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Galaxy Squad Now Available on Xbox One



Galaxy Squad Now Available on Xbox One

I’d designed a prototype of Galaxy Squad a few years before I actually started seriously working on it, but decided to set it aside for some time. The idea of combining a couple of my favorite game mechanics from different genres was always appealing to me, but there were other ideas I was obsessed with at the time.

Galaxy Squad

Fast forward a couple of years and, after a series of rather unsuccessful games, I was thinking of leaving the game development industry entirely, but decided to give it one last try. I am so glad I did it because Galaxy Squad became my best project at that time, saved my career, and changed my life.

Galaxy Squad

I challenged myself a lot while developing the game because it was my first experience as a writer, a cutscene director, and even a music producer. Writing a branching video game storyline with some crazy set pieces and twists was as demanding as it was fun. I do not regret making some choices in that storyline, even if a small fraction of players didn’t like it. Taking a risk is always important, in my opinion, in spite of the fact it doesn’t pay off a hundred percent of the time.

Galaxy Squad

In the end, I learned a lot from the development of this game. I had some lessons on both game making and life. I am very grateful to all the players who provided me with their feedback, and I was able to shape the game into the best form I could have. I tried to balance the game to make it a hardcore tactical experience while making it easy to play for those new to the genre. It was no easy feat, but I think I managed to do it in the end. I also tried to develop my vision of an adventurous galaxy full of travelers and opportunists and add a cool chase story in there, and I think I can pat myself on the back for this one. I hope each fan of the turn-based tactical genre finds something they like about Galaxy Squad.

Xbox LiveXbox Live

Galaxy Squad

Big Way Games

The game combines node-based exploration with random events, with hardcore tactical battles. All your characters are randomly generated, and you can evolve them however you want, creating your ultimate crew.

Xbox Wire

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Discover the Legacy of the Bretons in The Elder Scrolls Online’s New Year-Long Saga



TESO - High Isle

Set out on a brand-new Elder Scrolls adventure and explore the chivalric culture of the Breton people and the island home of their noble elite in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.

Just announced as part of our 2022 Global Reveal, we are thrilled to unveil ESO’s next big saga and supporting releases. The Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure begins with the upcoming Ascending Tide dungeon DLC and continues with the High Isle chapter, now available for pre-purchase on the Xbox Store!

Pre-purchase Now!

Pre-purchase High Isle now and you’ll get immediate access to the Palefrost Elk mount and Palefrost Elk Fawn pet (Palefrost Elk Fawn pet available with pre-purchases until April 4, 2022) in addition to a host of pre-order rewards at launch. Even better, if you pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle, you’ll also get immediate access to the ESO base game and ALL previous chapters!

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles June 21.

Welcome to the Systres Archipelago

The High Isle chapter will take you a brand-new location in the Elder Scrolls series: the Systres Archipelago, where you’ll have an opportunity to venture into the regions of High Isle and Amenos. There, you can experience the bountiful tropical atoll surrounded by stunning white cliffs that makes up the ancient home of the Breton elite.

On High Isle and Amenos, you’ll have an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the chivalric Breton society and uncover the hidden histories and lore of this proud martial people. Throughout your adventures you must also investigate the emergence of a sinister new organization, the Ascendant Order, that threatens to condemn all of Tamriel to unending war.

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In addition to the main storyline, you’ll also discover no shortage of unique stand-alone quests, a new PvE Trial, two brand new companions, new World Bosses, Delves, Public Dungeons, and a host of unique rewards including achievements, collectibles, and more — plenty to keep an adventurer like you busy!

Play a Hand of Tales of Tribute

Along with the new zone and storyline, the High Isle chapter also introduces a new in-game system: Tales of Tribute. A tavern card game, Tales of Tribute allows you to compete against your fellow players and NPCs in a unique experience that is completely new to ESO and the Elder Scrolls series.

As you travel Tamriel’s taverns and play, you’ll can climb the leaderboards and unlock additional decks, upgrade your cards, and earn a whole suite of unique collectibles as rewards. Every adventurer needs some time to unwind and relax after a hard day’s questing, why not find your local tavern and play a hand of Tales of Tribute?

New Companions

Explore High Isle and the rest of Tamriel with new adventuring buddies that will assist you in combat. Unlock the two new Companions by finding and completing their associated quests within the Systres Archipelago.

The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle

Fighting alongside your Companion will improve their effectiveness and taking favorable actions will build rapport. As you earn their trust and strengthen your bonds of fellowship, your Companion may share personal quests with you. You may also give them Companion-specific gear and customize them in a wide variety of ways, including setting their abilities, mounts, costumes, outfits, and more.

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Don’t forget, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle launches on June 21 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-purchase High Isle now for immediate access to the Palefrost Elk mount and Palefrost Elk Fawn pet (Palefrost Elk Fawn pet available with pre-purchases until April 4, 2022), plus unique bonus rewards at launch. Keep an eye out for more on the Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure and High Isle chapter in the coming months — we’ll see you in Tamriel!

