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12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023



12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Looking for the best WordPress themes for online courses? With online learning becoming increasingly mainstream, more and more people are starting to build online courses to share with others. If you’re an expert in your field, an online course can even be a great way to bring in some extra money.

WordPress is a great platform for building an online education business because it’s versatile and easy to use. The only thing you’ll want to be mindful of is choosing a learning management system (LMS) theme to ensure you have the functionalities you need to run courses.

The thing to remember is that not all WordPress themes were created equal. You can choose an LMS WordPress theme or opt for a WordPress theme compatible with an LMS plugin. This way, you can build a fully functional educational website that allows for student-related features and managing courses.

In a rush?

Thanks to its multifunctionality and easy integration with the LMS plugin LearnDash, Astra is our go-to best WordPress theme for online courses.

1. Astra

A multi-purpose online course theme, Astra is one you might already be familiar with. They offer a variety of starter templates for online courses which means you can get started building your courses right away.

Their templates are fully customizable, so you can tweak whatever bits you need to make sure it matches your brand and appeals to your niche. Astra also offers customizable header options and multiple header layouts.

Plus, Astra has SEO-optimized code that will benefit your SERPs and help you reach more people. Pair that with WooCommerce integration for a conversion-friendly sales page, and selling courses couldn’t be easier.

In addition, Astra works with a range of LMS plugins such as LifterLMS or LearnDash to assist with all the course creation bits and things like course management or running multiple courses.

1680585010 303 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

2. Eduma

1680585011 526 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Touted as the most popular education theme on ThemeForest, Eduma has everything you need to launch the best online course. If you’re in a rush, the theme comes with over 20 full demos available to install with just one click.

In addition, the theme is compatible with all the key plugins you need for success. To turn your WordPress theme into an LMS solution, Eduma integrates with LearnPress. The premium version of this plugin comes with the purchase.

You can also enable BuddyPress and/or bbPress to build online communities around your courses, and if you’re looking to sell online courses and take payment, you can use WooCommerce.

1680585011 167 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Lastly, Eduma includes WPBakery page builder with the purchase and is also compatible with both Elementor and Site Origin.

Eduma is a great option for just about anyone looking to build their WordPress online education website. It’s SEO and mobile friendly, frequently updated, and supports multiple languages.

3. BuddyBoss

1680585011 275 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Built to work exclusively with the WordPress LMS plugin LearnDash, BuddyBoss has all the LMS features you could dream of.

It’s a purpose-built education theme for online courses but also brings in extra elements for students to benefit from. BuddyBoss allows for personalized member profiles, discussion forums, and opportunities for users to engage with your brand. It’s a great way to elevate the educational website experience into something more social.

Another stand-out with BuddyBoss is how easily you can monetize your page. There are lots of different options for payment, from selling online courses individually to offering access to multiple courses based on a monthly fee.

1680585011 493 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Finally, BuddyBoss makes it easy to convert your online course content into a mobile app for easy access and learning on the go.


1680585011 754 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

WPLMS (WordPress Learning Management System) is its own e-learning plugin/online learning theme combined.

It comes loaded with BuddyPress, an integrated paid membership pro plugin that handles all your membership functionality. Having a separate plugin for your memberships makes it easy to migrate your members with just a few clicks if you ever move to a different WordPress theme for online courses.

WPLMS also comes with complete WooCommerce compatibility, so you can easily monetize your page by offering paid courses or recurring subscriptions.

1680585011 205 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

That said, where WPLMS really shines is when you are looking to run multiple courses online. It’s a fantastic theme if all you’re looking for is an easy way to launch a simple online course, but as a multipurpose e-learning theme, it’s perfect for large-scale projects.

5. Educavo

1680585011 415 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

As far as e-learning themes go, Educavo offers a lot of versatility simply because it works with multiple different LMS plugins. You’ll find pre-built templates that work with LearnDash, Tutor LMS, LearnPress, and other top WordPress plugins.

