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3 Ways Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Leverage Media Coverage



3 Ways Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Leverage Media Coverage

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The digital marketing landscape has undergone a drastic shift. No longer can marketers rely on traditional marketing channels of search and social. The costs are rising, and profit margins are diminishing. Given this, DTC brands will find it daunting to capture high lifetime value (LTV) customers, and if they do, there is no guarantee of any long-term, repeatable business. This is where media coverage, including PR, comes to the rescue for DTC brands. And it is intensely competitive. The three top ways in which brands can leverage media coverage are below. 

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The link here is a reference for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a supplement to public relations. The success stories of DTC brands such as Casper (explored in the next section) display the power of affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing goes a long way in helping you to reach your target audience. And the best part? It occurs at every stage of the customer journey. Another aspect is that you only pay for measurable results in affiliate marketing, making it a low-risk method for DTC brands to generate leads and traffic and fuel sales volumes. 

What is affiliate marketing? And how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising method. In this, an individual or company (or a network) gets to earn a commission by redirecting new visitors and customers to a business website. Essentially, a brand promotes a product or service and leaves a link to that offer. Content creators such as bloggers and social media influencers often use this method on most platforms. Also, affiliate marketing entails signing up with a company or network

Through this network, DTC brands get to widen their reach and visibility. And when someone buys or executes the desired action using the network, the network gets paid. There are several affiliate networks out there. The few common ones are:





The stats on affiliate marketing

Note that 21 percent of the higher average order value of sales happens via affiliate marketing. About 16 percent of all e-commerce sales in the U.S. are generated through affiliates. And around 58 percent of the higher annual customer revenue happens via affiliate marketing. With good reason, there are more than a few benefits to be gained from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing generated $6.8 billion in revenue in 2020 alone. So, there’s proof to the pudding. 

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Monitoring SEO and other search trends

Today, publishers are very savvy and enthusiastic about SEO trends. Thanks to Google, the platform has transformed how it surfaces product reviews. The reason is that today’s consumers Google a product before making a purchase. They do so to avail themselves of the best possible evaluations that are easy to find. These savvy brands then serve as a public relations avenue by helping journalists to create excellent reviews. Hence, knowing the search payoff beforehand is worth the extra effort for DTC brands to jump on the bandwagon.

However, Google does more than just present reviews. The search engine also looks at the article for expert knowledge. It uses that information to find comparable products and quantitative measurements to gauge how the product or service measures up. The work for the DTC brands begins with samples. The brands usually send samples to journalists with tip sheets to help them write fact-based, authoritative articles to improve their visibility. It is these articles that, once they appear in the Google search engine, make for an excellent PR strategy for the DTC brand.

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The case of Casper

Casper, a U.S.-based mattress brand, has set up search-specific landing pages. It has also funnelled Adwords money to its website to elevate its position in the market. The result? Casper gets a critical share of the 550,000-plus monthly mattress Google searches. What’s more, Casper tops the Google search results for several mattress-related terms. Right from a reviews landing page to a duvets inserts landing page, Casper has, for itself, a customized SEO flytrap page. So, virtually any mattress-related keyword that users type into Google, their purchase intent will present the Casper website. 

To leverage and up the SEO game, DTC brands can use several SEO tools to optimize their websites. Some of the more notable are:

  • Hubspot Website Grader

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics

  • Ahrefs

  • Semrush

Leverage the power of social media

Another way to attract eyeballs towards your brand is to leverage social media advertising. So, if a DTC brand receives media coverage, it should share the news with its fans and followers. And these are typically found on social media brand accounts. Social media is an excellent way of racing out to new customers. A word of caution there — do not stop here! 

You can also leverage other powerful aspects within the PR spectrum. These are reviews and personal recommendations (digital word-of-mouth marketing methods). Your regular and known customers get updated on your press coverage. But, they can do more than just that. Often, they share the link with friends and family via WhatsApp and other applications. What this does is provide multifold influence from an existing customer. It makes for an excellent way of converting new customers. Most importantly, your owned content is crucial. So share the coverage details on the blog site and link back to the article.

