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Instagram delar med sig av nya kreativa insikter via sitt initiativ för varumärkesstöd "Vi skapar".


Instagram Shares New Creative Insights via its 'We Create' Brand Support Initiative

Instagram has launched a new set of videos outlining the results of its latest We Create initiative, a program that matches businesses from communities in need of support and assistance with creative experts to help boost their Instagram presence.

The first stage of We Create focused on supporting Black-owned SMBs, while this new initiative aims to provide support for three kvinnor-owned brands which are looking to grow via Instagram Reels.

Enligt Instagram:

"In a series of behind-the-scenes videos, Instagram documented the creative process of the We Create 2.0 teams from conception to final asset. This year’s teams are:

The first video of the new series looks at how Janelle Wallace, a creative strategist at Wieden+Kennedy and artist Elise Swopes worked with Onquata Paddle to improve their Instagram presence.

The overview shows how the creative team approached their Reels strategy for the brand, which sells Canadian Aboriginal made paddles and other accessories.

The final result is a stop-motion video, created specifically for Instagram Reels, which tells more of the story behind the family-owned brand.

Instagram We Create

De overview provides some interesting insights into the creative approach for Instagram Reels, and the process that goes into creating great Reels content. Of course, not everyone will be able to afford the assistance of a creative strategy team, or create their own stop-motion content of this quality, but there are some valuable pointers and notes which could help in your Instagram approach.

Instagram will publish the remaining two videos over the coming weeks, while Elise Swopes has also provided some tips for working with creators on the Instagram for Business profile.

There are some interesting notes here, which could help to refine your IG strategy.

You can check out the full video här.



Meta Publishes New Report on the Increasing Consumer Reliance on Business Messaging


Meta Publishes New Report on the Increasing Consumer Reliance on Business Messaging

Messaging has become an increasingly important connective tool for many businesses and consumers, with more than 20 billion messages now sent between people and brands on Messenger alone every month. It’s convenient, generally sees quick response, and is available within the apps that people are already comfortable with for their direct interactions. In fact, 64% of people now say they would prefer to message rather than call a business.

With this in mind, Meta recently partnered with de Boston Consulting Group on a survey of more than 6,500 respondents across the APAC region, in order to glean more insight into how APAC users are looking to use messaging for brand queries, and how businesses can better align with these shifts.

The 29-page report, which you can download här, includes a range of valuable insights into the importance, and value, of messaging interactions. Here’s a look at some of the key notes:

First off, the report looks at the growing adoption of business messaging, and how that’s changed throughout the pandemic.

The global lockdowns led to a significant boost in eCommerce activity, and as such, it’s little surprise to see the reliance on business messaging rise in recent years. But that’s also a key trend of note for brands – as more consumers conduct more of their interactions via messaging, and other online means, that, in turn, increases their expectation of the same options from other businesses.

The report also provides a somewhat surprising look at how often people are messaging with brands:

Meta messaging report

That’s a lot of activity, which seems more impactful than the raw numbers, in terms of messaging volume. A lot of consumers are interacting with brands every other day, so it’s not just that they’re using this as a supplementary connection channel, it’s fast becoming an essential connector for businesses.

The report also looks at the different ways in which brands can use messaging within their process:

Meta messaging report
Meta messaging report

As well as the key pain points for consumers when messaging with brands:

Meta messaging report

There are some interesting insights here, worth factoring into your planning. Really, if you’re not offering direct messaging as a connective option, or optimizing for it, you’re likely missing out. And while this data is APAC specific, most of these trends would likely hold in other regions as well, which could give you some food for thought for your planning, particularly as we head into the holiday sales push.

You can download Meta’s full ‘Business Messaging: The Quiet Channel Revolution across Tech’ report här.


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