Though the theme is designed to be easily customizable with no coding skills required, those with a little bit of know-how will be pleased to find it is well-documented and clean-coded, making it easy to make changes from the back end if that’s your preference.

1680585012 954 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

In addition, Educavo works particularly well for those looking to launch a language school or courses in multiple languages. Educavo has full support for multilingual plugins and RTL languages.

6. Academia

1680585012 144 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

With multiple header layouts, Slider Revolution, and one-click install—Academia is an easy WordPress e-learning theme to launch your next online course.

The online course builder is straightforward and walks you through everything you need to know regarding course management.

You’ll also find Academia works with popular page builders like Visual Composer that allow you to drag and drop elements onto the page.

Academia does come with pre-built templates for educational websites to help get you started but those that appreciate being able to customize their pages to match their branding will be happy with the powerful theme options panel.

1680585012 550 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Academia is marketed towards education centers, businesses, and academies. However, it is still perfectly suitable for launching a simple online course marketplace where you can offer a few free or paid courses online.

7. Guru

1680585012 559 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Another LMS WordPress theme to consider is Guru.

Easily create quizzes, run online tutorials, sell educational materials, track course progress, and more with Guru. This online learning theme is built with practicality and ease in mind.

Guru is fully compatible with Sensei, which makes it easy to track course analytics, giving you an overview of the content, grades, and registered students. It’s one of the reasons why Guru is valued for being both student and instructor friendly.

The theme offers a comprehensive dashboard for instructors to easily grade quizzes and see course content.

1680585012 4 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Another feature offered by this multipurpose theme is the events page which makes it easy to plan and manage online events. And Guru supports multiple languages with WPML integration.

All in all, Guru is a great option if you’re looking to launch a WordPress online education platform with multiple course offerings and different instructors.

8. Clever Course

1680585012 693 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Another fantastic theme to consider is Clever Course. First off, Clever Course is integrated with a variety of different payment options, including PayPal and Stripe. This means it’s easy for students to pay for courses and instructors to receive their payments.

Setting up an online course is super simple, thanks to their intuitive course builder. This includes being able to create quizzes and monitor student progress. Students also have the opportunity to rate each course upon completion.

1680585012 461 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

The built-in page builder offers in-depth customization and practically unlimited layouts, making it a good WordPress theme for those equally focused on design and course content.

This WordPress theme is best suited for schools or universities offering online courses, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for anyone looking to have multiple course offerings.

9. Turitor

1680585013 803 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Those looking for a standout option to create courses need look no further than Turitor. Compatible with LMS plugins LearnDash, TutorLMS, and LearnPress, Turitor comes with a range of templates already ready to go so you can launch the best online course quickly.

Turitor is an especially strong option for those looking to include video calls with their courses and host sessions for their classes, as you can integrate seamlessly with Zoom. You can further foster community by also enabling BuddyPress, which allows for member profiles, user groups, messaging, and more.

1680585013 157 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

When it comes to layout and design, you have the option of six different header layouts and your choice of page builder including Elementor.

Turitor is a strong contender for anyone looking for an education theme, thanks to its comprehensiveness.

10. Coaching WP

1680585013 835 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Developed by the team behind LearnPress, aptly named Coaching, is the best WordPress theme for launching life and business coaching courses online.

Focusing heavily on UX/UI design, Coaching prioritizes helping mentors, therapists, and coaches build their brand. To this end, they feature dynamic page designs and pre-built templates making this the perfect WordPress theme for niche courses.

1680585013 37 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Coaching can be used with LearnPress LMS to elevate this from a simple WordPress theme to a full LMS theme. Additionally, monetization and payments can be handled through WooCommerce. The theme also includes Revolution Slider plugin and Fancy Events.

11. Skillfully

1680585013 83 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Another option for people especially invested in having an events calendar is Skillfully. This theme has a fully integrated events tool perfect for promoting online workshops and classes. With the free events calendar and WooCommerce, you can also promote and sell tickets to special events.

