Google Launches New, Animated Video Series About SEO for Beginners

Google is growing its YouTube presence with another video series – this time it’s geared toward beginners, rather than experienced SEOs.

Unlike Google’s other video series, hosted by Googlers such as John Mueller and Martin Splitt, this one is going to be entirely animated.

Perhaps Google thinks an animated series is more accessible for beginners? Either way, the visuals are reasonably appealing.

[embedded content]

Google describes the series as:

“… a new fully animated series for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of creating an online presence and the right Google Search tools to help customers find their website.”

New videos will be released every two weeks and will touch on topics such as:

  • How Google Search works
  • Frequently asked questions about search and discoverability
  • How to change what’s showing up in snippets in Google Search
  • How to correct inaccurate information about a business
  • How to set goals for a website
  • Tips for hiring a web developer
  • Tips for hiring an SEO specialist
  • Top 5 things to consider for a website
  • And more

Although it’s titled “Search for Beginners,” Google says the level of information covered will range from beginner to advanced.

New episodes will be released every two weeks and can be watched in any order, so you’ll only need to tune in to the episodes that interest you.

Or, better yet, stay tuned for SEJ’s recaps! I’ll be sure to cover anything that ends up being particularly noteworthy.


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