Remember, consumers prefer and trust a well-rounded review that mentions other brands. So make sure that the coverage is not pushy or overselling. This is especially true for the younger generation, as they are more media-savvy. They belong to an era where reviews are a daily social media staple. 

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Parting words

Media is the name of the game. As seen from above, it can take several forms. DTC brands need to hone and forge collaborative pursuits with the media and audiences to break out of the competitive clutter and stand out among their peers. This online presence, PR included, can then make or break your brand. Additionally, DTC brands should also consider leveraging the power of media to be at the top of trends.

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15 Ways to Get Paid to Travel as a Freelancer



Featured Image for: 15 Ways to Get Paid to Travel as a Freelancer

Ever wonder how to get paid to travel with pure independence? With the surge of remote jobs, it is easier than ever to achieve. It can be both exhilarating and challenging to be a nomadic freelancer. You are always going somewhere new and discovering new parts of the world, but at the same time, it is important not to forget about your professional obligations.

Some people need to work to make enough money to travel, while others like maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives while on the road.

How exactly does one get started in the process of seeing the world while simultaneously earning some money? What are the right ideas on how to get paid to travel?

After all, everybody wants money to pay for the necessities along the route, such as food, shelter, and mobility.

This article highlights some freelancing jobs you can take if you want to understand how to get paid to travel.

How to get paid to travel with these 15 jobs

1. Travel Blogger/Writer

Are you looking for ways on how to get paid to travel? Travel blogger tops the choice for our selection. To put it simply, travel writing produces written content about travel-related topics such as destinations, itineraries, activities, restaurants, lodgings, and sights.

Travel writers that can give readers concrete advice are in high demand since modern life requires individuals to read, analyze, and digest content more quickly. Most people have limited time and energy; therefore, it’s important that the information they absorb be useful and concise.

People who enjoy reading about people’s travels and experiences are another common clientele for travel writers. Travel writing is remarkably similar to traditional journalism when viewed through the lenses of geography, culture, history, and religion.

Why not use your time away from home to market your writing talents as a freelance travel writer to online and print publications?

Depending on your experience and expertise, travel writing can pay anywhere from $0.04 cents per word to $0.15 or more per word.

To begin, all you need to do is sign up for a service like Upwork and begin bidding on writing gigs as they become available.

SolidGigs,, and the jobs board are all places you can join up to write for or keep an eye out for writing opportunities.

Construct a client base as soon as possible and amass as many five-star evaluations as possible so that new work can always be brought to you.

2. Tour Guide

Consider working as a walking tour guide if you enjoy acquiring new knowledge about the locations you explore and passing on that information to other people who are also traveling.

Suppose you have a lot of knowledge about the location you will visit. In that case, you can easily plan a route, market your trip online with some of the larger tour operators or the local visitor center offices, and then establish a link for individuals to book it.

You have the option of charging immediately or charging at a later time; either way, your audience should be so impressed that they cannot resist paying you in gold.

3. Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant is among the best careers available to people seeking how to get paid to travel globally.

Flight attendants usually gain experience working on domestic flights before going on to more coveted foreign routes, frequently involving travel to more exotic locations.

You and your family can travel for free if you work as a flight attendant and receive other flying-related advantages. You will have the opportunity to visit various exotic locations as part of your job.

The requirements to become a flight attendant vary from airline to airline, but in general, you need to be physically healthy enough to stand for extended periods and help passengers with their luggage. A background working with customers is another desirable quality to have.

4. Working on a yacht

how to get paid to travel

This is a challenging yet rewarding way to tour the world and see the sights. Working on a yacht has solved many issues for people struggling on how to get paid to travel worldwide.

Depending on the guests’ needs, you may work on a superyacht in various capacities, including as a deckhand, steward, chef, nanny, or teacher.

To get started, you will need a valid medical certificate for ENG1 and some fundamental safety certifications, such as the STCW certification. This certification is necessary for anyone who wants to work on a commercial vessel longer than 24 meters. (The type of qualification required of you will depend on the position aboard the yacht for which you are seeking.)

Many people work aboard superyachts, and even though it can be a glamorous lifestyle, consisting of rubbing elbows with the affluent and famous and traveling to some of the most beautiful sites across the globe, it is hard work.