1680585013 148 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

The theme is built around Sensei 1.9 and is therefore not compatible with the latest version. In addition, Sensei is not included when you purchase Skillfully; you’ll have to buy it separately. Likewise, if you want to take advantage of Skillfully’s compatibility with Restrict Content Pro to manage online course access.

12. eLumine

1680585013 854 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

eLumine is another great WordPress theme for online courses. It offers personalized student profiles, mobile-friendly features, and interactive teaching tools.

It’s developed by the same team behind LearnDash and therefore is fully compatible with the LMS plugin. It’ll also work with WooCommerce, Elementor, BuddyPress, and bbPress, so you’re pretty covered when it comes to plugins.

1680585014 756 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

The newest update has brought superfast page-load times, making this one of the best WordPress themes in terms of page speed.

Theme Features to Consider for Online Courses

12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

When you’re considering different online course themes, there are a few standout features to keep in mind to find the perfect WordPress theme for your online course website:

  • Mobile app conversion/compatibility: Some WordPress themes are great for mobile responsiveness. Some will even let you convert your website and course offerings into a complete mobile app available for both Apple and Android. This increases the number of platforms users can access your courses and means you have a wider audience.
  • WordPress LMS plugins compatibility: As mentioned, the best online course themes are the ones that work well with at least one LMS plugin. This is important for specific aspects of running and managing an online course website.
  • Monetization method: there are lots of different ways to monetize a website. Even if you don’t want to sell online courses, you should consider other ways to monetize your page, like advertising. If you do want to sell courses, make sure your WordPress theme offers something like WooCommerce integration to make the payment process seamless for users.
  • Page builder integration: Also worth considering is how much time you can save with certain page builders like the WPBakery page builder or Elementor page builder. They are great for making your website look professional and appealing without needing to know anything about coding or spending too much time on it. Opt for WordPress themes that will work with whichever page builder you prefer.

What Are the Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses?

1680585014 686 12 Best WordPress Themes for Online Courses in 2023

Due to its versatility and complete integration with the LMS plugin, LearnDash, Astra is definitely one of the best WordPress themes for online courses.

However, choosing the right education WordPress theme will ultimately depend on your budget, your niche, and the features that you are most concerned with. The key to successful online course websites is that they are well-marketed and appeal to their niche.

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Brand New GPT-4o Revealed: 3 Mind Blowing Updates and 3 Unexpected Challenges for Entrepreneurs



Brand New GPT-4o Revealed: 3 Mind Blowing Updates and 3 Unexpected Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Unveiling OpenAI’s GPT-4.0: The latest AI with vision, auditory, and emotional intelligence abilities is revolutionizing industries. How will it affect your business?

In today’s in-depth discussion, I uncover three astonishing updates in GPT-4.0’s technology poised to redefine customer interaction, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency. We also confront three critical challenges this AI evolution brings, including ethical considerations, market disruptions, and the competitive landscape—essential insights to keep your venture at the forefront of innovation.

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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business



How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

A few years ago, my friend Sabah turned her passion for cooking into a chef-on-demand business. She started off serving her local Cleveland area, quickly grew to cover other major Ohio cities and plans to expand even further. She is just one of the many people I know who have turned their passion project into a successful business.

We all have our passion projects. We do them because they’re fun, or we like the challenge, or they’re our way of doing some good in the world. From time to time, though, our niche interests and hobbies lead us to marketable ideas. For many, that’s as far as it goes; they don’t know how to take the next step.

Sabah had a shortcut — she’s married to my friend and business partner, who knew not only the next step to take but all the steps after that. If you’re not lucky enough to have a spouse or friend who can help, here’s how to turn your passion project into a successful business.

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Hobbies that make great side hustles

So you have a niche hobby, and you’re wondering: How can I make some money from this? It’s important to remember that not all hobbies are created equal, financially speaking. And a niche interest that might have driven profits 20 years ago (collecting Beanie Babies, say) could be a financial sinkhole today.

By keeping a pulse on the zeitgeist, you can anticipate trends and hobbies gaining public interest — and capitalize on those trends. Some, like the following, are side hustle ideas you could start at any time.


