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Google AdSense-ankarannonser på automatiska annonser för AMP


Google AdSense Anchor Ads On Auto Ads For AMP

Google AdSense announced that those with AMP sites that have Auto ads with Google AdSense will now support anchor ads. From April 11, 2022, if you’re using Auto ads for AMP, anchor ads will start to appear on your sites.

Google said this may result in an “increase in your AMP revenue.” Google also noted that this change will apply to all sites that have Auto ads for AMP enabled in your AdSense account.

Auto ads for AMP automatically place AdSense Auto ads on your AMP pages. After you’ve added the AMP auto script and ad code, Google will automatically show ads on your AMP pages at optimal times when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good experience, the company said.

Here is how to set up Auto ads for AMP:

    1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
    1. Click Annonser and then Översikt.
    1. Click Got an AMP site?
    1. On the “Auto ads for AMP” page, turn on Auto ads for AMP.
    1. (Optional) In the “Ad formats” section, turn off any ad formats that you’d prefer not to show on your AMP site. Learn more about ad format settings.
    1. Click Get AMP code.
    1. Copy and paste the script between the <head></head> tags of your page.This script loads the required amp-auto-ads libraries. Learn more about the amp-auto-ads component.
    1. Copy and paste the AMP Auto ad code immediately after the opening <body> tag of the pages you want ads to appear.
    1. Click Done.
  1. Click Apply. It can take up to an hour for ads to appear on the page.On your Annonser page, it now says “AMP is on”.

Google said there is no action required from you for this change to take effect on your sites.

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Google NYC Yellow Hallway


Google NYC Yellow Hallway

Here is a photo of one of the typical hallways you’d find in the Google New York City office. This one is very yellow, with a G super logo in black on the door. It makes me think of the yellow submarine…

I found this recently on Instagram.

Det här inlägget är en del av vår vardag Sök Dagens foto kolumn, där vi hittar roliga och intressanta bilder relaterade till sökbranschen och delar dem med våra läsare.

Källa: www.seroundtable.com

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