It’s possible that working aboard a yacht with an amazing captain and crew could be the most enjoyable job you’ve ever had. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly if you aren’t getting along with the other crew members and you get unfavorable guests.

Before beginning this line of employment, you should ensure that you have done all of the research necessary and that you are well-prepared for any contingency.

5. Consultant

Working as a professional consultant can provide an excellent opportunity to see the world.

You will work on projects with clients located all over the country and even the world if you decide to pursue a career as a consultant. Consultants will normally be on the move every Monday through Thursday during a project.

This is an excellent method to build up airline miles and hotel points while at the same time getting out and doing some sightseeing at the same time.

You will normally require a bachelor’s degree in a field such as business, economics, or marketing to work as a consultant.

6. Travel agent

Some specialize in pleasure travel, and others specialize in business travel. Both options are wonderful careers for folks who enjoy being on the move.

Brokers specializing in leisure travel sell trips to individuals, whereas corporate travel agents arrange business itineraries.

Hotels, flights, and holiday packages can all be discounted when booked through a travel agent. They might also receive the opportunity to go on FAM tours, also known as familiarization trips, to gain more knowledge about the locations they are selling.

7. Virtual Assistant

One of the best careers for people who enjoy traveling is to become a virtual assistant because it allows them to work from anywhere in the world and on their terms regarding their work schedule. This paves the way for you to live the lifestyle of a digital nomad, where you travel the world while working from your computer wherever you are.

As a virtual assistant, often known as a VA, you can offer a wide variety of services to clients, including management of social media platforms, bookkeeping, freelance writing, and management of email communications, amongst others.

You are responsible for finding your clients as a self-employed virtual assistant. Fortunately, there is a significant need for virtual assistants, so you should have no trouble finding plenty of work.

8. Travel Nurse

If you are considering a career in nursing and enjoy exploring new places, you should consider being a travel nurse.

A degree in nursing from an accredited school is required to work as a travel nurse (registered nurse.) Then you are qualified to apply for jobs, which can last anywhere from one to thirteen weeks at a time.

9. Publishing and selling guidebooks

Why not turn your passion for writing about the places you go and what you do into a series of travel guides if you enjoy documenting your adventures?

You can publish your books using the Amazon KDP program or generate your print-on-demand publications using a platform like and market your guidebooks on your webpage.

Amazon is a terrific research tool that can tell you what kinds of guidebooks are selling well. You can use this information to choose which ones to write.

Then, organize your next trip to center around creating your book. During this trip, visit, evaluate, and write about the locations you want to share.

Lay your book together, have a fantastic cover designed for it, and then either publish it to one of the platforms that cater to book sales or save it as a PDF that customers can download after purchasing your book.

10. Travel videographer

how to get paid to travel

Do you enjoy creating videos and editing them in your spare time? If this describes you, a job as a travel videographer may be the perfect fit for you.

As a videographer, there are two different ways for you to make money while you are on the road:

  • You should create films for your own social media channels, work on growing a following, and become a travel influencer.
  • Showcase your outstanding trip movies online, and hotels and other travel companies will pay you to create promotional videos for them.

If you are skilled in drone videography, that would be even better because it is the most popular form of videography nowadays.

To get started, record and edit several high-quality films when traveling around different places.

After publishing those films on your website or social media accounts, you can use them to begin to interact with and expand your following. Alternatively, you can email links to your social media accounts to various hotels and travel firms to secure any available paid work.

You may also offer to record a video advertisement in exchange for a free or discounted stay or trip by stating that you would want to do so in exchange for the opportunity.

To put it another way, you are not getting paid to travel in this manner, yet, if you can travel by exchanging your services for transportation and lodging, it is essentially the same thing.

11. Travel photographer

Are you looking for channels on how to get paid to travel? Becoming a travel photographer, much like a travel videographer, is an excellent way to make money while traveling worldwide.

Again, you can either use your photography abilities to establish a following and become an influential figure in the travel industry, or you may sell your services to hotels and other travel organizations.

