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Välja WordPress för din webbplats CMS



Välja WordPress för din webbplats CMS

WordPress was initially a blogging site developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and has evolved over the years into a CMS platform. Today it has become one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) widely used across the globe. It is an open-source platform that simplifies the process of developing a site. Its flexibility and ease of understanding have attracted a huge share of the market.

Renowned market players like Microsoft, Zoom, Etsy, Grammarly, Walt Disney, and Sony Music to name a few have their websites developed with the CMS. WordPress at its core has excellent features with thousands of plugins and themes to offer. In case you are planning to develop a WordPress site we have listed some of the advantages and challenges for your knowledge.

According to a survey on the content management systems, 64.1% of websites utilize WordPress. That represents 43.0% of all web pages.

Pros of using WordPress

WordPress is a popular site development platform. Here’s a list of top reasons to choose WordPress as an enterprise CMS. 

User-Friendly CMS: 

WordPress was initially a blogging platform and has evolved as a content management system over the years. The main factor behind the success is the ease of usage. One does not always have a dependency on the developing team to fix every small bug. 

Highly Modular (Plugins and Themes): 

WordPress has a powerful directory of over 60,0000 plugins and over 10,000 theme templates for almost every functionality that forms one of the reasons for its popularity. With a massive collection of enterprise-grade options available in the Plugins Directory and Theme Directory, one can use any combination to develop an enriching website. 


WordPress is the most versatile CMS platform today. One can easily develop a complex website(s), simple brochure site(s), or blogs, and one can create their own themes, for any functionality to be added the plugin directory has huge options, and any Hosting provider/type (managed, cheap, e-mail) can be chosen from ample of options, one can run/construct any sized website (small or large) and one can have full control over the customization.   


The WordPress core is fully SEO-friendly based on the sense that the website(s) developed will be indexed higher by search engines. Many WordPress themes are built keeping SEO in mind. The plugins like Yoast help in streamlining the pages or blogs for organic traffic.

Cost Effective: 

Using WordPress for developing the website(s) can really be very budget-friendly as it is an open-source platform requiring no licensing cost to gain its access. One can start building the website with the important stuff and a pre-decided budget with spending on website development, premium themes, and plugins. 

E-Commerce features: 

With an increasing trend of online shopping, many entrepreneurs are seeking the advantage of developing commercial websites using WordPress. CMS provides a number of plugins one of them being WooCommerce which adds powerful eCommerce features to the website. Social accounts can also be integrated with the website which can direct more traffic and it can automatically update the feeds with the new products/services when added to the website. 

According to a survey on statistics, 20.1% of all WordPress-using websites use WooCommerce.

Managed Hosting: 

WordPress comes with a number of hosting options to choose from like WP Engine, Kinsta, Siteground, and the like to develop an enterprise website that needs high scalability, great performance, a secure environment, and robustness. These managed hosting providers provide reliable hosting solutions to WordPress compliantly. These providers will take care of regular and automated backups, offer low operational costs, have high performance, scan sites for security breaches, have optimized speed, and provide multiple staging environments and expert support.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive: 

WordPress is designed to be a responsive and mobile-friendly platform where a large part of searching is done via mobiles. Content creation takes a back step when it comes to compliance with digital platforms, as websites should convert well on mobile devices else they are placed lower in search. Most WordPress themes and designs are responsive so one can easily choose what would give an excellent mobile experience.    

Enligt a survey published by Google, more individuals search at home on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops combined! Statistics indicate that it will still be expanding in 2023.

Strong and Active community: 

WordPress has an evolved massive support community. There are a myriad of blogs and forums with hundreds of communities across the globe readily available to answer queries, fix bugs, and constantly contribute towards developing the platform. It runs as the backbone for the CMS development where personnel network to learn and grow.        

Frequent Upgradation: 

WordPress sites are frequently upgraded for new software, bugs, security issues, the latest themes and plugin features, and many more. Thus, WordPress ensures its users are running the latest version site.

Increased Security: 

WordPress offers WordPress security plugins to protect sites from vulnerable threats. Using safe plugins, following secure login procedures, and updating regularly provide a hack-proof experience.

Cons of using WordPress

There are many reasons to use WordPress for developing websites. After covering the pros, we’ll check out some of the reasons that make it challenging to use WordPress as an enterprise CMS.

Plugin Bloat: 

This refers to a state where excess usage of plugins can affect the speed and performance of the site. Due to the presence of a variety of plugin options for almost every functionality, one tends to use a lot of plugins for their site which in turn becomes heavily loaded with codes of plugins affecting the functionality. 

Security Vulnerabilities: 

WordPress being an open-source platform is prone to a number of threats and malware. The development of plugins by many developers can lead to the transition of malicious code into your site. Maximum vulnerabilities are sourced from plugins. Even adding a security plugin does not solve the corn completely.

