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Daily Search Forum Recap: March 31, 2022


Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

It seems that the Google Product Reviews update is now starting to show some serious volatility. Google Data Studio now can bring in Google News and Google Discover data via Search Console, plus Google gave us a sample report to use and tips. Google launched a highly cited label for top stories and a come back later warning for rapidly changing search results. Google expanded MUM to be used to detect personal crisis searches and expanded BERT to reduce unexpected shocking content in search. Google said the nofollow is not a dampening factor. And Google has audio to listen in languages for some knowledge panels in some regions.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Now Seeing Volatility For The Google Product Reviews Update (v. March 2022)

    Earlier this week I reported that we were not seeing huge changes yet for the March 2022 Google Products Reviews update. Well, it seems like some of the tools and a number of SEOs are now noticing larger changes specific to sites that would match the product reviews categories.

  • New: Google Data Studio Supports Discover & Google News Traffic From Search Console

    Google announced that now the Search Console connector for Google Data Studio can now bring in traffic data for Google Discover and Google News. This means you can do more mashing up of your data, directly in Google Data Studio specifically with those two new traffic sources.

  • Google Now Using MUM For Detecting Personal Crisis Searches & BERT For Detecting Shocking Content

    Google promised to let us know when they expand when they use MUM in search and Google did just that yesterday with this new announcement. Google announced how they are using MUM for better detection of queries around personal crisis. And Google also said the search company used BERT to reduce unexpected shocking search results.
  • Google Search Highly Cited Stories & Come Back Later For Evolving Results

    Google is rolling out to features to give searchers more ammunition when looking at the search results on news related topics or evolving topics. One is a highly cited label for top stories and the other is more information about search results that are changing quickly.

  • Google: Nofollow Is Not A Dampening Factor

    Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that the “nofollow is not a dampening factor.” Meaning, when you put a nofollow attribute on a link, it does not dampen the value of the link, it totally does not give any credit or value to that link at all.

  • Google Audio Knowledge Panel To Listen In Your Language

    Last month we spotted Google testing an audio based listen and translate feature for the local panel. It seems Google is now trying this out for standard knowledge panels. These will play an audio clip of the knowledge panel text in English or your local language, even if the language is written in English on the search results page.

  • Googler Does A One Hand Handstand Salute

    Here is a recent photo from the Google Zurich office of a Googler doing this impressive one hand handstand and salute. He is doing this behind the Google graffiti wall.

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Helpful Content & Link Spam Update Done, SEO, Search Console & More


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Google Blasts Agencies That Sell Links Building & Disavow Link Services


Google Hacker Red

John Mueller of Google blasted SEO or marketing agencies that sell both link-building services and disavow link services. He said on Twitter, “These agencies (both those creating, and those disavowing) are just making stuff up, and cashing in from those who don’t know better.”

John added that its “all made up and irrelevant.”

Also, when asked if they should disavow links, John replied yesterday on Twitter, “Don’t waste your time on it; do things that build up your site instead.”

Here is the chain of tweets, so you see the context that John is replying to.

Ryan Jones does his rant:

Here is the chain that follows:

Pretty strong words from John, don’t you think?

Here is the second part:

One note:

Just yesterday we covered the topic of disavowing spammy porn links and also added how Google has downplays disavowing links for a while. John said in that in that SEO office hours help video yesterday, “That said, this will not position your site as it was before, but it can help our algorithms to recognize that they can trust your site again, giving you a chance to work up from there.” I don’t think he meant that fully based on what he said yesterday and previously?

But this is pretty strong language for not bothering with the disavow file.

Forumdiskussion kl Twitter.


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Google Search Console Verification Does Not Impact Your Ranking In Google Search


Woman looking at phone with Google logo

Gary Illyes of Google said in the Google SEO office-hours from yesterday that verifying your website in Google Search Console won’t impact your Google Search indexing or ranking whatsoever.

Gary said, “Having your site verified in Search Console or changing the verification code and method has no effect on indexing or ranking whatsoever.”

John Mueller of Google previously said that Search Console verification doesn’t help with crawling either.

Gary added later that Search Console gives you data and analytics that can help you make improvements to your site to help you rank better in Google Search potentially. “You can use the data that Search Console gives you to improve your site and thus potentially do better in Search with your site, but otherwise has no effect on search whatsoever,” he added.

Here is the video embed at the 15:27 mark:

Forumdiskussion kl Twitter.


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