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Google Expands Domain Name and Icon Listings in Search Results to Web Queries



Last May, Google unveiled a new look for its mobile search listings, including brand icons and more prominent domain listings, which are designed to help provide more clarity around the sites that users are connecting with via search.

Now, Google is expanding this new format to web-based queries as well.

Google web queries new format

A explained by Google:

The format puts a site’s brand front and center, helping searchers better understand where information is coming from, more easily scan results and decide what to explore.”

As you can see here, in addition to brand icons to the left of the domain listings in each result, the format for Google ads has also been updated, with a bold ‘Ad’ notifier beside the top paid result.

The change is important to note for digital marketers, as it may provide a new opportunity to better establish your branding via search. But in order to capitalize on such, you need to ensure that your site icon – or ‘favicon’ – is up to date.

To do this, you first need to check that your favicon adheres to Google’s guidelines, then you need to add a link to your website HTML – as explained by Google:

“Add a <link> tag to the header of your home page with the following syntax:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/path/to/favicon.ico”>​”

You can find a more in-depth explanation of the process here – and given the prominence of these new icons in the search display, especially on desktop, where they’re larger and stand out even more, it’s worth looking into, either by yourself or your tech team. 

In itself, the update is not a major, functional change, but definitely, those icons stand out in desktop search queries. And given that around 90% of searches conducted on desktop PCs come via Google, it’s worth taking note, and optimizing your listings wherever possible.


Meta Adds Instagram Audience Targeting for Facebook and IG Ads



Instagram Outlines Update Visual Elements to Better Connect with its Purpose

This could be a very handy option for social media managers – Meta is currently rolling out the capacity to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that target your Instagram followers.

As you can see in this image, shared by media buyer Corey Henke, now, you can target your ads to people who follow your IG account within your campaign setup, giving you a whole new audience to consider in your promotional process.

Which might not sound like much – and it probably also sounds like something that’s been available for some time. Right?

But it isn’t.

As noted by Meta ads expert Jon Loomer, up till now, you’ve been able to create a custom audience of your Facebook followers, but not your Instagram audience. That’s made it virtually impossible to focus on your IG followers specifically – which is generally, for most brands, much different to their Facebook following.

So, you can now use this as an ad targeting option, to reach people who’ve shown interest in your products on IG with your offers and promotions, while you can also use it as your source for a Lookalike Audience.

There’s a range of options here, and it’ll definitely come in handy for many marketers.

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