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Pinterest Announces New Activations for Prom Week, Highlights Key Prom Trends


Pinterest Announces New Activations for Prom Week, Highlights Key Prom Trends

With excitement around Prom Week ramping up, Pinterest has meddelat a new program to help users find prom inspiration, partnering with actress Peyton List to showcase the top prom fashions of the season.

Som förklarat av Pinterest:

"Beginning April 4th, Pinterest will be hosting Prom Week, an immersive and engaging in-product experience filled with all of the latest prom fashion and skönhet trends. In addition to Peyton, Pinterest tapped publishers like Teen Vogue as well as some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion to create ideas that will inspire your best Prom looks.”

Pinterest has also linked up with a range of fashion experts for its prom push, which will include tips on the latest nail and hair trends, along with the top dresses and looks, inspired by Pin search behavior.

So what are the key trends of the season?

Looking at Pinterest’s data, there are two key inspirations – ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the hit TV show ‘Euphoria’, which has quickly become a leader in inclusive fashion.

  • Searches for ‘non-binary prom outfits’ are up 13X
  • Searches for ‘Euphoria themed party outfits’ are up 19X
  • Searches for ‘Great Gatsby prom dresses’ are up 7X

In terms of colors, light blue, lilac and black are the key shades of the season, while searches for neon colors are also on the rise.

It’ll be interesting to see how students take to prom after two years of disrupted celebrations, and with most restrictions now being eased, it could be an epic celebration, returning a key rite of passage for teens.

If you’re looking to tap into your marketing opportunities around the event, it’s worth noting these trend insights from Pinterest, while it’s also worth considering Pinterest as a platform for connecting with interested browsers who are looking for the key elements to perfect their prom look.

You can read more about Pinterest’s latest prom trends här.



15 sätt B2B Influencer Marketing Industry förändras [Infographic]


15 Ways the B2B Influencer Marketing Industry is Changing [Infographic]

As social platforms have become more creative, and increasingly aligned with entertainment, influencer marketing has become a more important tactic, with brands able to tap into platform experts, and their established followings, to boost their brand messaging.

And while it may not immediately seem like as a good a fit as B2C, B2B brands are also increasingly looking to influencers to help expand their brand messaging, with more and more businesses seeking endorsement and acknowledgment from key voices in their space.

That’s the finding of Top Rank Marketing’s latest ‘B2B Influencer Marketing Report’, which includes a heap of insights into key trends, shifts and future predictions for the B2B sector, which could help to shape your marketing approach.

Top Rank has also collected some of the key findings into the below infographic, providing a valuable lead-in to the main report.

You can download the full report här.


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