Nevertheless, other than selling your photographs, there are a few other possibilities for you to profit from your hobby.

A few examples of them are as follows:

  • Create a travel blog where you discuss both the destinations you visit and the pictures you take while there.
  • Constructing and peddling travel photography tutorials.
  • Making money by providing your expertise to other blogs, media outlets, or tour operators.
  • Creating and expanding an online print-on-demand shop using your photographs.

12. Travel influencer

You may grow and build a massive audience that loves to follow your travels even with subpar filming and photography skills if you tell stories and share great experiences from places worldwide.

Get started with your social media expansion by selecting the platform where you will be most active and then beginning to share relevant content like photos, videos, and updates.

Maintain a regular posting schedule and active interaction with your growing audience.

Give out a freebie or make some fun travel quizzes to start creating your email list of subscribers if you don’t want to rely solely on social media for expansion.

As your business expands, you’ll be able to use your subscriber list to send out things like affiliate travel deals, information on new items, and word about related channels.

13. Brand Ambassador

If you have a large social media following or run a popular travel podcast or blog, this will come more easily to you.

To put it simply, you act as a spokesperson for a business that employs you to increase its brand’s visibility in the public eye.

Suppose you’ve amassed a sizable following due to your travels and are confident that you can add significant value to a brand that speaks to your followers. In that case, you should contact that company to inquire about potential collaboration opportunities.

They may give you a flat fee for promoting their business, propose a product co-creation partnership, or provide you with a referral link that will pay you a commission for every purchase made by a viewer of your post who clicks on it.

14. Affiliate marketing

How to get paid to travel is a big concern to many individuals nowadays, right? One viable option for making money in the digital space is to enter the affiliate marketing industry. Making a promotional website to advertise a different company’s goods is a common tactic.

After launching a website, you should look for things you’re excited to promote to your audience. You will earn a commission on any consumer sales directly from your marketing efforts.

There are many opportunities for growth and success in the affiliate marketing industry. For example, it has low barriers to entry and can grow quickly. However, you must find the right affiliate marketing program for your needs.

15. YouTuber

Are you a digital nomad looking for ways on how to get paid to travel? Digital nomads with the right mindset can have much fun and make money with YouTubing.

However, while making travel videos might seem the most sensible option, it’s not your only one (and it might even “destroy” travel for you). An online channel can be created for any topic of interest.

But much like blogging, if you want to make any money at it, you must put in a lot of work at the outset. To join YouTube’s monetization program and earn money from your videos, you need at least 1,000 subscribers. Nothing of the sort happens instantly.

Of course, monetizing your videos with ads isn’t the only option for bringing in cash with YouTube. Promoting your goods and services on your channel is another viable option (or affiliate products).

Start making money while traveling

Do you want to know how to get paid to travel as a freelancer? One might find several compensated travel opportunities in the job market. Jobs in this category range from blogging and destination marketing to photography, writing, networking, and social media influence.

Hopefully, this list has given you ideas on how to get paid to travel. Have fun!

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Your 7 Best WordPress Malware Removal Service Options In 2023



Your 7 Best Wordpress Malware Removal Service Options In 2023

Malware is a serious threat to any WordPress website, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your online presence. The best WordPress malware removal service choices available can help you quickly and easily remove malware from your site.

These services range in price and features, so depending on your budget and needs, there’s sure to be one that fits perfectly for you.

This article will discuss seven of the best WordPress malware removal services available today. With these tools at your disposal, you can rest assured knowing that any malicious code or threats will be taken care of without compromising the security or integrity of your website.

7 Great WordPress Malware Service Options

Here are some of the best options for independent site owners and independent site owners.


Sucuri is a powerful WordPress malware removal plugin used to detect malware and fix a hacked website. It is a complete security solution for small businesses and big enterprises to understand the emerging web security landscape.

Sucuri distinguishes itself from other security plugins by offering custom plans according to your needs. It offers a 30-day guarantee on malware scanning and uses a robust scanner to detect malware and fix security issues.

The SEO Spam Scanner is an innovative addition to the security plugin. It detects any kind of spam keywords that can harm your rating on Google or other search engines.

