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Meta Launches New Online Safety Course for Journalists



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Meta has launched a new, free online digital security and safety training course for journalists and human rights defenders, which takes participants through a range of key elements to help protect their privacy, counter harassment and more.

As explained by Meta:

Supported by the Meta Journalism Project, the self-paced 90-minute course will teach journalists and human rights defenders how to protect their digital assets and increase the security of their operations.”

The new program has been created in conjunction with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and the Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers (BCJB), and is available via the ICFJ website.

Course modules include

  • Laying a strong digital security foundation
  • Secure social media usage
  • How to report from difficult situations in a secure fashion
  • Countering online harassment

Journalists and civil society advocates will soon also be able to participate in a series of webinars on digital security to further enhance their learning.

The course couldn’t be more timely, with Russian authorities now banning social media platforms and news outlets over what it claims has been misreporting of its invasion into Ukraine.

Both Facebook and Twitter have been blocked for Russian users (Instagram and WhatsApp remain active), while the BBC is one of several major news outlets that’s been forced to shut down its Russian operations due to a recent law change which ‘appears to criminalize the process of independent journalism’ in Russia.

Amid efforts to control what journalists can and cannot report, maintaining safety for correspondents is crucial, and this course will help improve digital literacy, in order to maximize online sources without putting yourself or your contacts at undue risk.

It’s a good initiative, and hopefully it will enable more journalists to better understand their options in this respect.

You can read more about Meta’s new security and safety training course here.

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Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins



Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins

Pinterest has announced that it’s ending its Creator Rewards program, with the incentive offering set to shutter later this week.

Pinterest’s Creator Rewards scheme provided a means for creators to make money by creating themed Idea Pins, based on monthly prompts provided by Pinterest.

That enabled Pinterest to both encourage Idea Pin activity, and guide those Pins towards more engaging elements – but now, it’s moving on from the project.

As reported by The Information:

After the program’s conclusion on Wednesday, [Pinterest] will pay a one-time bonus to creators in the program who participated in at least one reward goal in August, September or October, a Pinterest spokesperson said. The company declined to share how much it was giving away in bonuses or how many people were part of the creator rewards program.”

Various social platforms have offered similar incentive schemes, with varying levels of success, but for the most part, they’ve eventually become unsustainable. Which, in some ways, is expected. Direct payments from the platforms are ideally designed help to guide creators into other monetization avenues, and are not geared towards building reliance on those payments themselves.

Snapchat has experienced similar issues with its Spotlight program, which is also now more aligned to specific thematic targets, while TikTok’s still working on the best way to ensure its top stars continue to get paid.

It is worth noting that this is separate from Pinterest’s $500k Creator Fund, which is another program designed to encourage creators to keep posting to the app.

The Creator Fund is specifically aimed at supporting Creators and communities ‘that have been disproportionately underrepresented’, and that program will continue on at this stage.

Cracking the code of creator funding is complex, especially in content formats that don’t support insertion of ads, where you can directly attribute revenue based on views. No platform has got this 100% right as yet, but more options are evolving, which could provide more avenues for sustainable creator funding in future.

But evidently, Pinterest found that this one wasn’t it. The program will shutter on Wednesday this week.

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