marks a new UI benchmark that alters user expectations.

The news feed, reactions, Stories – everything that catches on becomes a habitual usage trend, which eventually makes sense as an addition to other platforms as well. It’s the great, social media circle of life, and within that, it’s difficult for smaller apps to gain traction, and take on the incumbents, who can easily replicate their key features and re-distribute them to their massive user bases.

I’m not sure that BeReal is going to make it through that gauntlet, with TikTok Now likely set to become a big challenger in markets outside the US.


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TikTok Announces a Huge Increase to its Video Descriptions as it Leans into Discovery



TikTok Announces a Huge Increase to its Video Descriptions as it Leans into Discovery

TikTok’s giving users more room to explain their content, and connect with interested users, with a massive expansion of its video description field.

As you can see in this notification, posted by social media expert Matt Navarra, TikTok has expanded the post description field from 300 characters to 2,200 – a 730% increase in the space available to outline your clip.

As explained by TikTok:

“This allows you to express more details about your creations, describing what your videos show, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your audience, generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers.”

The ‘searchable’ element is the key focus in this respect.


As we reported recently, TikTok is fast becoming a key search platform for younger audiences, with Google’s VP Prabhakar Raghavan recently noting that:

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

That presents significant opportunity for TikTok, using its highly attuned, personalized, algorithmic approach to refine and showcase relevant search matches, which will increasingly relate to each users’ interests.

That’s how search already functions in the Chinese version of the app, Douyin, with many users now turning to the app for more customized discovery.

As explained by Connie Chan of Andreesen Horowitz:   

“On Douyin, which has been monetizing short-form video search for years, videos are often tagged with the names of stores and other locations, and tapping on these links takes users to in-app pages where they can take advantage of large discount coupons or special bookings.

Chan explains that by using its algorithmic advantages in understanding user behaviors, Douyin is able to highlight more relevant search matches to each user, which improves the discovery process, while also enabling people to take advantage of discounts and other offers in the app.

“Thanks to the algorithms and user behavior on Douyin, the app can push new places to a user that he or she would never have thought to search for. Short video effectively enables the continuous discovery of the best places around you, and it gets better with every swipe as the platform better understands you and your interests.


TikTok’s now looking to tap into the same.

Last month, TikTok launched a new ‘Nearby’ content feed in testing, which displays content posted by users in your current location.

TikTok 'Nearby' feed

As it’s rolled out more broadly, that’ll enable TikTok to showcase locally relevant updates, based on the content that you engage with in your main ‘For You’ feed – which means that TikTok will be able to highlight more posts from local business, events and locations, that relate to your interests.

The added room for your descriptions will enhance this, with more opportunities for keyword matching, in order to showcase more relevant, local content, which could be a big help in highlighting relevant businesses to interested users. And if it follows the lead of Douyin, that could enable brands to offer discounts and connection options direct in-app, utilizing TikTok’s massive presence to great effect.

And with projections that TikTok will reach 1.5 billion users before the year is outthat could be a huge consideration for businesses.

It’s not there just yet, but based on where Douyin has gone with search, you can see the likely roadmap, which could make TikTok an even more important platform for local brands, directly connecting intent and interest to their offerings.

‘More searchable and better recommended’. This is the key note of focus from TikTok’s announcement, and it’s these elements that could become much bigger points of note for brands moving forward.

These are just the first steps, and it may well be worth considering how building a TikTok presence now could help you capitalize on these trends as they become more significant elements in future.

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