Other WordPress security services available on the malware removal plugin include:

  • Monitoring and Detection – continuous monitoring of WordPress website to prevent malware infection
  • Incident Response – repair files damaged with malicious code and send blocklist removal requests
  • Performance Boost – improve website speed by 70%
  • Website Backup – store WordPress files in the cloud with regular backups
  • Website Firewall protection – protect your website from hackers and brute force attacks


Sucuri offers three paid plans for website security. The “Basic Platform” plan starts at $199.99/year and scans your website every 12 hours for any security issues.

With any plan, you get access to unlimited manual cleanups by the Sucuri expert team.

Clean Talk

Clean Talk is one of the best and most affordable WordPress security plugins that protect your website from spam bots and comments.

The helpful Clean Talk plugin uses a signature-matching algorithm to detect malware. It provides a log report of deleted spam so you can better understand the behavior pattern and plan accordingly.

The user-friendly interface, easy installation, and 24/7 technical support make Clean Talk a convenient choice for businesses to protect their WordPress sites.

Other significant security features available on the malware removal plugin include:

  • Real-time Spam Protection – automatically blocks spam comments and publishes legit comments without affecting user experience
  • Invisible Spam Protection – protects website without asking users to prove if they are robots
  • Check for existing spam – use the anti-malware WordPress plugin to check existing comments for any spam
  • Email Checker – create email marketing campaigns after verifying email addresses to avoid getting blocked by email servers
  • Blacklist Database – verify the true identity of questionable users against a list of spam active IPs and email addresses


Clean Talk has different paid packages corresponding to each security feature. You can choose to add the WordPress malware removal plugin to single or unlimited websites. The anti-spam packages for one website start at $12 per year or $1.5 per month.


MalCare has one of the best WordPress malware removal plugins available to strengthen website security. It provides 360 degrees of protection against bots, hackers, and brute-force attacks.

The plugin regularly scans your WordPress site for security issues and sends you alerts to remove malware with just one click.

You can get access to the following features with this quick malware removal plugin:

  • Instant malware removal – fix the issue instantly with a click
  • Activity Log – review any changes made to your site
  • Bulletproof Backups – create copies of your files in a remote location to retrieve infected files
  • Vulnerability Scanner – scans and sends alerts upon finding any vulnerabilities in your WordPress plugins and themes

MalCare doesn’t use your server to run its processes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about site speed. Just sit back and enjoy complete security without thinking of the plugin negatively affecting your website performance.

These stress-free features make MalCare our recommended choice for WordPress malware removal.


Malcare offers the option to choose free and paid malware removal plugins for 1-10 sites. The paid plan starts at $99 a year. You can also add certain features to any plans, including real-time backups, hourly backups, visual regression tests, and Extra Staging Sites.

Astra Security Suite

Astra is another WordPress malware removal plugin used for malware detection and removal.

You don’t have to be a tech pro to set up Astra on your WordPress site. The ongoing support makes installation an effortless task and gives you maximum security against any malware attack.

Astra provides unlimited automatic and scheduled malware removal scans. You can use the threat analytics report to analyze the malicious traffic successfully blocked by Astra.

You can use this complete security plugin for:

  • Attacker Profiling – check the attacker’s IP address, country, and other details to report him for legal action
  • Firewall protection – protect the website from bots and other scams
  • Search Engine Bot – check if any malicious activity affects your Google ranking
  • Honey Pots – block users who are not real and have malicious intent
  • Login Alerts – monitor and block accounts that attempted to gain access to your WordPress website


Astra offers three paid plans, with the Pro Plan starting at $25/month. Premium users can get access to a solid malware scanner and 24/7 technical assistance.

Cerber Security

Cerber Security is an affordable WordPress security plugin that automatically removes malware and viruses from your websites.

It uses inspection algorithms to detect any malicious code and blocks them before they can cause any harm. The malware scanner regularly scans WordPress files and plugins on a daily or hourly basis to find any suspicious activity. You can also take advantage of the regular reports that inform you of all the latest findings from the security audit.

