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Google Search Dark Theme Bug Gets Stuck



Google Search Dark Theme Bug Gets Stuck

There seems to be a bug that Google is working on where some searchers are getting left in the dark. Well, stuck in Google’s dark mode or dark theme setting and unable to go back to light theme. Google’s community manager, Minhaj K., said it is investigating the reports of this issue.

There are numerous complaints in this Google Web Search Help thread of this, and you can see in the screenshot below (the one above I made, I thought I was being cute) that the setting shows “light theme” selected but clearly the interface is stuck in dark theme:

click for full size

Minhaj K. from Google said “Thank you for reporting this issue. We’re investigating the problem and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve it as quickly as we can.”

That was several days ago, I am not sure if it is fixed, I have not heard back yet from Google.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Google Displays Out Of Stock For Items Using Back Order Value In Structured Data



Google Says Stock Or Inventory Levels Should Not Impact Rankings

Did you know that Google shows “out of stock” for items you label with the value of back ordered in your structured data for products? Some feel it should say back ordered and not out of stock, but I am not too sure if there is much of a difference?

Brian Freiesleben posted about this on Twitter and he also referenced others complaining about this in the Google Webmaster Help forums.

Here is what Google sees from the structured data, the item availability is marked as back ordered:

click for full size

But instead of showing back ordered, Google displays out of stock in Google Search:

click for full size

A year ago, Google began to officially support back ordered availability structured data. But again, Google does not show the item as back ordered, it shows it as out of stock.

Here are some of the complaints in the forums:

It was my understanding that the BackOrder availability status was added to the recognized values some time last year. However, products we have submitted with the BackOrder status are showing as In Stock in search results even though the Rich Results Test and Search Console both indicate that they’re detecting BackOrder.

It was indeed added to the recognized values, but it does behave like you say, the rich snippet display will show “In Stock” for this, I guess the distinction they’ve chosen is that if something is available to order, even with a short delay caused by something being on BackOrder, that’s in stock.

Interesting – I suppose I can understand the logic behind that approach, but it’s not exactly intuitive based on how the other availability statuses are treated.

Thank you, I appreciate the insight!

John Mueller of Google asked if there is a difference…

So – what do you think? Is there a difference to the customer if an item is back ordered or currently out of stock?

Forum discussion at Twitter and Google Webmaster Help.


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