6 Smart Tips to Grow your Small Business Using Social Media [Infographic]

With more businesses looking to maintain connection with their customers via digital means amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, many are also looking to enhance their social media presence, and ensure that they’re maximizing their engagement opportunities through social apps.

That means more competition, and with many SMBs not even sure what to post to begin with, it can increasingly seem like social isn’t worth the effort as you fail to generate any significant traction with your posts and updates.

So what do you do?

This overview from the team at Salesforce provides a listing of tips to consider, which could help to improve your overall social media approach. And while these tips won’t guarantee viral traction, they do highlight some of the key fundamentals of an effective presence.

Take a look at the tips in the infographic below.

6 social media tips for SMBs


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