Cerber Security offers the following features as part of its malware removal plugin:

  • Layered Security – block suspicious activity beforehand
  • GEO access rules – choose countries where you would like to restrict usage of your WordPress site
  • Track cybercriminals – a list of IP addresses that are infamous for getting involved in malicious activities


Cerber Security offers free and paid plans to its users. In the free version, you can perform malware scanning on unlimited websites.

The premium version offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the purchase. You also get access to layered spam protection, automated malware scans, and professional support.

Wordfence Security

WordFence is a malware removal plugin dedicated to researching and enhancing WordPress security. Whether you are starting your new website or are an established enterprise, you can use the malware scanner to block and detect malicious code.

Apart from providing WordPress malware removal services, the WordFence security plugin offers the following features:

  • Login security – use login controls, including brute force protection, to block malware attacks and IP access
  • Centralized Management – manage the security of multiple WordPress sites with a single dashboard
  • 24/7 Incident Response Team – support from the expert WordFence team on installing and generating maximum security for your WordPress website
  • The WordFence Firewall protection – creating up-to-date firewall rules to protect against new WordPress core files and plugins.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – add an additional layer of security to your WordPress login page


WordFence offers free and premium plans to its users. The free version provides the basic tools to protect your website security using firewall rules and malware signatures.

The premium version provides business owners with significant value. They get access to country blocking and dynamically updated IP blocklist, among many other security features.


Jetpack is a WordPress malware removal plugin created by WordPress experts. You can use Jetpack to increase your website’s security, performance, and growth.

You will receive alerts of any new threats discovered by Jetpack Scan and fix them with a single click. Jetpack Scan carries out automatic and decentralized scanning. So you never have to worry about your site slowing down. The ease of use immediately makes this product one of the best WordPress malware removal service options on the market.

Just focus your resources on improving your website; Jetpack will ensure your website security.

In addition to detecting malware, you can get access to the following benefits on Jetpack :

  • VaultPress Backup – save changes and restore your site with just one click
  • Akismet Anti-spam – clear any spam from comments to provide a safe user experience
  • Site Search – help users to easily search your website for exactly what they need
  • Boost – improve site performance and SEO rank with acceleration tools and reports
  • Blaze – present your best content to the right users to increase your fan following


Jetpack offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for all its products. The most popular package is the “Security” for $20 a month. It provides WordPress site security with backups, malware scanning, and spam protection in comments and forms.

The Bottom Line: Best WordPress Malware Removal Service

The best WordPress malware removal service will provide an extra layer of security to your website and protect it from any kind of malicious attack. This is valuable because it helps to maintain the website’s performance and protect against any potential loss.

Want to learn more about how to secure your site from malware attacks? Check out our article on Surfshark vs. Express VPN if you’re looking for anonymity online. You can also read about how Dustin Hyle at Iridium improves WordPress security, site speed, and email deliverability for more tips and tricks.

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Top 5 eBay Price Tracker Tools & Services for Resellers in 2023



Top 5 eBay Price Tracker Tools & Services for Resellers in 2023

An eBay price tracker can help resellers level up their business from dropshipping to selling rare items at auction. These price trackers exist to help give eBay sellers the information they need to properly price their items and ultimately have a successful online business.

To help you choose the right one for you, let’s dive into the top five eBay price tracker services for resellers.

The Best eBay Price Tracker Services for Your Reseller Business

You don’t have to do everything on your own as an online seller on eBay. To help make your pricing decisions easier, here is our list of the top 5 eBay price tracker services:


Terapeak is a great tool all eBay sellers have access to since eBay owns it!

Using a tool made by the site you’re selling on is a great place to start. This site provides pricing and sale information for up to one year in the past for each item. You can also filter listings by condition and country.

When you have to conduct research on topics like the best things to sell on eBay, it’s nice to have a tool that’s already available and easily accessible.

How to Access Terapeak on eBay

To access Terapeak, visit your Seller Hub and find the “Research” page.

Are you looking for more reselling opportunities on additional platforms? Our list of 12 sites like eBay will help you get started.


WatchCount is one of the most comprehensive price-tracking tools for eBay sellers. It enables you to search for current and sold listings based on various factors. These factors include sales prices, items with the highest number of watchers, listings with the most bids, misspelled titles, and more.

