Who’s Complaining, and What Are the Most Common Reasons for Calling Out Businesses on Social? [Infographic]

Social media has given everybody a voice, and increasingly, people are using that to share their opinions about everything – from politics, to TV shows, to the latest sports event. And most notably, in a marketing context, they’re also sharing insights into their varying brand experiences, both positive and negative.

No doubt you’ve seen plenty of brand complaints and criticisms via tweet and post – but what are people most likely to take to social to complain about, and on which platforms are they more likely to do it?

That’s the focus of this new study conducted by the team from WhoIsHostingThis?. They recently surveyed more than 1,000 people to glean more insight into their experiences in voicing complaints via online platforms. 

Among their key findings:

  • People most often turn to Facebook when complaining about companies, followed by Twitter and Reddit 
  • Compared to Facebook, Twitter users have a higher likelihood of receiving same-day responses from a customer service representative or business owner 
  • 2 in 5 respondents who vented negatively about a brand online were eventually blocked by the company on social media

You can check out the full results in the below infographic – important info to note for social media marketers looking to better understand brand perception (both their own and their competitors).


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