Frequent Updates: 

Keeping up with updates can become a major concern. Frequent upgradation is good for security issues for any site but this can soon turn into an overwhelming process as a site comprises a number of plugins and themes and keeping up with the update process can be quite challenging. The more the number of features added to the site the more compatibility issues one has to deal with.

Overwhelming Options: 

With a wide range of options available to choose from while developing a website, selecting what is required can become a difficult task. For beginners, selecting through a number of options and having the knowledge to process them could prove to be a cumbersome process. If one does not have a clear strategy before development it can lead to confusion while navigating through web designs, maintenance options and robust site development is out of reach.


WordPress is an open-source platform that has thousands of free plugins and themes to make the development process cost-effective. But if one is looking to develop a unique site to give its user an enriching experience then one has to opt for paid/premium features which increase the cost of building the website, as the free available features have already been overused. Adding to this cost are the feature updates that pop up frequently add to it 


Page speed is a crucial factor and WordPress is one of the slow platforms due to the presence of additional plugins, themes, oversaturated databases, and codebases. Adding to these are the content, enlarged image(s), and unpredictable hosting affects the loading speed of the page. Each plugin adds to the loading time. Therefore, the web page takes time to develop and then load. Site speed is an important factor in deciding Google’s ranking as low-speed sites are ranked lower in searches.

Dedicated Support: 

WordPress has a vibrant and one of the biggest communities available but still it is not a commercial product that can provide dedicated support to customers. Fixes for bugs, resolution of issues, and troubleshooting remain unheard of sometimes. One is on his own on such an open-sourced platform.

Back-up system: 

One can easily lose data if not backed up. WordPress has no feature to automatically back-up data. One can use the plugin(s) to do so, but these plugin(s) require configuration to fit in the system also concerning the storage limit. In case the plugin does not automatically backs-up the data one has to remember to take the backup. Another concern is to keep a constant check whenever WordPress releases updates, these plugins should be compatible with the newer versions.


To conclude, we can say that WordPress is one of the most popular development platforms for enterprise-grade CMS. We have tried to discuss the advantages and shortcomings of choosing WordPress as an enterprise-grade CMS. The challenges discussed above can be overcome with the help of experts, one can easily hire dedicated developers who will take care of your website. After analyzing the information, one can make an informed decision on how to proceed further.


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Kreditkortsstjälare riktar sig till WordPress-betalningsplugin-program



Kreditkortsstjälare riktar sig till WordPress-betalningsplugin-program

Card Not Present Fraud
Fraud Management & Cybercrime

MageCart Operators Hide Infection in Legitimate Payment Processing Software

Image: Shutterstock

Hackers have repurposed credit card-stealing malware to attack WordPress websites that use a popular e-commerce plug-in to capture and steal payment card details, security researches warn.

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Attackers are deploying modified MageCart malware against WordPress websites that use the WooCommerce shopping cart plug-in, says website security firm Sucuri. WordPress plug-in developers Barn2 calculate that more than 40% of “all known online stores” use the plug-in.

An “overwhelming majority” of credit card-skimming malware that Sucuri finds on compromised e-commerce environments target WooCommerce. The modified MageCart injects PHP code into a plug-in file that facilitates the handling of payment data to, a popular Visa-owned payment gateway often used in conjunction with WooCommerce. The injected code checks whether web traffic from infected websites contains a string for payment card numbers. If it does, it dumps an encrypted copy of the card number into a .jpg file for later downloading.

“Dumping stolen credit card info to an image file is an old trick that we have identified attackers doing for quite a few years,” Sucuri writes.

The vulnerabilities in question don’t originate with WooCommerce or, Sucuri says, and instead highlight the importance of good website security.

The modified MageCart malware also injects JavaScript into the payment gateway code to capture data such as cardholder name, address, phone number and postal code – data that increases the value of stolen payment card data on the black market.

The malware emulates the WordPress Heartbeat API to evade detection, Sucuri says.
MageCart derives its name from its original target, the Magento e-commerce platform. Hackers have used it to breach British Airways, unsecured Amazon Web Services cloud storage accounts and jewelry chain Claire’s.

Sucuri says it found the modified MageCart malware after a client received a warning from their bank that their website had been identified as potentially compromised since cards used legitimately on the client website had later been used fraudulently.

“If malicious actors compromise an environment they can tamper with existing controls,” irrespective of a plug-in’s security controls, Sucuri says.


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WordPress force uppdaterar tusentals webbplatser efter WooCommerce-säkerhetsbrott



WooCommerce skyltfönster

Top website builder (öppnas i ny flik) WordPress has pushed an urgent update to users with the WooCommerce add-on installed in response to a highly disruptive security vulnerability.

Cybersecurity researchers from GoldNetwork recently discovered a major flaw affecting WooCommerce Payments 4.8.0 and higher. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce WordPress plugin designed to service small and medium-sized businesses.