Xbox Live

The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle Collector’s Edition

Bethesda Softworks


A brand-new Elder Scrolls adventure! Experience a world without limits with The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle Collector’s Edition and get access to the Base Game and all Chapters:
• High Isle (New for 2022)
• Blackwood
• Greymoor
• Elsweyr
• Summerset
• Morrowind

Pre-purchase now to begin your adventure immediately in the Base Game or previous Chapters and gain instant access to the Palefrost Elk Mount and Palefrost Elk Fawn Pet*. Claim pre-purchase rewards in addition to these exclusive Collector’s Edition items at launch:
• Amenos Ornaug
• Balfiera Senche Cub
• Ascendant Knight Outfit Style
• Hoard of the Schemers Memento
• High Isle Emote Pack
• And Previous Collector’s Edition Rewards!

ULTIMATE FREEDOM—Create your ultimate RPG character, play solo or adventure with friends, and determine your fate in an ever-expanding world. With no level restrictions, go anywhere at any time in a truly open world. In The Elder Scrolls Online, the choice is yours.

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE—Begin your adventures in Tamriel wherever you like: emerge from Coldharbour in the Base Game, battle Dragons in the Elsweyr Chapter, or face the Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, in Blackwood. All content is immediately accessible for new players, and you can switch adventures whenever you like.

INCLUDES LATEST CHAPTER: HIGH ISLE—Set out on a brand-new Elder Scrolls journey and uncover an epic storytelling experience told across three DLCs and the High Isle Chapter in the Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure. A tale of chivalric honor and political upheaval set within the stunning Systres Archipelago awaits.

*Palefrost Elk Fawn Pet available with pre-purchases until April 4, 2022.

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Path of Exile’s Endgame Expansion: Siege of the Atlas – Play Free February 9



key art

Why settle for the tedious hellscape of real life when you could immerse yourself in the ominous, fiery terrors of Wraeclast instead? If you’re ready for exile, our latest expansion, Siege of the Atlas, has everything you desire from an Action RPG. Escape into a world of Eldritch horrors, customisable maps and, of course, tempting loot! This expansion introduces new pinnacle bosses, the Archnemesis Challenge league and revamps Path of Exile’s endgame systems. 

In Siege of the Atlas, you’re called forth to defend Wraeclast and the Atlas against two new cosmic threats: The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. They seek to consume the Atlas and everything in it. Commander Kirac is establishing a militia and needs you to scout the Atlas to gather intel and keep these threats at bay. As well as new unique items, these new pinnacle bosses guard valuable currency which can be used to craft your valued items to make them as powerful as possible. 


Alongside this new storyline, we’ve reworked Path of Exile’s endgame to increase its depth while taking out the busywork present in its previous incarnation. We’ve removed the Atlas’ regions and have introduced a new Atlas-wide passive skill tree which enables you to specialise in playing whatever type of content you like best, and bolstering both its difficulty and reward. 


As you make your way to explore the endgame, you can indulge yourself in the Archnemesis Challenge League where you’ll assemble your own boss fights in order to earn valuable rewards. In each area, you’ll encounter Petrified Monsters and apply modifiers to them that you’ve collected in your travels. Each modifier changes the behaviour of the Petrified Monster and has a correlating reward that you can reap if you successfully slay it. These modifiers stack between subsequent monsters so you’ll need to plan accordingly in order to maximise your rewards and manage their difficulty. Modifiers can be combined together in recipes to yield even more challenging and rewarding ones. New challenge leagues come with a fresh ladder and economy which means it’s the perfect time to jump in.

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Alongside the new pinnacle bosses, endgame improvements and Archnemesis Challenge League, we’ve introduced new unique items, adjusted Path of Exile’s game balance by buffing spellcasters, bow-wielding characters and more!

We’d love to see you on the shores of Wraeclast when Siege of the Atlas launches on February 9th! See you soon, exile.

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3D Platformer Kao The Kangaroo Jumps onto Xbox This Summer



Video For 3D Platformer Kao The Kangaroo Jumps onto Xbox This Summer

Your next 3D platforming experience is here! Kao The Kangaroo brings all the crash, bang, and wallop to Xbox this summer!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but no one has said anything about Kangaroos! This new entry in the long-running Kao The Kangaroo series brings the furry hero to a whole new generation of gamers! Promising beautiful worlds, engrossing platforming, and fluent combat, now is the best time to discover Kao The Kangaroo!


Our hero may seem adorable, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a cheeky guy! Kao’s journey will see him learn new skills and overcome new challenges. It won’t just be his abilities that progress either. Kao will grow himself as he uncovers a dark secret buried within the heart of the world!

lava cave

Each zone boasts eye-popping visuals with a distinct art style. From the warm tropics of the jungle, to the ice-cold chill of the mountains. With multiple levels in each zone connected by a hub, the world of Kao The Kangaroo is varied, detailed and just waiting to be explored.


Kao will face off against a host of enemies, each with their own attack style and moves. In order to overcome them, Kao will have to be at his best by using combo attacks, evasions, and magical finishers.


It may sound like a big task for one plucky Kangaroo; thankfully he’s not alone! Kao will meet and interact with a diverse range of characters, both friend and foe. From a wise mentor to an inventive pelican and a monkey energy drink baron.

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Uncover secrets in each level, with collectibles sneakily placed in spots only the most eagled-eyed of gamers will notice. You’ll never know what’s around the next corner, a coin? An extra life? A secret? A throwback to the golden age of 3D platformers, Kao The Kangaroo combines all the classic elements of the genre into one wonderful package that will no doubt entertain gamers of all ages. Catch all the excitement and adventure when Kao The Kangaroo launches on Xbox this summer!   

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