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What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2020 Version) [Infographic]



It’s amazing to consider the breadth of activity that now happens online – especially in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more of us indoors, and towards web-based apps and tools to stay connected with each other, and the wider world.

Which is why this latest update from Domo is so interesting. Every year, Domo releases its ‘Data Never Sleeps‘ chart, which provides a quick snapshot of what’s happening online, every minute of every day.

And there are some staggering stats in this year’s version – for example:

  • Facebook users upload 208,333 photos
  • Twitter gains 319 new users
  • Instagram users post 347,222 Stories
  • YouTube creators upload 500 hours of video

Every minute. Every day.

If you haven’t considered the implications of so much of our data being uploaded online, these figures provide some scope as to the concern – there is now so much information and insight stored by the major web giants.

That gives them great power, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Worth keeping in mind as you check out the below stats.

Domo Data Never Sleeps chart 2020



WhatsApp Launches ‘Call Links’ to Better Facilitate Group Audio and Video Chats



WhatsApp Launches ‘Call Links’ to Better Facilitate Group Audio and Video Chats

WhatsApp has announced the launch of a new Call Links feature, which, as it sounds, will enable you to share a link to invite others to join a group chat in the app.

As you can see in these examples, you’ll now be able to create dedicated URL links for WhatsApp group video and audio chats, which will make it easier for others to join the discussion in the app.

When available (the option is being rolled out this week), you’ll be able to see the Call Link option within your ‘Calls’ tab, enabling you to create a shareable link to get people into your chats.

It could be an easy way to help enhance community connection, and facilitate engagement, while brands could also use the option to better connect with influencers and advocates, in a more direct, intimate way.

For example, you could run an exclusive chat to discuss your upcoming product launch, or seek feedback on potential updates. Meta’s says that it’s also working on secure, encrypted video calling for up to 32 people as well, so there could soon be a range of ways to use the option as a means to spotlight specific audience segments and engage with them direct.

And with more engagement switching to messaging tools, that’s definitely worth considering.

Indeed, as part of a recent product announcement, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that:


Most people use feeds to discover content and use messaging for deeper connections.”

As such, it may be time to start considering how you can lean into this shift, and better align with how users are now connecting, in order to maximize community and engagement.

Feeds are increasingly being overtaken by entertainment, so if you want to tap into the connective benefits of the medium, that may no longer be the place to be to reach your fans.

Messaging, and messaging groups, could be an important consideration going forward, and these new tools provide more options on this front.

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