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Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins of 2021




There was a time when you had to pay your developer every time you wanted to change the landing page of your WordPress. But now, you can change, edit and deploy the landing page by yourself whenever you want. It will be a simple drag and drop mechanism through which you will be able to do all the design work.

WordPress can help you build web pages for almost anything. But there are some tools that you really need in order to get the landing page that you want. We are talking about the plugins here. Plugins will help you create the webpage with ease. there are some of the top plugins for you.

The Best Ones

1.Divi – Divi is a plugin which will help you to design an interesting landing page. you can just design the page on your page and even you can edit it ahead to make it more attractive. If you can’t figure out a device on your own, there are hundreds of readymade designs available for you which can be used for your creation.

2. Instapage – Instapage is one of the top plugins and have been used to create more than 4 million landing pages. The Instapage uses a different approach to designing. it uses blocks which can be repositioned whenever and wherever you want. as you can use the same blocks at another page or in another design, it will also take a lot of your time.

3. Brizy – Brizy is one of the new plugins in the market. It has a sleek interface with a real time editor which will also support the drag and drop option. It also has a large number of pre-made templates and blocks which can be used in your page designing. and it will also reduce the time.

4. Seedprod – Seedprod is one of the famous plugins which is used by more than a million users. The plugin generally uses templates related to official work and it also has a photo collection of over 2 million photos that you will gain access to.

5. Optimize Press – Optimize Press is a plugin which looks generally like a theme with loads of features. Other than designing and editing, it also provides training courses to make you learn how to do things more efficiently.

So, when are you starting to design your landing page?

Author: Rahul Kumar I am Sophophilic, love to analyze and share the new updates and information through my writeups that are always SEO friendly.


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Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting



Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting

Google advises publishers it will no longer report on store visits data in Google Analytics. Data will stop generating at the end of October, though historical data will remain available.

This announcement was quietly rolled out via an update to a Google Analytics help page.

The update was spotted by Charles Farina of Adswerve, who shared his discovery on LinkedIn:

The notice reads:

“On 10/31/2022, Store Visits reporting will be discontinued. As of this date, new Store Visits reporting will not be generated. Historical Store Visits reporting will remain available. Please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.”

Store visits in Google Analytics is an estimate of the number of people who visited a physical location after visiting its website.

Google tracks store visit data by following the activity of people with location history enabled on their phones.

Reports on store visits are only available to businesses with their Google Analytics property linked to a Google Ads account.

That means businesses aren’t losing the data, as Google Ads will continue reporting on store visits after it’s discontinued in Google Analytics.


If you use Google Analytics to monitor store visit data, you’ll have to switch to Google Ads by the end of the month.

Other than consulting a different report to track the data, there should be no disruptions due to this change.

Source: Google

Featured Image: photo_gonzo/Shutterstock

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