Senior portraits, weddings, special events, professional headshots — quality and affordable photography never lacks in demand. With a website highlighting your work, you can book clients and start earning money from your passion.


From bug bounty programs to website design, freelance coding offers major earning opportunities. A background in HTML, Python, Java, C++ or a myriad of other coding languages can be a financial boon.

Home design

If you designed your home to belong in an issue of Architectural Digest, others will take notice. Consult on color palettes, furniture selections, room layouts and lighting — and bring your curated aesthetic to the masses with a home design business.

Video and audio production

Whether promoting a brand on social media or starting a podcast, freelance producers can bring a marketing campaign to life. Sell yourself with past work, and mention your experience with programs in the Adobe Creative Suite or Pro Tools.


Your green thumb could put some green in your pocket. The landscaping and gardening industry was valued at more than $250 billion in 2024, according to Mordor Intelligence, and if your own garden is thriving, you can fill a niche in your own (proverbial) backyard.


Can you construct clear and concise copy for a variety of clients? If so, the opportunities are as vast as your vocabulary. Wordsmiths can serve as speechwriters, copywriters, technical writers and ghostwriters, as well as assist with any editing needs.


Your beautiful cakes, cookies and baked goods could be more than delicious treats; they could be a source of income. Many entrepreneurs found success with home baking during the pandemic, and with proper planning and consistent clients, you can join them.

Vetting if your hobby could be a business

Before you make any hard commitments or major financial decisions, consider if your niche hobby can earn consistent money. Who is the target client? How much are current practitioners charging? How much money do you have saved? How much do you expect to make?

It’s crucial to be clear-eyed about expectations before investing your own money into your venture. The following steps can help you assess whether or not to turn your passion project into a side hustle — or even a career.

Run it by friends

When we have that eureka moment, it sometimes blinds us to flaws in our logic. To get a quick check, run your idea by a few trusted friends. They might be able to point out roadblocks you didn’t think of or know a way to bring your idea to life. For Sabah, that meant asking other chefs for input. Avoid relying solely on one or two peoples’ opinions, but do gauge your friends’ enthusiasm. After all, close confidantes have your best interests in mind.

Analyze the market

Chances are, others have had your idea. Sabah wasn’t the first to think of a chef-on-demand service, but when she analyzed the market, she realized her idea could still work. Market analysis requires thoroughly researching consumer trends and expectations, market size and the demand for your offering.

To truly excel, you must conduct a thorough analysis of your rivals. Although they might offer a comparable product, your goal is to surpass them. Analyze their customer feedback to identify gaps. When you look hard at similar businesses, you might find opportunities to fill the gaps they’re leaving.


Networking with others who have launched their business or product can be invaluable. They’re ahead of you on the journey and can help you avoid costly missteps. If you’re lucky, you might find someone with similar experience and a willingness to mentor you. A good mentor can help you find the path forward when you hit a roadblock. Keep the lines of communication with your network and your mentor open. They know the twists and turns and can save you headaches and expenses.

Devise a business plan

Don’t invest significant money into a project before creating a detailed business plan. Prior steps, such as analyzing the market, will help you write this document, and you’ll want to come away with clear financial expectations. Do the math — calculate your startup and overhead costs, insurance, marketing budget, earnings expectations and taxes. This will give you some base-level expectations and a roadmap to funding, if necessary.

Getting your side business off the ground

You’ve done your research. You’ve talked to friends and other entrepreneurs. You’ve analyzed the market and built a business plan. Now it’s time to take the first big step: getting your side business off the ground.

Turning passion into profit takes work. Don’t be discouraged. There may be moments of doubt and anxiety as your business slowly ramps up. Lean on mentors, and consult your business plan. Like Sabah, if you’ve done the proper pre-launch work, you can keep your head down and follow the roadmap. The following steps can position you for success when turning your niche hobby into a business.