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Bluehost lanserar nya handelslösningar för WordPress – ThePrint –



Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 24 (ANI/PRNewswire): Bluehost, one of the largest WordPress hosting providers in the world, today announced the launch of its new commerce solutions that make it simple for customers to launch their online stores and makes using WordPress easier by bringing together YITH plugins and WooCommerce. Addressing the need for a simple, convenient online selling solution for all, Bluehost’s new commerce solutions, bring together the power of WordPress, the versatility of WooCommerce and the elegant simplicity of YITH plugins to empower users to easily create online stores that truly stand out from the rest.

From a mobile-responsive eCommerce website to powerful connections with all the major online marketplaces, Bluehost’s commerce solutions enable users to sell products anywhere and everywhere confidently. The affordable all-in-one commerce solutions allow users to build a robust online store. Users can easily accept payments, sell across popular marketplaces, schedule calendar appointments, ship new customer orders, print labels, and add advanced features like GiftCards, WishList, Customer Account Page, and more. Site owners will save time and energy maintaining every aspect of their eCommerce business, all from one platform.

Bluehost’s commerce solutions make selling online easier and save customers hundreds of dollars by bundling enhanced plugins.

“We have so many customers around the world with unique needs and different levels of expertise building online stores,” said Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, the parent company of Bluehost and YITH. “With the launch of Bluehost’s new commerce solutions, our team is addressing the needs of small businesses looking for the flexibility and power of WordPress but want the experience of coming online and selling to be simple. The curated experience we are providing strikes the perfect balance of security, reliability, and functionality by taking the power of WordPress and putting it into the hands of users in a way that feels intuitive and native for each of our customers seeking to grow their businesses.”

Bluehost’s commerce solutions offer the functionality, and the perfect mix of tools, plugins and guidance online sellers need to start and grow their online business including:

– Easy Online Store Creation: Bluehost’s new commerce solutions come with an easy-to-follow onboarding experience. Answer a few simple questions and within minutes users will have the right foundation pages to launch their site. The guided onboarding experiences walks users through the set-up process for commonly needed features of an online store, like payment processing, tax information, shipping and managing product inventory. It helps customers launch further, faster by setting up their theme, fonts, top menu and homepage by assembling a custom design in a few simple steps.

– WooCommerce and Enhanced YITH Plugins: Both of Bluehost’s commerce solutions come with WooCommerce and enhanced YITH plugins. YITH is one of the largest sellers and developers of WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress, with nearly 2.3M active installs and more than 100 plugins that expertly solve critical eCommerce needs. Payment Processing, Gift Cards, Wish Lists, Appointment Bookings, Shipping, Product Search/Filtering and Customer Account Creation are included, providing users with everything they need to build an online store for a simple low price.

– Sales Across Multiple Marketplaces: Whether users are selling on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other kind of marketplace, the Bluehost Online Store + Marketplace plan allows customers to manage their inventory from one centralized dashboard. This allows them to analyze which marketplace is the best place for selling their products, as well as keep track of inventory in real-time without having to log into multiple dashboards.

– Yoast SEO: The #1 WordPress SEO Plugin powering more than 13 million websites. Yoast SEO is made by world-renowned SEO experts and is packed full of features, designed to help visitors and search engines to get the most out of their website. Newfold acquired Yoast in August 2021.

– New WordPress eCommerce Block Theme “Wonder” Pre-installed: Take advantage of WordPress’s Block Editor with Wonder’s 24 patterns, focused on shops, and six different style variations. YITH, a leading global provider of WooCommerce plugins acquired by Newfold in March 2022, built Wonder leveraging their WordPress commerce expertise.

– Professional Services and 24/7 Expert Support: In-house Bluehost experts are readily available to help customers get online and support customers if roadblocks are encountered while creating an online store, via online chat or over the phone at 1800-419-4426.

For more information on Bluehost’s commerce solutions, including product features and details, visit

Bluehost is the leading web hosting solutions provider specializing in WordPress. Since its founding in 2003, Bluehost has been trusted by millions of people because it makes building, growing, and managing successful WordPress websites easy. Bluehost delivers a suite of WordPress solutions designed with the perfect mix of guidance, tools, and expertise to build a professional website. Bluehost is a part of the Newfold Digital family of brands. For more information on Bluehost, visit

Newfold Digital is a leading web and commerce technology company serving nearly 7 million customers globally. Established in 2021 through the combination of leading web services providers Endurance Web Presence and Group, our portfolio of brands includes: Bluehost, CrazyDomains, HostGator, Network Solutions,,, Yoast, YITH, and many others. We help customers of all sizes build a digital presence that delivers results. With our extensive product offerings and personalized support, we take pride in collaborating with our customers to serve their online presence needs. Learn more about Newfold Digital at

Media Contact:

Paola Lorenzo

[email protected]

This story has been provided by PRNewswire. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/PRNewswire)

This story is auto-generated from a syndicated feed. ThePrint holds no responsibility for its content.


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