The best part of all is that it’s free!

eBay price tracker

The additional features that WatchCount provides can help give resellers an advantage. By knowing which listings have the highest number of bids and watchers, resellers can understand which listings are most popular or if an item isn’t very popular at all.

Another important feature of this app is being able to check for misspelled listings. This means that you could find items that other resellers and price trackers might not catch!

Average Finder

Average Finder is another eBay price tracker that shows your item’s average price based on what’s currently listed. You can still search based on active and completed listings and by country.

eBay price tracker

One of the unique reasons Average Finder is a helpful tool is that it also shows you the average shipping costs for the item. This can help you see what other sellers list as their postage costs and what buyers are willing to pay. Shipping costs can make or break a sale, and this can give you insight into how you should price your shipping.

Mark Sight

Mark Sight is an insightful tool for resellers who primarily run auctions for their reselling business. It will show you accurate results, the best time to start and end your auction, sell-through rates, the average number of bids, and more.

In addition to being an eBay price tracker, MarkSight also provides educational resources for resellers. Instead of figuring everything out on your own in your reselling business, you can turn to these articles for in-depth information.

MarkSight does have a free option, but its more in-depth and resourceful features are not part of the free access. This will have to factor into your decision to invest in it for your reselling business.

This tool provides value in a different way from the other eBay price trackers on this list, but it’s still valuable to include for those resellers who rely heavily on auctions for their businesses.


CheckAFlip is fifth on our list of eBay price trackers. This site lets you compare current and completed eBay and Amazon listings. It will show you the average sold price for both new and used versions of that item, including how many new and used listings there currently are.

What makes Check A Flip unique is that it gathers its data in the moment, meaning you might need to wait up to one minute for the results to tabulate.

This is a more basic eBay price tracker, but it could work for your needs depending on what your reselling business requires. If you’re looking for a straightforward tool for tracking prices, CheckAFlip could be right for you.

Ways Resellers Can Benefit from Using an eBay Price Tracker

Whether you’re searching for a deal or looking to gather market data for your listings, an eBay price tracker provides a variety of benefits. Creating an account with one of these helpful price trackers could make the difference between a successful reseller endeavor and one that doesn’t perform very well.

Let’s explore the top three ways resellers can benefit from using an eBay price tracker.

Gain Insight on How to Price Your Items

One of the reasons buyers and sellers alike enjoy purchasing items from eBay is that you can find truly unique and niche items. However, knowing how to price rare items can sometimes be difficult when you’re a seller. This is where an eBay price tracker can be beneficial for sellers.

An eBay price tracker will show you your item’s current price data and pricing history. This gives sellers a more thorough understanding of how they should price their eBay items.

Product Flippers Can Find Great Deals

Depending on your goal for the platform, one of the biggest benefits of using an eBay price tracker is finding great deals! Finding the best deals as a buyer will also help you when you’re reselling these items.

Users can tailor their notifications to meet their specific price requirements. This means they will be notified when an item becomes available at their desired price.

For example, you can set up a notification for a specific item with 15 minutes left in its auction and is under a certain price. This means that you will be notified about items with great prices and potentially low competition.

You can also create a notification when new listings become available on the app. This means you will be one of the first to know if one of your desired items becomes available at a great price. Sometimes novice sellers list items way below their market value, or sometimes they just want to move them quickly, so they underprice them. By having these notifications set up, you can benefit from low prices.

Update Your Pricing to Protect Your Margins

eBay price trackers can be particularly beneficial for drop shippers because they allow sellers to update their pricing in real-time. If you dropship items from Amazon and the price increases but haven’t increased your eBay listings, you could potentially lose money on your items.

On the other hand, it also alerts you to price drops so you can offer sales to your buyers and stay competitive in the search results.

A price tracker could make all the difference when eBay dropshipping!

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best eBay Price Tracker

An eBay price tracker can help improve your reselling business by protecting your margins, alerting you to great deals to flip, and helping you find the right prices for your items.

If you’re an eBay seller who hasn’t previously used one of these tools, now is a great time to start! Your future sales reports will thank you.

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