Build an MVP

In the software development world, a minimum viable product (MVP) is a way to test your idea with a small group of early adopters. It’s essentially an early product version with just a few core features. For Sabah, the MVP was a limited menu with a select set of chefs — and she was one of them. Once she proved her idea would work, she hired more chefs and added more meals to the menu based on the feedback she got from her customers. Early and genuine feedback is the goal of an MVP. After all, it’s easier and less expensive to make changes at the beginning of the development cycle than in the middle of it.

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Set achievable goals

Be realistic about your first-year financial expectations. In fact, it’s common for new businesses to lose money in their first year of business as they pay back initial investments and build consistent customer bases. Sabah set goals — both financial and personal — that she could reasonably achieve. But don’t mistake this for easy goals. You should be ambitious but practical when planning to achieve your goals.

Get help

Sabah didn’t build her business alone. She knew she needed help building the web applications her fledgling company needed and outsourced that work. Trying to do everything leads to stress, burnout and costly mistakes. It also takes you longer to get to market and could mean competitors beat you to the finish line. Engage freelance help or outsource product development to a team with the knowledge and bandwidth to quickly build a high-quality product.

Knowing when to get help involves recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you can build the product but need help with market analysis. Or maybe you need help with building a brand identity and marketing the product. Outsourcing some of the work frees you up to focus on what you’re good at and can take stress off your shoulders.

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Markets and trends can shift rapidly, so it’s essential to keep tabs on competitors and monitor your customers’ needs. The last thing you want is a product that’s outdated by the time it launches or a business plan built around last year’s “it” thing. By staying up-to-date on market and cultural trends, you can be ready to shift priorities when the time is right.

It’s been a joy to watch my friend’s business grow. She’s met challenges with grace and never lets setbacks slow her down. And that, too, is key to turning your passion project into a successful business: believing in your vision enough to stick with it, no matter what.

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Site Traffic Down? Google Just Made Some Big Search Changes



Site Traffic Down? Google Just Made Some Big Search Changes

Google is now doing the Googling for its expansive U.S. audience — and news publishers are facing potentially multi-billion-dollar consequences caused by the change.

Google announced on Tuesday that it is applying AI to high-impact elements of search, from AI summaries to pages of AI recommendations in clustered groups. AI summaries, which appear at the top of search results and neatly summarize content found across the web, started rolling out on Tuesday to all of Google’s 246 million unique U.S. users.

The AI summaries mean that websites across the board will get less traffic, as people simply search and read what the AI has generated without clicking on anything.

As newsrooms get less traffic and less money, their ability to create fresh content diminishes. At the same time, Google becomes less of a gateway to sources and more of a direct source Anastasia Kotsiubynska, Head of SEO at SE Ranking, shared with Entrepreneur.

“Most likely, there will still be misleading information in search results and hallucinations, and many users will probably use this information without double-checking,” Kotsiubynska cautioned.

Google I/O 2024 on May 14, 2024. (Photo by Christoph Dernbach/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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Google’s search changes could cost websites $2 billion collectively; some could lose two-thirds of their traffic, according to data from media industry growth company Raptive.

“This will be catastrophic to our traffic, as marketed by Google to further satisfy user queries, leaving even less incentive to click through so that we can monetize our content,” Danielle Coffey, the chief executive of the News/Media Alliance, told CNN Business.

Google, a major tech company with over 90% of the global market share in search, can now frame search results however it wants with AI summaries, and pull from websites without guaranteeing site traffic or profit.

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“AI Overviews relies on content creators’ intellectual property, which raises serious questions about compensation and fairness,” said Raptive in a statement.

Google does link to sites within its summary, citing its sources.

Unlike OpenAI, which has entered into deals with major publishers like Axel Springer and The Financial Times to compensate publishers for training AI on their articles and linking directly to them, Google has yet to publicly announce a similar deal with a major publication.

OpenAI has also earned the ire of some publishers, with the New York Times filing a lawsuit against the company over copyright grounds in December.

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Google does have a $60 million deal with Reddit, announced in February, to train its AI on Reddit data.

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